The MAP Curators Trail Contest - Delegated SP and Free Upvotes - Round 3

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As part of MAP's mission to support curators, I will be delegating 200 SP for 20 days to one individual per round. Read below for more details.

It has been a while since "Week 2"; I've been on holiday and waiting for some delegated SP to come back. So instead of counting in Weeks, I think it makes more sense to do this in Rounds, which may be weekly or fortnightly.

The MAP Curators Trail is currently supporting @hetty-rown with 200 SP for 20 days.

We have so far supported with delegated SP @mirrors, @bestofph and @kendallron.

The @accelerator account is also currently following and upvoting 59 accounts that curate content on Steemit. To be added to this list, please leave a comment below.

To kick-start Round 3, I am going to delegate to the runners-up from Round 2: @lynncoyle1 and @scrawly. Congratulations!

This still leaves one (or two) delegations up for grabs.


The term "curator" shall mean an individual who selects and aggregates posts within Steemit on the basis of quality.

A curator can be either independent or working within a curation community.

The published "curated post" can be on a specific subject area or of general interest. This includes contests that are content-based and result in a final post of the best entries. If your curation activity uses other methods, such as resteeming, then please mention this in your comment.

The curation activity must take place at least weekly.

The curator should have an active SP of less than 2,000 SP - this includes existing delegations.

If you are not eligible for the delgated SP, you may still be followed and upvoted by the MAP Curator Trail, so feel free to leave a comment and I shall come and check your activities.

If you're an independent curator...

Please leave a comment; just include a link to your most recent curated compilation of posts, plus a short description of your topics of interest and how long you have been curating on Steemit. If you have both a personal and a curation account, please include both.

If you curate for a community...

Please state which community account you curate for and links to recent posts that you have discovered. If your username does not always appear within the curation posts, I can still verify your role with the curation community administrators.


The main prize is a delegation of 200 SP for 20 days.

However, if you are a quality curator and not yet being followed by the MAP Trail, then this is also an opportunity to make yourself known and possibly be followed and upvoted on a regular basis by my @accelerator account. This is a fairly new focus for the MAP Trail and the process of adding curators is on-going.

How the Winner shall be chosen

I shall select a number of curators who I feel will make the most effective use of their delegated SP. I am aware that this has an element of subjectivity, but then so does curating. The last step to select a winner shall be done randomly. To make this last process transparent, I shall use a comment timestamp as the random number generator.

The winner shall be announced on day 7 of this post and the delegation made soon after.

Remember that there will be another round coming soon, so this is not a one-off shot!

Curators from Previous Contest

I shall be adding the following curators from the last contest. There is no need for a full introductory comment, but I would appreciate a quick comment expressing continued interest. These are: @snook, @veryspider, @anonyvoter and @classical-radio.

Last Thoughts

The process of supporting curators has to involve some level of communication; in order for me to allocate resources to the most effective people will sometimes require some discussion as to the whole process of curating and the motivations behind doing it. This is especially true of curators who may be working semi-anonymously within a curation trail.

On a personal note, I have been curating for over a year and have gained experience of different communities and their methodologies. I am therefore aware of the work that goes on behind the scenes in order to maintain standards. If anybody wishes some advice related to curating, then just ask!

I look forward to welcoming many new curators to the MAP Curators Trail!

All my community activities are made possible through the income generated by the MAP Rewarder fund. Delegators to the fund receive high weekly income and help support Steemit curators, and through them help the wider community. You can read recent MAP Rewarder posts at @accelerator and you can delegate directly here:

10 SP, 20 SP, 50 SP, 100 SP, 500 SP, 1000 SP, Other.

Thank you!

- - - - - -
Please Comment, Resteem and Upvote. Thanks!

@rycharde manages the AAKOM project and the MAP Trail.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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We have come to the end of the 7-day post period and time for one final task.

For this round, we shall select the winner by voting.

ONLY the 8 users below may vote. You cannot vote for yourself but you may vote for more than one person. Please vote as a reply to this comment with the name(s) you support.

I will give this 48 hours, or less if everyone votes.

This week's shortlist is:


Good luck! :-)

(Next week will mix it up a bit and use a randomiser.)


Although still 2 votes to go, but with an unassailable lead, the Winner of this Round is... @veryspider!
Well done!
SP winging its way to you...


owowowoh thank you so much <3 <3 <3



Damn it, account fail. This was for @classical-radio, I can repost later...


@veryspider it will be ;-)


Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
Check the rules of the Daily Spotlights if you want to nominate someone!
Pixresteemer is also listed as promoter on The Steemians Directory

Thank you for your temporary delegation.
I don't upvote my own posts these days so all your steem power will be used to upvote people who create quality contents :).


That's great, thanks! Increasing your upvotes will also bring back a bit more curation rewards too.

Thank you so much @accelerator! I am truly honored :)

I'd like @stevenwood to have a look at this. He's actually just started an account called @stowaway to curate others' quality travel posts :)


Thanks, have checked the @stowaway blog and have bookmarked it so will see a few more posts, and find a good one to grab! Although he also seems fully snekked ;-)


haha you're welcome 😅

Awesome and congrats to those who have earned delagations.


Thanks! I see your contests are gathering a following :-)


Yeah, I have some regulars who participate in my blogs / games. Hopefully the games continue to grow and I can eventually offer some bigger prizes.

What a wonderful opportunity. I'll be resteeming as soon as I'm done commenting :)
Congratulations @lynncoyle1 and @scrawly - two brilliantly worthy delegatees (is that even a word? Sounds like it should be!) and have fun choosing your third!

E x


Thanks a lot for your support! Resteems are important to hopefully find those curators who don't use the #curation tag.

Alright! I have been working with @c-squared, which is an incredible initiative. I do find a post here and there, but I do more user curation than content curation, I follow a user really closely to help and encourage them to continue! Recently I have my eye on more than a few users, but am keeping closest watch on @dinoromanelli and @jozefkrichards.


That's great - you finally made it to MAP Mk 2 :-)
So your role now is more akin to a mentor rather than curator. Does most of this take place in chatrooms? Not a problem, just thinking through the best way to support your work.


Actually, it is mostly through comments, just sticking around certain users, trying to vote and comment on a series of content, come back later, again and again! It's mostly on platform engagement, although I won't deny doing some discord work, but by the time they make it to discord my job is well on its way.


Ah yes, too many things to keep track of... Ashers A1 Engager too! :-) care of @abh12345.
Will happily add you to the MAP Curators Trail and, if you wish, add you to the end of the week delegation vote.


I am pleased to be considered for either of those things! MAP was a helpful and fun part of my early journey here on Steem! Blessings!

Awesome oppurtunity, thanks!

Thank you for the temporary delegation previously. Wishing your initiative for more success :D

"The @accelerator account is also currently following and upvoting 59 accounts that curate content on Steemit. To be added to this list, please leave a comment below."

I curate for #informationwar and sure would like to win that "This still leaves one (or two) delegations up for grabs." for my warriors.


Hi, have added you to the MAP Curators Trail so you shall be receiving regular upvotes (subject to min VP and all systems working!)

Near the end of the 7 days of this post, I shall make a list of curators and have a vote - this worked well last time and was mercifully quick.

Congrats to the winners!

Actually, I was shocked to came across this post. In my mind @accelerator always refers to the most popular bot in town. I had never thought you were also active in your daily post. Now i know my bad! Hehe

Im glad that you help out others through delegating a few of your SP to those who needs a little boost. Thats so kind of you!

Good luck on the hunt! Cheers!

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Thanks, although you may be thinking of @appreciator as the bot :-)


Ohhh yeah!!! Sorry!! Hahaha my eyes had played with me again.. could i just disappear??!

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:-) no need to disappear - was an appreciated comment.
The account name was created when I started the Minnows Accelerator Project (MAP). This has since morphed into the MAP Curators Trail, but the username has stayed the same.


Oh! Bless your good heart!

Good deeds are always paid off in the end. Good luck!

This comment was made from

You bet I'm still interested ;-)
Thanks for the opportunity...

I totally forgot about this, and that doesn't matter as I see you delegated to a few great people, which have the curation skills :)
So nice to see @hetty-rowan has had a delegation, and of course @lynncoyl1 who is a boss at engaging :) (in a good way lynn! no bad words about you!) and @scrawly is doing a fine job herself too ..
All winners, and your SP will be used greatly by all of them I'm sure!

I will be doing some curating first now, as the little one is playing so sweet.. drop a link here later ;) Thanks for helping people grow!


Just a random comment on a curated post :)


Thanks a lot! I shall add you to the MAP Curators Trail, which means you will get upvotes on (most) posts, subject to my VP and no technical issues.

This week I shall be using a voting system, like last time, so we will see how that works out :-)

next round, I think I shall run a randomiser, like the first time - just to mix it up a bit and so it doesn't just turn into a popularity contest; although popularity may well be well-earnt too.


@accelerator wow that's so nice of you! Thank you for that!
And you are right trying different approaches with picking the winner, that keeps is fun too right :)
Have a great sunday, I am trying to finish a post quickly now, as I need to go to the supermarket lol..

I'm a very active curator on steemit, but I'm over the limit for sp. Feel free to check out my curation blogs if you'd like though!


Hi, don't know if you noticed, but you're already in the MAP Curators Trail, so you should be receiving upvotes - it may miss some posts due to my VP limit, but shouldn't be many :-)

The SP limit is flexible and really designed to avoid giving 200SP to an account that already has a lot of delegated SP. I'm happy to include you in the final vote.

Thanks for supporting the important work of curators on Steemit! It really is a central part of the posting process that is not really well rewarded by the system as it stands!

Definitely interested in throwing our hat into the ring again!