MAP Rewarder: Distributed Rewards for 12 August 2018 (APR 17.4%)

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This week's distributed profits are 0.333%, equivalent to an APR of 17.4%.

Compare this with the bidbots listed on iSteemd and you will see that MAP Rewarder is doing well and in the top three - with reward payouts currently running at about just 16.5%, it takes some effort to get much above this. Also, I may have to check the numbers myself as some of them do not appear to change very often.

The values below that relate to the Steem blockchain are now given as 7-day averages to give a fairer picture of what has happened during the whole week.

Let's lay out the different percentages to make them clearer. These are all calculated in terms of STEEM per SP.

Gross turnover inc. payouts = 0.422% (APR 22.0%) [1]
Gross income ex-payouts = 0.392% (APR 20.4%) [2]

Value of Steemit upvotes = APR 21.9% [3]
Value of Steemit rewards payouts = APR 16.5% [4]

Distributed MAPR payouts = 0.333% (APR 17.4%) [5]
Total MAPR payouts = 0.363% (APR 18.9%) [6]

[1] Gross turnover generated for the week.
[2] Gross income minus the random free upvotes, SBI shares given to delegators and MAP upvotes.
[3] Theoretical maximum value of Steemit upvotes, assuming 10 full upvotes at 100% power for 7 days, averaged over 7 days and expressed as an APR.
[4] Theoretical value of Steemit upvote rewards, assuming 25% curation rewards, 50-50 split of post payouts and SBD print rate, averaged over 7 days and expressed as an APR.
[5] MAP Rewarder distributed payout sent to delegators this week; this is 85% of [2].
[6] Total payouts for the week, equal to {[5] + [1] - [2]}.

Note that MAP Rewarder is able to generate income slightly higher than the theoretical maximum for pure upvotes - that is, [1] is greater than [3]. This includes upvotes to quality content curators and MAP Rewarder delegators.

Note that this week our total value of payouts and upvotes is slightly lower than the theoretical maximum for pure upvotes - that is, [6] is slightly lower than [3]. This is likely to remain true until the value and print rate of SBD increase again.

From last week onwards, the values of [3] and [4], which come from the blockchain, shall be 7-day averages to give a better representation of the whole week's earnings.

Finally, our weekly distributed profits to delegators is higher than post rewards payouts - that is, [5] is higher than [4].

Profits will be paid today to SP delegators in STEEM.

Benefits of Delegating to MAP Rewarder

= a high weekly payout in STEEM. Our returns are higher than many other income sources on Steemit - just compare our returns with various bidbots. On top of this weekly payout, we have:

= free upvotes to delegators. These are currently set to come from the @accelerator account. These are "bonuses" and can add a significant return, especially for smaller SP delegations.

= random free full upvote and free SBI share once per week. See our recent Free Vote Friday and Free SBI Saturday.

So, three different sources of rewards plus a high weekly payout!

I hope this will stimulate some further delegations and will help some users make a significant return on their SP. But please remember that the first distributed profits will be received on the first Sunday after 7 day from the time of delegation - the cut-off is midday GMT on Sundays.

How to Delegate to MAP Rewarder

To delegate SP to MAP Rewarder, please read our Introduction document.

You can also delegate using these links:

10 SP, 20 SP, 50 SP, 100 SP, 500 SP, 1000 SP, Other.

If you do not have spare SP to delegate, then you can still follow our Curation Trail or Fanbase on SteemAuto (or follow us on Steem Voter), and gain some higher-than-average curation rewards.


I have changed the layout of our numerical data; I hope the different numbers are slightly clearer!

Much of what I used to write here in the News section can now be read at the top of the article as addenda to the table.

All our percentages are calculated like-for-like based on STEEM so that these are real returns in STEEM per delegated SP (which is also priced in STEEM).

A reminder that we have two missions: to be profitable to delegators and to support our MAP Curator Trail and thereby improve the quality of posts on Steemit. The @accelerator account, ignoring the delegated SP, is growing slowly but steadily and forms the basis of our upvotes to curators who are in the MAP Trail.

Important News

We continue to be under price pressure for both STEEM and SBD. We are bouncing around a support level; any break downwards from here could easily see cryptos halve in value. This is a consequence of the whole crypto market and not isolated to STEEM and SBD. However, there are also features of the Steem blockchain that users need to be aware of.

As mentioned in this article, with the SBD Print Rate currently at 0% and STEEM price falling, we may be in essentially a STEEM-based ecosystem in the near future. This is actually good for curators as their curation reward payouts are at 25% of the author rewards; they are usually somewhat lower than this due to the effects of SBD rewards.

Although the blockchain rewards payout has dropped again from 16.9% to 16.5% APR this week, we are seeing an uptick the last couple of days, due possibly to a decrease in activity.

Next rewards distribution will be on Sunday 19 August.

- - - - - -
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@rycharde manages the AAKOM project and the MAP Trail.

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