A beautiful authentic Taiwanese 'Dadaocheng Cicheng Temple' in Taipei. — Steemit

A beautiful authentic Taiwanese 'Dadaocheng Cicheng Temple' in Taipei.

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Taiwan trip was real intense. I was there for about 2 weeks but still have a lot of photos (Mostly food, yes) and a few more stories to tell. Lots of videos, lots of posts and I'm still having fun creating contents about it.


Besides its delicious Taiwanese cuisines and all street food I was so into, I have visited quite a lot of Taiwanese temples. Well, not that many but for me, I consider it's A LOT. Even though, I am a Buddhist, I'm not really a temple person and not having such a high believe in the thing either. To each his own, that is.

Taiwanese Temples

If someone tells you there’s a temple on every street corner in Taiwan, they’re not far wrong. The country has over 12,000 registered temples, more than the number of convenience stores, and one of the highest house of worship per capita ratios in the world. Of these, nearly 80 percent are Taoist and 20 percent Buddhist. - Go2Taiwan -


I will actually have to agree with that as while I was traveling there, Taiwanese temples are literally as many as mushroom in the forest (Does that make sense to you at all? LOLOL )

Things to do in Taipei

Talking about 'things to do in Taipei' Since we've been talking about 'Temples', of course, I would like to recommend you visit temples when you're in Taipei or literally any part of Taiwan.


It's unique, beautiful and so colorful - Mostly, RED but you know.. LOLOL

Dadaocheng Cicheng Temple

I luckily had a few local friends showing me around almost the entire trip so I got to see things that people should see when they visit Taiwan (I suppose, of course!) 'Dadaocheng Cicheng Temple' was one of the places I got brought to. A small temple with a lot of Taiwanese street food vendors just right in front.

I personally prefer going to these small quiet temples like this one more than the big and famous like Lungshan Temple, Taipei. Much more authentic vibes I feel.

A mini vlog of Dadaocheng Cicheng Temple and its food

You may wonder, 'Did you go there for the temple or for the food?', Hmm.. I just said that I was not a temple person! We went there for food, of course! LOLOL Though, the temple was authentic and beautiful. We went inside, checked out A BIT and I got some photos taken with my Canon M50 to share with my lovely Steemian friends!



I feel like its pretty much same, same, not so different from the Chinese temples we have over here in Thailand. As you may know about the history so that pretty much make sense!

I love how detailed they build and decorate their temples so much. I have actually talked about how much I appreciate their temple art work on my ' Donglong , the Golden Temple in Donggang, Taiwan' already so check it out if you'd like.



I to be honest don't know most of the religious things in details and not really keen on learning so as it's not my field, really LOL.. What I know is just, it's so dang beautiful! Don't you agree?

Here's where exactly it's located.

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Lots of lots of love,

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wow! those temples have rich and mysterious stories!

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That first pic is great 👍

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Out of 6 OMG hahaha. Thank you! ❤️


ha theyre all great, but i like that one the best, number 4 is awesome too btw

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Thanks! Will check it out! :) ❤️

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