To whom did Natalya Fateeva exchange her children? This is a real shock!

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The legendary film and theater actress has not done her favorite job for many years - she does not play on stage and does not act in films. She leads a very secluded life. Let me remind you that Natalya Fateeva is known for such films as “Three plus Two” and “Gentlemen of Fortune”.

Surprisingly, Fateeva stopped communicating with all the people around her. In particular, she does not perceive journalists, does not want to talk with her friends and has deleted from the life of her own children and grandchildren. For her, they ceased to exist. She is not the one who does not allow her to enter the 5-room apartment located on Frunze Embankment, but she doesn’t even greet her.

Causes of disagreement with children and grandchildren

There are two versions of what made Fateeva stop communicating with her son Vladimir (he was born from director V. Basov) and daughter Natalia (born from cosmonaut Boris Egorov).

Version one

If you believe the rumors, it turns out that the conflict with the children occurred because of the property. In particular, the actress allegedly claims that the children tried to get their mother to sell a luxury apartment and move into a smaller and more modest one. The difference is to give them in money. The actress refused and stopped communicating with children.

Version number 2

Many people know that she did not like children. They annoyed her and prevented her from building her career. Friends and colleagues in the "shop" have repeatedly told that the children of Fateeva are raised by her parents.


Natalia Fateeva’s daughter became pregnant at 16. She gave birth, but the mother forced her daughter to abandon the child. As a result, parents of Natalia’s husband were engaged in raising a child.

Vladimir also decided to arrange his family life. He married and became a happy father by the age of 25. Fateeva responded to what is happening very quickly. She kicked her son out of the house.

Since she abandoned her children, she has not seen them. It is important that the actress does not regret what he has done. Despite such, let's say, cruel relations with her mother, Vladimir and Natalya continue to follow the life of the famous actress.

For whom the actress traded their children!

Vladimir told reporters that his mother now lives only with cats. Moreover, she not only keeps several houses, but also feeds homeless cats every day.


Fateeva begins her day by brewing several large pots of food for cats, pouring it into various containers and going hiking. She bypasses all the garbage cans of the neighborhood and places the dishes with food for cats.


Wherein. Fateeva, because of problems with her leg, can no longer always cope with these “duties”. After she had surgery on her leg, the servants began to help her. The interesting thing is that the assistants are hired by a charitable foundation.


Yes, sometimes fate gives us surprises. Who would have thought that such a beautiful, talented woman would be a real monster? How her motherly heart does not hurt, knowing that there are native children !?

Written by: @jurgan

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