A Flat Earther's Rough Guide To Winning A Nobel Prize - Eclipsing Logic

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OK we're really heating up here! So far we have discussed how, amongst other things, by disproving the distance of the sun to the earth; and explaining why things don't just fly off the planet when you accelerate them into the air, will win you multiple Nobel Prizes.

However you may be finding it a bit tricky to undo the laws of physics as we know and experience them, so I have a much easier path for you. Well; relatively easier.

Out Of The Darkness

If you are somebody who believes we live on a flat disc, and you have also been lucky enough to see an eclipse, then you will be struggling to explain what is happening, that is of course, if you bother to think about it.

Apparently the reason for eclipses has been known for centuries, millennia even. It seems those NASA shills, not content with fooling everyone in this time that the world is round, have built a time machine and gone back and planted evidence to deviate from the true nature of our disc world.

Us globers, claim that a solar eclipse, is nothing more magical than the moon passing in front of the sun. You see we happen to live in a time, whereby the distance of the moon and sun from the earth, and their relative sizes, mean that we experience an eclipse if we happen to be standing within the path of totality.

The thing about eclipses, is that you can predict them with 100% accuracy using the 'round earth model', however within a flat earth model, they shouldn't even happen.

In a flat earth model, the sun and the moon are permanently above us, are the same size and never cross orbits.

So there is obviously another explanation for eclipses! We are already assuming that the alternative; the world isn't flat, is completely and utterly ridiculous, and we are not going to give it even the briefest chance to be processed by the thinking parts of our brain.

Instead, we shall wisely react on knee-jerk, supposition, and flawed intuition and set about disproving the glober theory for eclipses, and win a Nobel Prize at the same time!!

Black Gold Of The Sun

On a previous flat earth article of mine, a very wise flat earther told me that I should check out the 'black sun' theory, as this explained solar eclipses.

Unfortunately I knew ahead of time, that the mathematics involved within this theory would be too much for my limited glober intellect, so I didn't 'check it out'.

However, any flat earther wanting to win a Nobel Prize, needs to find this 'black sun', and write a paper explaining why it is only visible during eclipses, and why it appears to have absolutely zero effect on the earth in any way shape or form, and of course, how it got there in the first place.

Then of course you'll have to explain why we don't see any other 'black suns' in our solar system or anywhere in the galaxy or universe for that matter.

If you're smart, you'll prove these things one at a time, spacing them out evenly, so that you win a Nobel Prize for each groundbreaking discovery!

Why So Easy?

At the beginning of the article I said that this was a relatively easy task, and that's because the reason for eclipses were figured out long before NASA, or even computers existed.

So if primitive people can do it without the aid of fancy equipment, then you with combined knowledge of all of human history at your finger tips, should be able to prove how eclipses 'really' happen.

I am being 100% serious when I say, if you do prove such a thing, you will become famous and win a Nobel Prize. If you don't, you can either cling onto the notion the earth is flat, even though an observable natural phenomena would suggest otherwise, or perhaps join the rest of us in our extremely functional delusion.

Further reading:

NASA Eclipse Site: 5000 years of accurate eclipse predictions

How Do Eclipses Work: NASA eclipses 101

Image citation: Isaiah McClean on Unsplash

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Are black suns anything to do with the evil dude in star wars?

He's always on about 'something, something, darkside'.

Sounds like they got some explaining to do LOL!

it is a little confusing your theory of the flat earth these is very deep for me .. lol .. respect to the black sun I do not believe that it exists in our solar system, maybe in other systems it could exist


Yes, lolz, it's a pretty crazy theory!


An interesting thing about eclipses.
If it is indeed caused by celestial bodies passing in the way of the sun, then explain the lunar eclipse!

Let us assume that the distance between the earth and the moon is the same between a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse.

As you said, we "know" how big the earth and the moon are, and so, if you take the shadow the moon casts on the earth. Then multiply it by the ratio of the earth/moon. Then the shadow cast by the earth onto the moon would not cover the entire moon.

Do you have any explanation for that?


Do you have any explanation for that?

Yes, your calculations are incorrect.

For the correct ones check this link. http://www.astronomy.ohio-state.edu/~pogge/Ast161/Unit2/eclipses.html


So if primitive people can do it without the aid of fancy equipment,

I still can't imagine how they managed.


It started with Eratosthenes who realised that there was a particular well that the sun illuminated all the way to the bottom on a particular day. He knew that on this particular day, another well of another town did not have the sun directly above it.

He then realised that if he placed a few sticks on the ground and measured the difference in shadow angle, he could work out the circumference of the world.

For a much better explanation :-) check out this link http://www.dummies.com/education/math/geometry/how-to-determine-the-earths-circumference/

Flat earthers will tell you that you can get the same effect with two sticks on a flat plane; what they don't tell you is that you can't recreate the same thing with 3 sticks, and thus the theory breaks down again.


The greatest part about these articles is that all the flat earthers bring their crazy into the spotlight in response. Which allows me to mute them before they can infect me with their crazy.


Lolz, I have some anti-crazy-biotics if you need :-)


I have to give up my Noble dream and turn my Flat Earther card in
It's just toooooo hard


NO! Stick at it; the rewards are so great!! :-)



when I run all possibilities the to the logical conclusion with a debate , the only argument left is .
" NO you are"

Its not just eclipses. Simple moon phases also show that the earth isn't flat.


True, I was going to do one about the moon as well, but felt I would be repeating a lot so stuck with this. I'm sure this won't be enough for the real hardcore flattards.



Yeah fair enough. It probably would have been repetitive, but it is important to point out. Flat earthers will continue to try and explain more complicated theories about these natural phenomena regardless.


It's interesting isn't it? I wonder at what point in a persons mind, whereby it is simply easier to give up the belief, rather than come up with more and more bizarre and complex theories to explain away things that they can see right in front of their eyes.

I just can't imagine how a flat-earther must be thinking as the watch a setting sun, are they just thinking to themselves; because perspective, because perspective, because perspective, because perspective, because perspective over and over again?

In fact, I want to find one and sit and watch the sunset with him/her and ask them second by second, to explain what they are seeing. That would be a very interesting experiment . . .


I'm trying to make some finding some years back.. I primary knowledge is that the earth is flat.
During my research I found out that the earth is spherical in shape..
During my secondary school days I learn that the sun and moon is above the earth.
The distance of sun from earth is about 149.6million and the moon is about 384,400km..
According to my point of view the sun and the moon are not in the same place. The sun is very far to the earth..
I'm just hearing Black Sun for the first time and I'm very surprise.. Good job
Keep it up


Yes, your schooling was totally correct! The black sun is not real, it is just another strange theory to fit the strange flat-earth beliefs.