My predictions for the future of cryptocurrencies and the coming conflict

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This year has been a turning point for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and finally some more people are beginning to realize how important this future trend is. But it’s still the case that less than 1% of the world’s population is involved. Many don’t want to see an end to cash. I was one of those people until I understood the difference between bitcoin, FedCoin and the SDR.

People who don’t read code have been making statements that bitcoin allows for government control, that we’re walking into a trap that allows government tracking of all transactions, that the zionists are behind it, or illuminati, that it’s the “mark of the beast”, etc… These statements fail to account for the nuances of what’s really happening and most are just plain inaccurate.

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Bitcoin is the antidote to bank corruption, as in karmic retribution for the banking system intentionally screwing up for profit. It was designed by Satoshi Nakamoto as an answer to the unending corruption, repealing of Glass-Steagall, libor fraud, etc and released on Jan 3, 2009. It did this by using several technologies that create technical disintermediation which makes central banking authorities largely obsolete. It accomplishes this by allowing direct P2P transfer of value without the need for any authority whatsoever.

Years ago I started wondering why I could never get ahead financially and now I know why. In the 90’s I started seeing the effect money had on people and realized that money had become a “system of control”. I didn’t understand the details as well back then, but I sometimes noticed an attitude when negotiating on prices. I would ask “how much is it?”. What I noticed was that others instead of stating a fair price would ask “How much do you have?” (not usually so directly but in more subtle ways such as saying $x/month, or by saying how much do you want to spend?).

So what's in your wallet?

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It's like these commercials intentionally mock our stupidity. When you hear that, that’s when you know that you’re being asked to surrender. It’s no longer about fair market value, but about power over you. They aren’t trying to help you when you hear this and they aren’t even considering what the value of what they have really is. At that point, it’s about control over you.

Corporate power has worked hard to instill consumption as a form of inner compulsion. Advertising is designed to trigger emotional actions from you that they can profit from and keep you in debt. One of their goals has been to find the answer to “how much do you have?” in more ways than one. This began around the same time that plastic (credit) began to be used. Signing up for store cards gave them information they can use against you (in return for a small discount of course which is immediately erased by having a much greater advantage over you).

This process was very gradual of course and didn’t happen over night. They amassed a gigantic farm of data that has multiple uses, most of them financial and political. While this was happening, the vote formed a decoy for your mind so that you would misplace blame for what really ails you. Terrorism is another means by which the state seeks to keep you in check.

Now that the exit from the system exists in the form of decentralized technical disintermediation (bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies) the smart authoritarians are beginning to panic. Depending upon their positions in power they are beginning to exhibit one of the five stages of grief for the industry they are about to lose…

The answer is really very simple ironically. The source of their power over you is the currency that you use. Nothing else really matters in the long run. Protest all you want. Vote all you want. The fundamental control will never change until you wise up and take the exit. Hopefully you’ll wise up before they decide to snuff out your dissent at your local bank.

We are currently in a very unusual interregnum in which many old ideas still have a much larger voice than they should have. Trump is mostly irrelevant. So are the “rectification” sex scandals (as awful as they are) made to make some feel good in the face of a sinking Titanic. Are you still going to argue about Weinstein as your bank account is drained while the 143 million records from Equifax make their way to the dark web?

In parallel, we have also returned back to the year 1994 in relation to the nature of internet technology. We didn’t get the IT right the first time and now we’re paying for it as the NSA now owns all 5 IP backbone providers in the world. However, it’s now being redone the right way.

(relevant point runs for about 2 minutes)

This shift is going to take some time though and bitcoin is experiencing some growing pains. Schnorr signatures and Lightning Network is probably at least 18 months away. The CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) is about to offer bitcoin futures December 2017. With Wall Street money coming in, the ride is going to be especially volatile. They will short, pump and dump, etc and shake out all the weak hodlers in the next couple of years.

Some, not understanding the long term trend, will say when you lose all your money “I told you so”. Then those who understand this dirty game will laugh as they try to take your place ahead of you in line as they attempt to catch the falling knife out of greed.

My advice to you is if you’re emotional, stop paying attention to the daily price fluctuations until summer of 2020. Don’t try to day trade this stuff.

In the near future, just as the internet had a proliferation of search engines after Yahoo! emerged, we will begin to see the spreading out of value among several altcoins before one emerges as the next Google of finance.

Before this, I expect government regulators to begin to make the situation difficult for current bitcoin enthusiasts with rampant persecution and outright theft with something called civil asset forfeiture. This has already started happening in many areas of the world such as Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Argentina, etc. Eventually this will come back home to roost in the USA.

I’m not precisely sure of the time table for economic collapse, but I think sometime within the next 5 years the US government will be forced to take drastic measures to prop up the Federal Reserve banking system. Why do I think collapse is inevitable? Because bitcoin is an equity drain that prevents “quantative easing”. Once people use nationless crypto instead of national fiat, the parasites will have nobody left to pawn off their pile of debt onto. This is how it's likely to play out...

I honestly hope that I'm wrong, but I don't see much hope that we can avoid a crash landing. Most people are not well prepared and don't take the situation seriously and are much too easily steered back into centralized control despite the fact that it's to their detriment. As a result, we will likely have a digital panopticon for a time until the inevitable leaks of data eventually make people realize that it's impossible to keep centralized data secure.

There's only one cure for this disease. It's called "decentralization".

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I'm not so sure the futures are such a good thing for bitcoin. It's one thing to have futures run by the main bitcoin exchanges, where there is no institutional participation from the big Wall St. banks, but the CME is an entirely different animal - that's where the big boys play.

Gold and silver have been manipulated for decades through these BS futures, and I think it's entire plausible that bitcoin will be subdued in the same manner.


The CME proposal I read last week, admitted that they will never deliver any real Bitcoin, all contracts will be "settle in dollars".

The very nature of a public ledger and the fact that many will only buy it for delivery to an actual Bitcoin address that they control, will cause blow back on the old CME "cash settle" contracts manipulation scam.


Hoping the 3rd world will eventually teach them a lesson.


Amen. From your keyboard to God's ears.

I didn't get it entirely; so you predict a crash in crypto-market due to gov'ts around the world taking action. And after that, in the long run (~2020), it'll again make its way to the top - this time mainstream.

I kind of agree with this expectation. But if that is your expectation, doesn't it make more sense to trade your profits back to fiat before the crash occurs?


I don't know just how much effect the Wall St money will have when it starts to flood in other than I expect greater volatility. If you cash out too soon, that boat will leave you stranded. So I'm hodling no matter what. The bigger crash I believe will be with the USD. Then I expect that they will try to substitute their replacement such as the SDR or FedCoin. If that happens, more customer victimization and an endless stream of ID theft will occur.


Hi @zoidsoft , great posts as usual. IMO, when talking about a US dollar crash we have to be mindful of the ramifications of what would occur if a crash in the worlds reserve currency were to happen. IMHO, we would experience a global depression and end to the world financial systems as we know it. Not sure what that even looks like, but can only imagine it to be similar to a Walking Dead Episode.

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