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Will The Bankers' Media Acknowledge $100 Billion in Cryptocurrency Total Market Cap?

After ridiculing bitcoin for nearly a decade and shamelessly humiliating anyone who dared suggest that bitcoin was not only an investment but a replacement for fiat, the mainstream media remains silent as crypto soars to record highs. There is an old saying to buy the rumor and sell the news. You can be sure that when Megyn kelly, Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blizter, Jim Kramer, Rachel Madow, and the rest of the neoliberal socialist controlled press starts touting the greatness of crypto and how it is time to buy then it will be time to sell. The silence of the media about the soaring crypto market and the Federal Reserve Corporation's increase in interest rates at a time when altcurrency such as crypto and silver is beginning to rise is a contrarian indicator that the crypto bull has long legs and will move to towards $200 Billion in total market cap.

The Federal Reserve Corporation (incorporated in Delaware in 1912 and owned by major transnational banks) cannot raise interest rates much more than a quarter percent or 25 basis points at a time. This is because there is so much US dollar debt that a major contraction of the USD currency supply will implode the system. Already the US government is approximately 34% of US GDP and this doesn't include the slush funds, kickbacks, as well as the state governments currently shaking in light of Puerto Rico's spectacular bankruptcy and population exodus.

Nevertheless, other fiat currencies are in rapid deterioration such as the Euro. It wasn't long ago that Greeks were limited in the amount of Euros they could withdraw from their bank accounts. Cyprus became a theifdom robbing their well to do peasants' bank accounts with a bail in. How safe do you feel with IRAs and Social "Security" in this situation. What about that no interest bank account that is "FDIC insured". Of course you can get your dollars back if there is a banking collapse because dollars will be like Saddam Dinars. The only problem is that the Saddam dinars are rising against US dollar years after the Iraqi government collapse. If Saddam Dinars can increase in value because of limited quantity maybe the US dollar will come back when "The Fed" has finally closed because nobody is buying their scam anymore and ducking for cover in crypto and silver.

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US Dollar looking more like Saddam Dinar every day.

With 21 T in debt and near zero % interest I just dont know how this titanic can stay above water.

Change from dollar to dinar soon.

At least saddam had his currency backed by oil. What backs USD or Euro?

Soon to be a 1 Trillion dollar market. That will be impossible to ignore.

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Sure. Maybe you can upvote mine first.

extra vote for me

Soon to be the Washington dinar

Hyperinflation is coming soon.