Marc lasry sees the future of bitcoin reaching $40,000

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Many big whales are predicting the price of bitcoin's to reach $40,000 or even more at the same time a billionaire investor has also made some comment regarding the price of bitcoin in future.

Marc Lasry , the co-founder, chairman and CEO of Avenue capital group, an investement firm with $9.6 billion in assets under management, weighed in on his bitcoin investment on CNBC wednesday.
Speaking during the channel's "Squawk Box" segment,Lasry said he has investment around 1% of his personal funds in bitcoin,betting that the world's largest cryptocurrency by market cap moght soon be worth as much as $40,000 per coin at some point.

He noted:

"You are hoping that as it gets more into the mainstream, and as more market end up allowing it to trade where it's freely tradable , to me that's more the market bet...i think you will have something that wends up bring somewhere at $20,000 to $ 40,000 "

Lasry has an estimated $1.7 billion in his personal fortune, according to the 2018 world's billonaries list released by Forbes.


Although investors are betting on all kinds of cryptos,Lasry believes"the one will have biggest market benefit is going to be bitcoin."

"I like bitcoin because it's that one that where everybody is going to come to," he said,adding that the price of bitcoins will rise if the average americans can get acces to bitcoins.

One of the wall street's most renowned "Vulture"investors, Lasry said he has started investment in bitcoin a few years ago, but bought a lot more in the last year.




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