EasySocial ICO launched!

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The creators of EasyDex (https://easydex.net) are working very hard on a new system of interoperating blockchains called 'EasyLife' (https://ezlife.io). EasyLife will have several blockchains focussing on different types of media (social media chain, blogging chain, photography chains, music chains, video chains...) and even blockchains operating in the gig economy and business sphere. These chains will work together and interact with each other and seamlessly integrate into Bitshares.

The first blockchain within the EasyLife system is a social media platform called 'EasySocial'. EasySocial will enable users to earn cryptocurrency with their content. Since there will be a separate blogging chain, EasySocial aims to truly be a social media platform like Twitter/Facebook/Reddit focussed on community and interaction.

Check out the EasySocial testnet at https://easysocial.life

EasySocial has now officially launched its ICO. The ICO tokens are available on Bitshares under the token name EZLIF.PRESOCIAL and they cost 2 BTS. There is a supply of approximately 2 million. The token sale will end on January 20, 2019.

ICO tokens on EasyDex: https://exchange.easydex.net/market/EZLIF.PRESOCIAL_BTS
ICO tokens on wallet.bitshares.org: https://wallet.bitshares.org/#/market/EZLIF.PRESOCIAL_BTS

On main net launch, these ICO tokens will enable you to get SOCIAL tokens, which will be one of the main tokens of the EasySocial platform. SOCIAL tokens will be liquid as opposed to the tokens you get through sharedrops and bounties which will be staked tokens on the EasySocial platform.


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