Crypto Government: The Other Half of the Blockchain Iceberg 💥💥💥💥

in cryptocurrency •  4 months ago

The subject of small countries with the vision to embrace crypto/blockchain is becoming the most interesting subject IMO. Yes, ahead of supply chain, traceability and even finance.! Two reasons for why this is. One is that all the other subject areas are a bit clearer to understand and therefore a bit more anticipated by the media and general audience. Transforming the entire concept of westernized government that has stood for hundreds of years is much more abstract and complex. Secondly it is also much larger in scope than any single industry. The question to ask ourselves is how do we participate and invest in these developments. It’s easy to be aware of something but at the same time find yourself a spectator in a revolution. Tim Draper is actually traveling the world meeting with all of these governments encouraging them to be the change agents in this revolution. You can become an e-resident of Estonia, buy property in Puerto Rico, invest in cryptocurrency platforms being adopted to change government systems (Cardano) etc.

Why Is Malta Considered Crypto-Paradise? - DC Forecasts via BTCnews on iOS

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