Cryptocurrency and the "safe" exchange road. I'm taking my chances today.

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Hello everybody, Vancry here and I just bought some Neo to keep them in storage for a while.

I had my doubts at first glance but it seems like a good opportunity to double or tripple the money I have. It's not really a lot giving that I have about 2.70 bucks worth of bitcoins in Bittrex.

So far, Neo is going up so, I'm going to leave my money there for about a week. Depending on how much it goes up, either I'll leave it there or I'll sell it and rebuy it to re-enforce my investment. Many don't like this strategy because of how slow it is. But it's the safest route. If only we could predict when a coin will boost up like crazy, huh? Things would be a lot easier.

But anyway. For those who like to wait for a safe and big exchange, then:


This are the ones I've heard that are following the same steps. Growing in value more and more each day. All you need are balls of steel and a lot of patience.

Maybe you won't be seeing results just yet, but at the end of the year... oh you'll see.

This is the long way game after all.

Thank you for your time!

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Good Luck!

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NEO is a good choice for growth but don't expect anything significant in a week. If you hold on until october or november I believe you will be able to double or triple even. I have half my portfolio in NEO myself.

If you really only have $2.70 worth of crypto, go take a look at my post here where I have made a list of places you can go to get free crypto, some of which you can sell right away for more NEO and others will hit exchanges in a month or two probably.
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Thanks a lot man! I followed you. Your post is really helpfull actually.