The reason I call Dash A Scam & Echo Chamber. Proof of the crazed cult-like thinking of Dash community inside.

in cryptocurrency •  last year

This is how members of their moderation team act and abuse their powers to censor people at will.

Just wanted to put this here so it can live on the blockchain as proof down the road when the Dash crash happens and I can point to it and be like, see I tried to warn you guys that Dash is a ruse filled echo chamber grasping at straws to make early adopters rich.

Wonder what Roger Ver and Charlie Shrem think of this type of thing? Hmm. One day they'll figure it out and dump.

Anyways, enjoy the pump ya'll If you want some deep reading on Dash I already wrote an article a while back, no need to expand.

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I call dash a scam because it is one.

I don't agree and you'll have a hard time convincing people in the middle of one of the biggest crypto surges in the last 3 years but best of luck.


I'll still be here saying the same thing after it dumps, come find me! :D

idk much about any of this but basilpop is definitely a triggered sjw

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I wonder how many people were FUDed out of making a life changing investment in Dash last month.
Please send your thank you letters to TDG and don't take financial advice from him anymore. I hear he is shilling a new pump and dump coin these days, be careful or you will get burned twice.


The DASHKUZA trolls...paid out of the budget. This is the type of thing dash does. Sort of a little Hitlery... if you know what I mean....they are going after anyone they feel threatened by instead of making dash better. I left the dash community last year because of this. Just sold off my dash stash this year. Enjoy your Centralized Masternode Voting Monopoly guys I am sure you will be benevolent overlords...and allow the little people to live in peace....until you won't.

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