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1. Dash has had a 'ratings' system, which has used help control the narrative.

Anything with 4+ "troll" or "dumb" ratings basically gets hidden from view, just enough to control the messaging when its important do so: Below are plenty of situations where this has occurred:

A closed thread being critical of decisions some core team member have made in the past and their motives:

Solarminer being completely sensible and getting "hidden due to ratings" for being critical of Dash.

A collective effort to hide more posts that don't consist of Dash circle jerking:

Local "troll" (he often makes ALOT of sense even though hes a puppet account hiding behind a random name) being downvoted to oblivion for calling out the truth about coin distribution:

More @Demo:

This is actively happening every time a certain group of Dash users feel certain information is better if not seen, it's not 100% censorship yet, but they are well on their way with Tungfa the control freak in charge of the forums now.

Oh and proof people like tungfa take advantage of the ratings system to hide posts:

2. The goal is to maintain a veil of plausible deniability and have more control of the echo chamber that is DashTalk.org.

If they simply closed and locked threads while constantly deleting posts like /r/bitcoin for example, there would be obvious proof that this is an on going strategy to keep the hype cycle continuing and the scam on going; so instead the idea was to add a ratings system in and get your blind followers to censor for you, with the occasional emergency locks and what not...

3. Dash is a completely fabricated hype machine with built in control mechanisms.

The main reasons behind the growth of Dash is all smoke and mirrors, Dash has not upgraded anything spectacular, they just claim to and keep changing code, when in fact Dash is now more feature-less than it has ever been. InstantSend, the main pillar of Dash doesn't even work right now since the 'upgrade' to 12.1, which should have been the "evo" update, but instead thats being pushed back an entire year or more. Judging by the new dash.org taking 1.5 years, we could be waiting a while for the actual upgrade to arrive, if it ever does. The point being; this is a huge hype machine and the only way to keep the hype going is to keep the people being critical of Dash out of the public view. The modded ratings system was a perfect fit for this concept.

The accelerated price of Dash without any substantial reasonings leads me to believe there is a significant event coming soon and the whales are looking for ways to kick the hype machine into overdrive before Bitcoin finds a block size solution and/or Maidsafe launches Safecoin, which is 100x the technology Dash could ever be. So invest wisely folks, be wary, watch them price charts, ask the hard questions, and make sure you don't get you hard investments taken from you in some house of cards styled ponzi scheme, with a cool promise.

4. Again: I don't trust the price of Dash, plenty of reasons why in my previous post.


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I believe the STEEM blockchain can outperform the DASH blockchain speed wise as well as PoS wise....I think STEEM is much more fair. It gives everyone the opportunity to stake their coin. vs DASH requirement for 1000 DASH....Our blockchain is just as fast or faster. What are your thoughts on this @thedashguy? Would be interesting, because I know you have been an avid supporter of DASH so I find it interesting that you are posting these.

This is how #DASH TRASH handles critical feedback. "Shut up or I'll block you." LOL


Ira did bock me.


ira was a paid contractor for the atm project, he is no longer being paid nor was he ever on the core team #DASH. Dash does not control him. He had/has a contract to finish the atm project.


Also a great informative post from yet another long term Dash supporter sick of this crap! Care to tell us why you stopped supporting Dash @fulltimegeek? I already know but I'm sure people are curious.


Care to tell us why you stopped supporting Dash @fulltimegeek

  1. Hooking into the code was a pain in the ass. This is due to the fact that Evan Duffield just duct tapes a bunch of "features" together.

  2. Worst "Core Team" imaginable. Absolutely no love in the group nor do they care about what you have to say if it goes against their agenda.

  3. Too many Masternodes in the hands of a few.

I can go on for days.


Don't bite the hand that feeds you, thats the Dash motto right? :p


I'd love to read more about this, maybe you can create a post telling about your experience working for Dash.


LONG TERM Dash supporter? Like you TDG? lol.
Grow up. Then we could discuss.

Tungfa the control freak in charge of the forums now.

You couldn't pay me enough to work with that guy again.




Lol. My wallet wasn't the best but at least I had InstantX working.

We need to get SolarMiner on here if he isn't already.


I believe he has an account and just doesn't login too often lol


@thedashguy Your integrity is well noted! Good job!


low value trolling
the hash engineering wallet worked with instantx until we updated last week. there was another one too, may have been yours. yours would not work now either. HE is updating and instantsend will be working just fine. IS is off for the whole network right now anyway. you guys are so butthurt hurt you have to make issues out of nothing, lol. pathetic

Death to censorship. It's about time.


no one is being censored, lol

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This guy is a disgruntled employee that was actually never hired because his 2k a month proposal failed. The dash forum is actually too lax on trolls and lets them run free. The newer measures are a step in the right direction but people like TDG, demo and one or two others should have been banned long ago. The BTCtalk Dash ANN thread is not self moderated and censorship free. So if you want a place to rant and rave like a lunatic you can go there. It is monitored by the btctalk mods but they allow trolls to post spam all day long. The official Dash forum should be kept clean of troll spam but for some reason it is not.

Part 1: Who is thedashguy, in his own words

The Dash guy has been trolling Dash for over a year with his love/hate relationship with Dash and the community. One thing has always been clear though, he hates the core team and wants the community to break away/fork and for a new core team to take over. In other words he has always wanted to split the community.

This whole hit piece rant is constructed on a lie...
“I dove head first into Dash for a little over a year and spent a majority of my time working alongside the community to dream up cool projects, spread the word about Dash and so on”

No, you did not support dash for a year. You may have supported Dash for a few months but you hated/resented the “rich” core team members from the jump.
From the start thedashguy and Core team member yidakee did not see eye to eye to say the least....

“You insult people, then say sorry, then insult again, use foul language, admit you were out of line, then you do it again, then you say sorry, then you accuse "someone of something". You're being called down by dozens and dozens of members, kicked of Slack, kicked out of Telegram, ranting here, ranting in Dashwhale, ranting in btctalk ... geeeez”
yidakee, Feb 4, 2016

Not a very good start to your “year” supporting Dash. You rage quit so many times no one could keep track.

“Get off the drugs.
You are living in some alternate reality where you think you are actually smart. I'm just going to go ahead and warn you once then im throwing you on ignore. Stop talking as if you know anything because you don't. Come get your little bitch in check core team. He's about to cause you guys one hell of a shit storm.”

“You are the worst type of human being, a stupid one. Go away and stop making shit up. Don't worry I won't be "helping your" team out ever again, especially when YOU are on it. I won't even bother to explain it because half the community knows how much of a narcissistic asshole you are. People like you are the ones who turn into leeches of the project, don't worry you;ll keep defending your job if I have anything to say about it, better start working on making sure you carved out your little role in the team, if not sorry to say it might not last long.

Fuck off and have a nice day, welcome to ignore. So sad to see you be part of a project I really enjoy. You almost ruin it for me.”
TheDashGuy, Jun 17, 2016

“Who cares I'm done anyways I don't need this shit. Have a blast. @yidakee literally ruined this entire project for me and I'll I wanna do is beat his ass.”
TheDashGuy, Jun 23, 2016

Safe to say TDG and yidakee did not get along, LOL.
In fact TDG did not seem to get along with any of the core team members and very few community members.....

“Get your shit together. Daniel. Kot. EVERYONE.

You'd think this was a fucking gamestop run by teenagers or something the way certain people act and throw around thier so called importance to the project.”
TheDashGuy, Jun 21, 2016

“I need a break from this shit show. Need sometime to research my next investment thoroughly. Because this place is full of fluff, lies and falsehoods. It's not about us, it's not about the financial revolution, it's about becoming Paypal. Literally. All the bad they do doesn't matter because they are RICH!!!!

I hope one day a real Bitcoin is born, not any of this half baked shit we try to peddle in the crypto world.

Wonderful, just had to add Dash to my shitlist I guess. Good fucking job guys.”
TheDashGuy, Jun 22, 2016

“God you guys have so much shit backwards around here its sad. I used to love this project now I'm just disappointed by it. Price means nothing when the entire thing is controlled by a moron and some nerds. You never know when it will all come crashing down.”
TheDashGuy, Aug 1, 2016

Even after all of that he still wanted to be a part of Dash or at least extract a couple of thousand dollars a month from the Dash budget system. You really have to be delusional to think the community is going to fund you to promote Dash for 3 months after months of ranting and raving like a lunatic and rage quitting in complete madness.

TDG was not a fan of the “Transform PR - Michael Terpin” proposal.
This was one of Evan's personal proposals but it was voted out, so much for the conspiracy theory that Dash is “central controlled” and Evan and the core team can do whatever they want.

“And a great product sells itself, and needs no PR team.”
TheDashGuy, Feb 2, 2016

But after realizing he himself could get paid a couple of thousand a month to do PR and marketing he suddenly had a change of heart....
“TheDashGuy's Decentralized "DigitalCash" Social Media Outreach & Marketing Campaign | Working for the Dash Economy.
Amount: 175 Dash”
TheDashGuy, Sep 11, 2016

The reception to his proposal was not received very well after all the chaos he caused in the community and multiple rage quits....
“Last thing I remember reading about you was on slack calling other dash member a "c*nt" and rage quitting..I know you are passionate.. but why would the blockchain support someone who abuses other dash members? How can we trust that you wont just fly off the handle and walk away with our Dash?”
Stealth923, Sep 12, 2016

“What i have read from you on several occasions (Reddit, Slack, Dashtalk) were insults and calling people names in various flavors.

Beside some rage quits and rejoins.
Beside your "I quit Dash and convert to XMR"-stunt [1] for which others had to pay the bill for [2].
Beside your "Dash is broken" blog post [3].
Is this some kind of push & pull, on & off relationship you are trying to maintain?

Do you seriously expect that you have just a nounce of credibility left and anyone is expecting you to become the next Dash advocate / PR campaign driver?

[1] https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1538753.0
[2] https://np.reddit.com/r/dashpay/comments/4r9mc9/time_to_end_the_xmr_vs_dash_battle_confessions_of/”
flare, Sep 12, 2016

@TheDashGuy Man, I hoped for the best in yourself. But you often disapoint me.

You had three weeks for dash nation community links directory. Hardly any comunication from your side and the time is already over.

I can't support such project, when I have this experience with your integrity as such act of support would go against my integrity.”
#7Comodore, Sep 12, 2016

“Jake, you're a good web designer -- there's no doubt about that.

But it's pretty cuckoo that you'd list TheDailyDecrypt.com on your resume, buddy.

Would you like to tell everyone why I had to revoke your access to that website, or shall I?”
#9amanda_b_johnson, Sep 12, 2016

The proposal ultimately Failed

TDG's final rage quit letter after his 2k a month budget proposal Failed....

“It's been real ya'll, but I think I need to get out of Crypto altogether for a while.
I think it's time, the community has made it very clear, minus a few guys that is, that I am not wanted nor needed around here, and honestly, I'm fine with that.”
TheDashGuy, Sep 27, 2016

Since he left the Dash price has double, this obliviously very much upsets him. He was wrong about Dash a year ago and is wrong about Dash today.
His last rage quit letter was almost 5 months ago but for some reason he is still very much obsessed with Dash and visits the Dash forum and BTCtalk thread often. He is a toxic disgruntled former Dash member whose proposal was rejected by the community. He is somewhat mentally unstable as evident by his posting history and continued obsession with Dash. I hope he gets the help he so desperately needs.

In part 2 I will debunk TDG's 10 reasons to avoid Dash. Most of it has already been done by tok and myself above so I will copy and paste some of that and add a bit more.


Keep spreading your lies, you are looking rather desperate spamming your crap all over the place while I am presenting my honest opinion to the world but obviously living in an echo chamber you expect the outside world to be the same, sorry to say noone is going to blindly back you up here! Have fun! I have many more plans for posts about why dash is a complete lie. I look forward to your constant spam!


It's called a rebuttal. That's just the first draft, i keep adding more of your quotes and expanding on and crafting better responses. I will post it everywhere you go and i won't stop until you do. You're out of ammo and can only repeat yourself now. I will now copy and paste my same responses. All publicity is good publicity, Dash is the hottest coin in crypto right now and i'm giving you the honor of being a part of that, you're welcome! Cheers


If your going to spread propaganda at least re-write it instead of cutting and pasting from previous posts. This information needs to come out. As an investor I want to be made aware of all moral and technical hazards. Dash's echo chamber is ridiculous.