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MUSICONOMI ICO, What? Why? Who? When? How? Where?

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Hi Steemit, a quick headsup first. I will be writing posts regularly, mostly about upcoming projects or lesser known projects in the cryptospace. The articles will ideally be a short description by means of the 5 W’s & 1 H.

"I keep six honest serving-men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who."

If anything needs to be improved, please let me know in the comments below. Also, as this is my second post, let me know if I should continue writing these posts by upvoting. Thanks in advance! With that being said, on to MUSICONOMI!


Musiconomi aims to reshape the way listeners and musicians engage, building on the capabilities made possible by the Musicoin blockchain. The Musicoin project is a blockchain-based pay-play platform that pays artist and rights-holders immediately and directly, using smart contract technology. With MUSICONOMI they envision a rich ecosystem where sharing and promoting great music deserves its own reward and where artists can incentivize social sharing to suit their needs.


Fans are one of the biggest assets artists have. MUSICONOMI will offer a feature for artists to reward them for their support. By having a simple mechanism to incentivize social sharing and exposure, the artist will be able to automatically give back to the fans. For example, on each track, artists will have the ability to adjust how much they want to allocate for sharing rewards. New artists can fuel social sharing by giving a higher reward, while more established artists may choose to keep more of their revenue.


Another example is to build your own playlists across genres. Share them, and generate revenue each time someone presses play. Curate your content and broadcast a streaming radio station, and generate revenue with each song played. Or publish a high quality music review blog and generate revenue each time a visitor clicks ‘read’.

There are countless additional features and tools that the Musiconomi team will consider, develop and deploy over the coming months and years. But at the root of the platform lies the premise - those who provide significant value to the network will be rewarded, and artists/rights-holders will be empowered to control their own content and stipulate the terms of its distribution in ways that have never been possible until now.

Who are working on MUSICONOMI?

Dan Phifer - Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer.
" Dan has been in software development for nearly 20 years. From the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, to Amazon, to, Dan has made critical contributions to a wide range of projects over his career. As a co-founder and primary developer at Musicoin, Dan helped to make the ideas in the Musicoin whitepaper a reality and is uniquely positioned to do the same for Musiconomi."

Brian Byrne - Co-founder, Chief Musician Ambassador.
"Brian brings over 20 years of music industry experience to Muscionomi, from front man of multi-platinum selling Canadian rock band I Mother Earth, award-winning solo work, and founder and curator of several charity music projects, including Surf, Sing, Change, Arizona Project and close work with Unison Benevolent Fund. He has developed incredible relationships with labels, management, agents, and artists, working with Warner, Universal, Dine Alone, Live Nation, United Talent Agency, Clear Channel and more. Brian is excited to combine his passion for blockchain and his love for Music to show what Musiconomi has to offer to the music industry 2.0."

Elio Di Iorio - Co-founder, Chief Organizer and Spokesperson.
"Elio is a true generalist and futurist with extensive experience in a wide range of fields and issues. Elio has held elected public office as well as the position of International Secretary and Spokesperson for a major political party in Canada, and he pioneered the use of the internet for Canadian political campaigns in 1997. As a child, Elio studied classical guitar, piano and musical theory at the Royal Conservatory of Music, and has been a music enthusiast through many genres his whole life. Elio earned his degree from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario."

David Werba - Co-founder, Chief Marketing Officer.
"David has a deep background in music as both an artist and web developer. After founding two successful startups, including Music Forte, Inc. (2003 - 2012), he joined Nexstar Broadcasting Group as a marketing strategist, web developer, and producer of both local and national TV shows for FOX and NBC. More recently David was a Shorty Awards finalist for his non-profit work in the Human Rights sector and is the co-owner/Editor-in-chief at Also a composer and veteran touring musician of over 800 shows, David earned a degree in Psychology from University of Illinois."

Jared Griego - Co-founder, Blockchain Engineer and Operations.
"Jared has had various roles throughout his career. Building homes from a young age and then migrating into the IT field over 20 years ago. Jared has completed multiple projects and ventures in Denver, Boston, NYC, Orlando and Los Angeles to name a few. Jared has been mining and working with cryptocurrencies since 2013. Figuring out how to turn silicon into beer has always been a dream and mining crypto makes it come true."

Peter Mooney - Senior Application Architect.
"Peter means 'the rock' but it might not be too far of a stretch to mean 'rock star' in this case! With over a decade's worth of full stack web development experience in both corporate and start up environments, Peter is the mastermind behind the 3D Printing site and the application architect that every successful team needs as a cornerstone. Couple that with his insatiable curiosity and belief in Blockchain technology, and you can just sit back and watch the fireworks. "

When is the ICO?

“Crowdsale launching near the end of July, 2017”

How will I know when the ICO will launch?

You can join the early bird mailing list for advanced notice of the Musiconomi Crowdsale @

Where can I find more information?

Reddit AMA (this week)
Website Musicoin
Whitepaper Musicoin
MC currency

Any questions? Any improvements on my article? Please comment below. Oh, and if you have a upcoming or lesser known project in mind that you would like to see next time, let me know!

Ps: Read my article about the upcoming ICO Santiment (30th june):

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so how will the MUSIC token interact with MCI token?
any idea?
or should we just wait for future announcement?
thanks for the post btw. keep it up!


Here is the answer to your question :)

questions answer.jpg

Thanks for asking!


Any updates yet?

Would accumulating music tokens now be the equivalent of buying into the ico, profit wise?


No update yet!

again a great article :)

If I may suggest, I dont know how well known it is, but I find interesting 0xproject. Upcoming ICO in Q3 or Q4, focusing on creating a platform for decentralized token exchanges. I just watched an interview with two of the developers, the project is very ambitious, I am a bit concern if the team as it is now could really make it to their plans.
But if you have an opinion about 0xproject, please share :)


Thanks! I will defo look into 0xproject, really appreciate you sharing it with me.
edit: I found someone who already looked into it in a way similar that I would do -->