SwiftCash and Airdrop Tuesday

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Have you claimed your FREE SwiftCash yet?

I hadn’t until yesterday but it was always in the back of my mind. If you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about it’s regarding this post.


SwiftCash airdropped a load of tokens to Steemians around 2 months ago, and I remember downloading the QT-Wallet but not collecting my tokens.

Everyone who has followed up with the requirements of the giveaway, has already got paid and their coins are now linked to their STEEM account and can easily be withdrawn using our TipBot(@swiftbot).

You can get the wallet here and gain a receiving public address (below) when you have installed it.



To gain the tokens you need to issue the following commands. You can do it on my post if you like.


The number of tokens issued to each Steemian appears to be related to your stake size (as usual), and in my case, I received 1722 tokens.

While you might feel SwiftCash is just another shitcoin I was a little surprised to see the value at $4.61. SwiftCash is also a staked coin so you get more for simply holding it.


Regardless of how you feel about these kinds of coins, I'm a bit of a sucker for freebies. Have a look and see how many you can claim, download the wallet and send you coins across. There's little to lose besides some time.


While I have been trying to consolidate all my coins into this awesome spreadsheet (that was not written by me), I have been adding bits of crypto I got from here and there, some of them freebies dished out by @vanessav.


Last year @vanessav did a series of 'Airdrop Tuesday' posts giving out mostly small amounts of mostly shitcoins to the first five Steemians who resteeemed the post and submitted a valid recipient address.


It didn’t matter if the coins were crappy ones, it was just a really cool incentive and I remember gaining small amounts of TrezerCoin, ROICoin, SwiftDemand, SmartCash, PluraCoin, Stellar Lumens (hey that’s not a shitcoin!) and RavenCoin.

Tuesday's meant watching for @vanessav's post, getting the wallet and sending a valid receiving address. It was fun and I always seemed to just get in before it closed.


@zekepickleman wasn’t so lucky and sometimes ended up being the 6th one, he will laugh when reading this!

Some of these coins I still have and some lost due to dumb moves like adding a password to the QT-Wallet and forgetting it, there goes my RavenCoin which has indecently gone through the roof since then.

@vanessav doesn’t post so much now but has stuck it out through the recent dark times. Give her a visit and a vote, she’s a great person and get’s little in the form of rewards for her efforts.


Starting tomorrow @slobberchops is going to resurrect ‘Airdrop Tuesday’ and give some coins out to the first FIVE respondents.

I can use some of my reward STEEM to do this as long as the coins are trading on Bittrex or Binance where I can pair the STEEM with BTC and then trade for whichever coin.


Consider this a thank you for what comparative strangers did for me when I was a young Steemian and keep your eyes peeled for AirDrop Tuesday. It might be tomorrow or next week, I have yet to decide.



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I had so much fun doing the airdrops when all was new. The crypto winter did take the wind out of my sails a little not because of a waning of my interest. Just because of a waning of the interest and people on the blockchain to fill the #CryptoPub.

Through it all you have been one of my champions and I love following your blog and rise in the ranks. Maybe I will be the droppee and become the dropper again when there are more peeps enjoying the efforts. I will build momentum until my T&A calls for the next big run. Hopefully my guidance can make us a few bucks.

You are the greatest my chops!

Blimey, I don't know what to say!

I guess you were funding the drops from your own pocket (which is what I'm doing), but given the value of them it's not for the money but just some fun as it was before.

I have got one ready (perhaps) for tonight and am looking at these in a slightly different way that you did. Will reveal all soon, keep the #CryptoPub going :)

Absolutely! I am here for the long haul and looking forward to a full pub in bull time. The drops were out of my pocket back then but is was only a few bucks each and worth it to reward the STEEM community for fun and engagement. I had some help too so it was not all me.

Well, that sounds like a cool thing to do. I have a lot to learn about steemit but I'm going to have to pass on your offer this time around. I didn't understand most of what you said or how to do it but I did understand FREE...hehe! Wish I had more time to learn about this wonderful steemit world and opportunities. I'm sure your effort will be appreciated just like you appreciated @vanessav early on.

You likely didn't qualify for the SwiftCash airdrop, but the Tuesday ones I'm about to start your more than welcome to participate. I'll be detailing instructions on how to get the hot wallets so it's not really that hard.

I struggled a little with these just over a year ago, but got some free coins through perseverance. They are not worth much, and it's just a fun incentive really.

Air drop Tuesday sounds lots of fun - great addition to the summer!
Thanks for the info about swiftcash, that had passed me by. I can put them with my biteballs and something else that I can't remember 😎

You may not have qualified for the SwiftCash, there was some requirements that I forgot to add (have now), to get them. Still the Airdrop is about to happen... should be fun.


Pretty cool idea. I might have to dig into this one at some point. I am running out of time today though!


You have ⚡0 SWIFT (unconfirmed: ⚡0 SWIFT).

Well that's a bit crap isn't it? I thought everyone had some!

Looks like I missed that boat. Never mind. I'm doing okay from Coinbase giveaways

I just saw this..

Everyone who has followed up with the requirements of the giveaway, has already got paid and their coins are now linked to their STEEM account and can easily be withdrawn using our TipBot(@swiftbot).

Seems it was not a passive drop... sorry.



You have ⚡0 SWIFT (unconfirmed: ⚡0 SWIFT).

I thought that I had some, but I must have missed the airdrop :D

Yes! I remember those days when I would scramble to get my work done and race home for the fun and mystery coins. A few times, I was given the airdrop despite becoming 6th ;)

I am sure she will team up with you on this and I am likely to come in 6th again a bunch.

Thanks for the swiftcash reminder. I will have to heck that out.

Damn you are a big dolphin now! Gratz broheem!

Yes! I remember those days when I would scramble to get my work done and race home for the fun and mystery coins. A few times, I was given the airdrop despite becoming 6th ;)

I was green then and sometimes had problems getting receiving addresses.. I just didn't know how.. but I always got help. You just remember things like this.

Damn you are a big dolphin now! Gratz broheem!

Thanks, I think I'm a maybe little insane too... maybe I should have bought ROICoin instead.. or maybe not.

Look at that marketcap, $71!


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That's s great idea. And I shall follow this plucky young vannessav!

Most excellent, she's one of the originals and hosts the crypto pub. Some !BEER tokens should be going her way as well as yours for the weekend reviews which always make me laugh.. MOOOOOOOO!!

Mooo ooooooo!!! Weeeee! cheers!

I read her latest post, it was very good!

To view or trade BEER go to steem-engine.com.

Hey @meesterboom, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Thanks for the heads up @slobberchops. I'll try and look at that tomorrow. 😊


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You have ⚡100 SWIFT (unconfirmed: ⚡0 SWIFT).

Scash!withdraw 100 SdRUe545KQXRusKyB65szvGGoAs8XVdJr3

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That sounds like fun!


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