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Being a company engaged predominantly in the creation of blockchain technology, Jelurida IP B.V. has prepared the following “coinleft” license whose goal is to implement new requirements consistent with the specific nature of the blockchain software. We recognize the fundamental advantages that the decentralized ledger technology has to offer and we truly believe in its potential to change the world for the better. Therefore we wish to continue the already established tradition to publish blockchain software as an open source and in this way to give our contribution to the further development of the blockchain technology world-wide. At the same time we wish to protect our IP rights and to address the fact that our software was copied many times during its existence and as a result a lot of “clones” have been created which dilute the value of the tokens with no significant technological improvements behind them.

Jelurida has created a new type of "coinleft" license, in the spirit of the GNU General Public License, but better suited to protect the interests of open source cryptocurrency projects.

Starting from version 1.11.6, the Nxt Reference Software (NRS) is the first software to be released under the Jelurida Public License, with the Special Conditions requiring a 10% sharedrop to the NXT holders from Nxt clones.


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I heard bad things about JELURIDA

The ICO apparently didn't go well and that is a huge problem.
Free Source freedom nurturing developers need to keep this in mind when offering the tokens to the public.
Provide the offering to the general masses for a extended period so low income can accumulate the assets rather than the tokens being taken by investors who then allow the public to bid up the price and dumped onto the public before the price falls - avoid the typical pump & dump ICO.

@aydotnov16 wrote a interesting post:

Not even for one second was the option to buy Ignis available. Someone had special access that we did not, that is the only possible explanation. I woke up at 2:30 am for this and I have work in the morning so I am beyond angry right now. There needs to be a limit to how much can be purchased by one account at one time.

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