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The simple answer to this question is:

Because I am a guy who


I made a decision at the age of 22 to be millionare at the age of 30.
Because thats not possible in my job I started a business beside my job first as a phone contract seller, tried a couple of Multilevelmarketing businesses and finally after I lost all my hard earned money and the money I lend from the bank in HYIPs.
I was really at the bottom at this time in my life and had really no will to start another business but a friend of mine called me and said he has something that I might be interested in, so I kicked myself in the ass and went to him to hear about the stuff.

He told me about bitcoin and I loved it from the first time.
I borrowed 4000€ from my mother ( her last savings ) and bought 20 bitcoin.

Then I started like a real beginner and bought a mining pool share from BCN with 18 BTC. That was 2 1/2 years ago and I got finally out until today 4.5 BTC + 2 BTC from selling the company coin I got for free
NOT a great deal

I bought another 7 BTC from money I lend from the bank and put it into some HYIPs again and again all was gone after a few weeks.

So I really have learned it the hard way

BUT then I got a call from a friend I havent heard 2 years from him since we was in a mlm company which stopped business and he told me that he also have cryptocurrencies now

After a few weeks communication he told me that a business partner from him start a new business named AVALON LIFE and asked me to join from the beginning.
I said YES and bought with my last BTC the membership + Mining Packages and then the journey started...

1 year later at the age of 28 I have earned my first million $ with the knowledge and tools I got from this company!!!

BIG THANKS to my friend Simon and AVALON LIFE for all the possibilities and tools you gave to us and you will give to us in future

I am very confident this company and the projects they support will really take off in 2018


"Because I am a guy who
THATS IT my friend!!

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Keep up the good work and original content, everyone appreciates it!

@nicnas thank you very much

Woah! You really learned it the hard way. But I'm glad you're past that stage now and are a millionaire before you hit 30. target accomplished. Looks like it's time for a new goal. :)

I have lost a half million because the coin I am 80% in and hodling but I have learned to be patient in this market ;-)
so I am 29 now, the next goal is to make 10 millionares in 2018
I am not measuring my success in money any more

I've been through that stage too. Learnt that patience is the key with crypto HODLing xD
That's really good work you're doing. Keep at it man.

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Good vibes brother keep strong