GET your PURA Common Node(s) NOW!

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With the upcoming Aurora update in the next weeks
(specific date will be published soon)
PURA will set new benchmarks, that´s for sure


After the upcoming release, the 10.0 PURA from each block will be distributed as follows:

Miners2.0 PURA
Full Masternodes5.16 PURA
Common Nodes0.4 PURA
Proof of Acceptance1.0 PURA
PuraPlanet1.0 PURA
Governance0.44 PURA

Full Masternode

100 000 PURA

Common Node

❤️ 1 000 PURA ❤️

Upon release of the new auto-updating crossplatform-compatible wallet
that will include a simple push to deploy common and masternode button
built directly into the wallet!

Just push the button and automatically receive rewards

back into your wallet as they are released.


After the Aurora release it might be
that you´ll get your PURAS never that cheap again!!!

You can buy PURA here

Release Date and other important informations will be published here


Join the PURA Community





I wish I could but $500 is a little rich for me, at the moment!

Accumulate, Coin for Coin
I will help you out with some upvotes too

Thanks for the encouragement!

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i'll check Pura out now :-)

Yes do it, its one of the most undervalued Coins out there and my overall favorite
Check out this Post, to understand why

So you need 1000? to get rewarded?

yes 1000 Pura = 1 Common Node
Mobile Mining is another opportunity to get rewarded
Make sure to join the Telegram Group to stay uptodate

Thanks for the post, very helpful. Got my upvoted

To be honest for the first time hearing about this currency pura, glad to know about it. Thanks for sharing!

Its hard to get some puracoins as I dont have money to invest

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Hey @prosirius , great post ,awesome update. But not many cant afford th $500 fee. The admin have to do something please. Thanks.

This is a high ROI investment if everything said are correct. Just i wish to save enough $$ to fund my first account. Where can i find the link for registration?

Click on Telegram to join the Group
You can buy PURA on

Thank you for the assistance i will be exploring the site and might ask for help later.

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Never heard of PURA before but i have judt join the community on Facebook and will research and definitely get on it. I am on this!. Thanks for sharing man!

Interesting article! I've followed and up-voted your post i look forward to your future content!

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Great posting, Pura is really a undervalued crypto! For my opinion the next Dash!

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Good post, please follback and upvote,,,thanks you


Wow, Pura is looking strong, up 77% the last week!
Does have a minimum deposit?

I don´t know how much is minimum deposit or even if they have a minimum deposit
just try it out please

It seems exciting. I shall check it out.

Whats pura all about

How can i earn free?

@julybrave with the upcoming release there will be a Function Called Mobile Mining, so you can mine PURA with your smartphone. I would also recommend to buy some if you are able to do.
I think for every $ 1 you put in PURA - you will get $ 20 back

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follows for follows ? follow me i will follow you


Abdul malik khan

Got something new here.

Thanks for this wonderful information

Is the first time i hear about Pura Aurora, but it take money to invest