Voices worth less than zero? - about voting on Steemit, obligatory reading before the vote!

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Many new members of the steemit community have previously participated actively in another social networks. The steemit community is small and members of this community are one big family.

Facebook, instagram or tweeter show that the best is a large amount. Between ordinary users, on facebook or tweeter, are armies of bots whose only task is to make many "likes" and "tweets" or "anti-sounds" and hate.


Steemit is different because each of your steemite voices is valuable, and can even be more valuable than others, literally;].


Before you start voting, please visit this site https://steemnow.com/@ your login, as in my case it is https://steemnow.com/@onlybluesky. After giving a few votes and seeing zero while voting, it's worth to look again;)

Many people say that the volume should be from 80% to max, 100%, and that after about 24 hr, the voting level returns 100%, but it is best to check it yourself.

Some peaple even treat this people negatively and flag their, but I hope, that it is a small group.


Remember that the profit from Steemit is divided by two. 75% of the payout goes to the authors of posts / comments, and 25% to curators (The term "curator" means anyone who has voted for a post or comment in a 7-day "window" before paying out). However, for these 25% there are several ways, so you can read about it, in the example links below. In them there is also a broader explanation of the subject;].

Polish version:

English version

Looking objectively at the mechanics, you and me, can have extreme feelings. For me personally, it is brilliant in simplicity, because it shows that you must not vote thoughtlessly for everything, but choose only the best article and authors.


"... Blue skies come and go ..."!!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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