Should We Invest In Ethereum?

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Which cryptocurrencies will be Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Nasdaq of the crypto world? Because of the depth and complexity of the crypto world, it is not easy to answer this question. In addition to the investment objective, I am looking for the answer to this question to get to know the blockchain universe and satisfy my intellectual curiosity. To answer such a question, it would be the best way to study the significant cryptocurrencies one by one.

I tried to evaluate Bitcoin comprehensively in my previous post. You can reach the post containing my reviews on Bitcoin from here.

I would like to analyse Ethereum, the second most valuable cryptocurrency in my article today. Ether is the name of the crypto money of the Ethereum ecosystem. However, since crypto is listed as "Ethereum" in the exchanges, I used the name "Ethereum" in order not to create confusion.

Ethereum is an open-source, blockchain-based operating system designed to create smart contracts.

Ethereum was introduced by cryptocurrency researcher and programmer Vitalik Buterin at the end of 2013. The system was launched on 30 July 2015 with the sale of 11.5 million coins.

As a result of security problems in 2016, Ethereum blockchain was divided into two. The original Ethereum blockchain is called Ethereum Classic. Ethereum is still the 2nd most valuable crypto and Ethereum Classic is the 18th most valuable crypto.

It is an interesting choice to give the name of ether, a volatile gas for a Crypto money, on a monetary issue where trust is essential. Buterin said that he chose this name because the environment in which light is moving is called as "ether" and because it sounds pleasant.

In March 2017, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) was established with the participation of various blockchain startups, research groups and companies. By July 2017, the Union had more than 150 members.

There are 100,88 million Ethereum coins in the market. Ethereum's total market value as of today is $ 46.42 billion. This represents 16% of the total cryptocurrency volume, which is 288.4 billion dollars.

Comparison of Bitcoin

  • 240.393 transactions were made with Bitcoin in the last 24 hours, 80.751 transactions were made in Ethereum.
  • Average transaction amounts with Bitcoin are approximately 100 times higher than Ethereum.
  • A block is created every 8 minutes in Bitcoin, and a block is created every 15 seconds in Ethereum.
  • Transaction fees are determined according to the amount of calculation required by the transaction, bandwidth usage and storage requirements in Ethereum, and Bitcoin transactions are determined according to the transaction size in bytes.

If we consider the blockchain as a new Internet, Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies with the purpose of money transfer can be compared with e-mail. Ethereum is a platform to develop features for different purposes on the blockchain. Developing applications on a blockchain without Ethereum-like platforms requires intense coding, cryptography knowledge. Thanks Ethereum, from electronic voting to digitally recorded intellectual property, from legal obligations to trading transactions, many applications are implemented.

Besides being a subject of trade, such as other cryptos, Ethereum is used to pay the fees for transactions made by application developers on the Ethereum network.

What Is A Smart Contract?

Smart contract is an expression used to describe the computer code that facilitates the exchange of money, content, property, shares, or other valuable assets. A smart contract running on a blockchain is a self-running computer program that automatically runs when certain conditions are met. Because smart contracts operate on the blockchain, they can work without the possibility of censorship, interruption, fraud or third-party intervention.

Ethereum allows developers to create the set of operations they want, instead of giving them a limited set of operations. This means that developers can develop thousands of new applications on the Ethereum blockchain that have not been thought of before. Vitalik Buterin said Etherium is a kind of Swiss knife that developers can use for different purposes.

Investing In Ethereum?

Could Ethereum be Google, Facebook, Apple of crypto World? I don't know the world of crypto well enough to answer this question, but my research shows that it is one of the most serious candidates. Someone can argue that it already has been.

Being the first in the world of technology does not always provide lasting success. Google was not the first search engine; Facebook was not the first social media platform, Apple was not the first company to produce personal computers. Followers have the advantage of learning from the difficulties experienced by the early developers of technology.

The following table shows the development of Ethereum prices over the years compared to Bitcoin.

Other than the first year of release, we see that Ethereum is always performing better than Bitcoin. Time will show if this relative performance advantage will continue.

Is the current Ethereum price eligible to invest? To answer this question, I demonstrated daily prices on a chart from 7 August 2015, the day Ethereum was traded first, to yesterday, and I added a trend line to the chart on the Excel.

The average of the value over time can give us an idea of the "real" value of an asset. In this context, when I examine the chart and the trend line I created on it, I have predicted that the "expected" price of Ethereum is for yesterday was USD 608 and "expected" price for the year-end is USD 726. The R-square value, which shows the explanatory of the linear trend line, is 0.6223, indicating that we have to be cautious about these price forecasts.

When we try to explain the same set of data with a polynomial equation, we get a better R-square value, such as 0.72. According to the formula, the "expected" price of Ethereum today is 855 USD and the expected price for the end of the year is 1197 USD.


When the statistics on the site are examined, it is seen that things are going well on Ethereum.

I can't say that Ethereum is the "best" crypto to invest in, but it seems to be a good investment alternative.

Despite a relatively low R-square, I find the prices shown by the linear trend in the graphs above more reasonable. Because the more complex the model is, the more likely it is to reveal the past data, over-fitting is a trap. As I mentioned above, we need to be very cautious about these predictions, as the crypto market is very volatile. Like most other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum seems attractive concerning investment at the current price.

I'm neither an investment nor a crypto expert, so the information I share here should not be considered as investment advice.

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15 Tips for Successful Long Term Investing

Thanks for reading.


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go for adbank and steem dear friends and wanchain


If you use erc20 tokens you need Ethereum for the transaction payments.

Just my opinion that eth because of its smart contract has made it second to only bitcoin. Yet the crypto space is ever evolving. So if eth doesn't continue with its upgrades and follow through it's roadmap then it may stall and fall in price. We can see that in neo.

I leave it where I am a fan of eth. Rooting for it to continue rise. Thanks.


yea what is really going on with NEO? they've really stalled out


I like neo because it has the potential to be like eth. The issues I am guessing is because china has stopped ico and the Chinese government not supporting crypto as other financial investments.

I believe neo right now is being pushed down so big institutions can buy them. Neo has the potential to exceed eth due to limited supply and when Chinese government shows greater support toward crypto neo will moon. Note I said when and not if the Chinese government will accept it. Reason is there is no reason crypto should be banned as it has more benefits than fiat.

If we will compare both btc at eth, eth demand and transactions were higher compared to btc and this somehow gives us a hint that many were using eth than btc. Either used by companies, businesses or those individuals like us who invest or trade in eth or simply were using eth to buy other altcoins. For us to side in the win-win situation, better to have both since this 2 coins have identical volatility (its rise and fall in the market)


@elizahfhaye can you predict about bitcoin price for this year?


As the "expert's" said, btc will spike before 2018 ends and also John McAfee predicts in his twitter account that there will be a bull market soon - and a day after that the btc spike from 6.5K+ to 7.5k+ and then now it already reaches 8k+. I hope this will continue throughout the year, hopefuly...


Completely agree dear with you.


Nobody can predict the price, Just buy low and wait with stop loss order in place so you loose only that which you can afford to loose, and keep trailing your stoploss. Keep up with the news , and other social media, buy when there is FEAR and sell when there is GREED in the market.


lol that voting meme thing is the best lol!!!!! haha it awesome!!

Really great info! For some more short term info on market directionality, check out our daily predictions:

maybe, you should have done some research about "Ethereum". It is not called "Etherium".


You didn't miss the chance of making fun. I fixed it.


sadly the permalink still has the typo -- good catch

I rather invest in EOS.

ETH and NEO!!

Even though Ethereum is a good platform, until they don't resolve the scalability issue it won't go mainstream. Moreover, the fact you need to pay for every transaction on the network is a pain in the ass for many users, although there's a proposal to let the smart contract pay for user's fees, which is the way to go in my opinion.

As other mentioned, EOS is the one to look at. It has been designed from scratch to scale, it doesn't have transaction fees and it is damn fast (0.5 sec/block). is currently working on an iOS app (Android coming later hopefully :D) that you can use to securely hold your keys in your device and moreover, to be able to actually use EOS tokens. No more that bullshit of storing tokens and digging them on the ground but actually using them! In my opinion is the project that seems more likely to take blockchain mainstream to this date. is designed in such way that it will allow dapps such as Steemit to run on it. User-friendly usernames like on steemit and more, it's really rich in features!

Cardano looks very promising as well, let's see!

Nice analysis. I think it's important to keep in mind how young this industry is. Ten years from now there will be thousands of new tokens used to incentivize participation in myriad social networks. My own sense is that Ethereum will remain an important utility platform and Bitcoin will be the primary store of value for the crypto ecosystem so both are safe bets.

Hash power security, decentralization and adoption are important first mover advantages that will keep both Bitcoin and Ethereum at the center of the ecosystem. Incredible to be part of this transformative industry.

It may just be me, but I don't much like Ethereum. It doesn't scale, Vitalik is too proud to use DPOS, and he has not proven that he will succeed in his Proof of Stake algorithm.

All the while, EOS, Cardano and NEO threaten to overtake Ethereum, and as a Dan Larimer fan, I wouldn't bet against EOS.

Noone really knows which smart contract platform will ultimately sit on the iron throne, so it seems to me, the lower market cap alternatives have greater growth prospects.

Just an opinion. :)


Hi @rodneysreviews

I really like your opinions & perspective about the blogs posted here...


really hope Cardano can reach Ethereum levels tbh ... that would be a lovely day!!

My favorite is ether, it has some success with creating dapps on its network but it still far from being the best. First of all the programming language it uses is really hard for someone to pickup. Not to mention how many good schools or even classes offer to teach high levels of solidity(ether coding language) at fair price. The only ones I have seen are imo trial and error class, where the professor is teaching for the first time a course where he/she hasn't work out all the kinks. Most people are to concern with price action to care what the project is truly trying to do. When I try to explain ether to my group of friends, I try to compare it to like windows, apple os or linux. You can have more than one OS in this world, each should be different from one another and catering to different groups of people/users.

The short answer is EOS, you can watch my most watched video on youtube on why.


You made me laugh.

Ethereum works on smart contact and it's the kind of unique technology which ether introduced first. Though there are many more now a days like IOTA but ether marketcap is still way ahead of all. I believe ether has very good potential to become world class currency in coming future and investing in it is good idea. However those who are expecting profit in short term then ethereum is not for them. In this coin invest for long term which could be few years. People expect it to touch 5000 usd in 2018 then I tell you guys this really difficult however if bitcoin create ATH then we can see it crossing 2000 or more.

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if we want a long term investment like 4 to 5 months from now till december than ethereum would good investment. and yes ethereum is making nice progress as compared to btc because cloud mining of btc has gone too difficult. and trading is better option in case of btc, i thin.
btw ethereum is gonna go high by the the time as expected

Great analysis. I am invested in Ethereum and have a positive outlook. However I have a number of concerns mainly with the lack of scalability that is still yet to be addressed and the lack of "killer dapps". I guess the scalability issues will eventually be resolved but there is no guarantee of a dapp breaking through that has significant utility beyond that of usage in the crypto industry.

Thank you very much @muratkbesiroglu for sharing this precious information through this awesome content.Really I like your post because of it i learn very important crypto-term like smart contract which is very important and interesting topic.According to me in crypto market first we observe and check all the information like technology,purpose ,scalability of any crypto currency and then we take a risk of invest in it and also holding of it.So again thank you very much for sharing this valuable post..

Awesome analysis you have there @muratkbesiroglu. Looking at your detailed calculations and analysis, one would say that Etherium is the next big thing. It has not been stable lately but I guess Bitcoin isn't either. Don't say you ain't Crypto expert because you are. Keep 'em coming.


Don't get false hopes up.


@dacx just but the low and dont associate any hope. You are still going to pocket the profit.


What do you even mean?


What you are trying to tell us about Ethereum, can you give one liner?

Ethereum has so many practical applications in the real world, and decentralizing travel is just one of them. We're seeing lots of exciting ways to not only revamp existing products like Triip but create entirely new, never-before-seen concepts like Virtual Universe.

Buy Ada and Zilliqa insted of Ethereum!

i use little bit of ethereum wallets to play some games and other crypto. Just like neo those contract wallets could store many tokens.. i think it is worth it ;)

Eth is faster and with lower fees...I think it is really better according to use, so if it will become more famous than BTC then it will surpass the latter. Thanks @muratkbesiroglu for the information.

Wow great your post keep it up Eth is the best crypto coin for investing money


It is one of the best options

Eos, Steem, Bitshares, QuintX. That's all you need, really. Probably some other good ones out there too but I'm most bullish on those

yes or maybe no, but sometimes i don't know.

do your own research

that's all i got

A good introductory article. However, something as complex as investment in Ethereum is a complicated decision and requires looking into the "future" of ETH not just the past performance. Ethereum while having the biggest dev base, still have big unsolved problems like scalability, blockchain size and emergent competitors like EOS, Dfinity, Thunder and many others.

Ethereum has potential to cross 5000 USD by end of this year, it is comparatively more secure than BTC and massively being adopted by larger community. It has more usability than BTC however BTC has greater HYPE. I too recommend holding ethereum for some time.


Finally! A fellow etherium hodler! I'm constantly running into people that have their blockfolios filled with crap coins and speculative garbage. Often times greed drives people away from the core fundamental coins that actually have real value. If one more person tries to sell me on another dumpster coin....

i think we should invest in etheruim it is the best performing crypto in the market :)


It is the only crypto I earned some money :)

hi@muratkbesiroglu, ETH is 2nd big cryptocurrency, I am 100% sure it can be given 5 to 10x profit in this year. so should be as well . . . .

@muratkbesiroglu Ethereum is very strong coin and in cryptocurrency 2nd ranking position I believe it strongly it will reach $2000 I would like to know What you think Ethereum will reach $5000 in 2018 end Or jan 2019.


Everything is possible in crypto wrold, but it is a very optimistic prediction


Let see what will happen end of december 2018...


lol, imagine if it ushered in another bear market at the start of 2019

the risks will always exist for all the digital currencies, but I got to see the btc at almost $ 20 thousand beginning the year and then it plummeted, but the Eth has seen it more stable in terms of profit and losses, due to my little experience as eats sometimes, and lost too, it is best to keep our small fractions of any currency saved and not despair at the time they lower their price, because at the time of selling, it always goes up and will generate losses, is what I learned, to have a lot of patience in this.

Hi @muratkbesiroglu you have given very valuable information about ethereum, it's a very good analysis. Thank you for sharing this type of Post. Keep it up.

As we compare Ethereum with other cryptos on of the fastest growing crypto in a quick span. if talk about the investment we should do investment in Ethereum.

Very interesting article.
It seems to me that the world's giants will have to work with the crypto currency. Only now do they think how to do it right.

Today Bitcoin hit 8000$ and Ethereum also will reach 1000$ soon definitely

i agree, i will begin invest BTC and ETH. Thanks

The information given by you at ETHERIUM is very important. This will help us to understand the market of ETHERIUM. Thank you very much.


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awesome analysis, that makes my question answered. thank

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Better to invest in Bitcoin Cash(BCH)

@muratkbesiroglu can you predict about bitcoin price for this year??


Now I go through from your post completely and I also think for short time Trade altcoin are the best cryptocurrency like Monero DGB and others.

We cannot deny that there are other platforms available but still etherium is having its own charm.

I agree,,

Ethereum has a better foundation and more real-world use case than Bitcoin IMO, furthermore ETH takes much less fee for transfer. I would go with the assumption that ETH to reach $1000 by the end of this year.

I keep both btc and eth. I have a few others at minutw quantities. I think I'm too safe for many who want huge gains.

Hi... I really appreciate your perceptive and analysis of bitco and eth..... Your post is really informative

Ethereum no doubt will do great as it has a real world use case, and it is a platform, but it has a lot of competition now by other platform blockchains like Ontology, ZeroX, Cardano etc. and its very difficult to predict how will things take shape and which ones become the leader in the future.

Dear, As a Layman how we take decission to invest or not ?

No doubt ethereum will be the next apple within 3 years

I too believe in Ethereum and Litecoin as solid currencies which are going to go up at the end when dust settles down.


What makes you so sure about Litecoin?


ATH was 300+ if it only reaches that still, I am going to make a fortune. However, rumours are of 1000 when BTC reaching its prediction price.


Rumours? That's bullshit. In order to have actual rumours someone would even have to know anything. No one can know the price development.

If your sole justification relies on the fact that the coin once were at that price, I guess one can only pity you.


You can enjoy your optimism, think that you are the only smart ass and can pity the on rest of the traders. Best of luck!


Interesting comment.

Nice blog ,I up voted u hope do so in my blogs

Most likely ETH will rise when BTC start to slow down, it should bounce up strong.


eth had his rally i will focus on adbank wanchain icx lisk

Nice and helpful post.

I think investment on Ethereum is one of the
could be best investment for long term.


I agree with you .

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my coinbase account agrees with you

Wow incredible post @muratkbesiroglu. But do you think it is a good way for investing money ?


In a diversified portfolio, yes

Ich finde, wenn man in die Cryptos "echtes" Geld reinstecken muss,
statt dass die Cryptos schon echtes Geld sind,
macht das keinen guten Eindruck,
sondern kommt eher wie Abzocke rüber.

Great post. I’m sure etherium will boost the crypto currency market in the long run.

@muratkbesiroglu yeah i think we should invest in ethereum because it will cross to bitcoin. as XRP cross to ethereum but due to fall of market. now again eth cross to ripple. a day will come when ethereum will hit 10,000$.

@muratkbesiroglu nice post brother..

Is it right time now to invest ETH??


I can't predict the right time. It is a reasonable time I suppose.

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I brought great freshness and a good comparison. I listened very much to my cows to meet your feelings

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Buy ethereum as much as you can coz it will going to moon after bitcoin

In my opinion Etherium is a best long-term investment, But Every investor has a different risk tolerance capacity and different time horizon for investment.must be all investor have do some research before investment.In every investment you must have patency for earn more profit.

So true!!

I think ethereum still is the king for its use case, thanks for info

It's a risk free agreement.
You should not think before investing in ethereum

ETH is Bitcoin 2.0: wrong
ETH is a store of value: wrong
ETH is decentralized: wrong
ETH scales on chain: wrong
ETH has a supply limit: wrong
ETH is immutable: wrong
ETH had an ICO where money went to a foundation: right


haha so true. There is a hype for ICOs right now. The fastest way to get rich is to set up a company and raise money from ICO. Unfortunately 90% of ICO founded companies are vapporising withing first 12 months...

Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency in today's market but it is merely one of the many cryptocurrencies out there. There are many other cryptocurrency that can be profitable to mine:


adbank and steem wil explode bro and icx:d

More and more cryptocurrencies are created every day. This post is really interesting because it highlights Ethereum's advantages and provides the necessary information to make a proper invest choice. Crypto has for the first time created competition on the issuance of money, and has a real shot at becoming an alternative to fiat money. We want to help make cryptocurrency a type of currency that is used by the masses, which is why we at Blockbasis built a platform where users can send and receive Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins using only an email address. Thus, simplifying the transaction process to make crypto accessible to those who are new to the crypto world.

Obviously ethereum is used at a larger scale than bitcoin as its far better and has more uses but as far as popularity goes I dont think the average person knows ethereum as much as bitcoin.

Thank you very much for writing this article about Ethereum. It was very interesting.

We need to learn at least basic information about it, because this is a new world, and the opportunity have relations with koweledge, Thanks for sharing

Great explanation for the person who want to invest in ethereum but my question @muratkbesiroglu to you that the market is now in very good form but ethereum is not performing well I also believe in ethereum but the market in current situation not supporting ether a brief blog I am gonna write on my blog so follow me guys

Security of ethereum is a very big question mark it keeps happening again and again. I am very positive about it. It is growing very good but this have to be sorted if we are looking this on that position.

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no doubt ether is the most sensible investment in crypto space but i am more bullish on cardano. i know it (cardano project) takes time to become a completely well performing project but according to my research it will be next apple of crypto industry. EOS is also one of the most valuable project to watch..

In which cryptocurrency should I invest to get profit ur post is amazing I upvoted uh new to steem u can upvote me and help me grow

Altcoins that help advance crypto in general and serve a real purpose are good investments. For this reason I also recommend 0x. If they, or Z Cash get listed on Coinbase we’re likely to see an explosion in price. B82A6D35-DC23-4E4D-BD35-8D9903797AEB.jpeg

It'll pop in November.

In order to get a massive client like Google or Apple, any platform must be able to solve the issue of scaling. Right now only EOS is poised (in theory) to handle that kind of transaction throughput. IOTA will be one day. I have a feeling Stellar might get a huge contract like that, due to low fees, and lots of political pull. What do you guys think is capable of handling a huge corporation?

i think this still has another 10X init, once plasma comes!

Bittrace Has Started Its Airdrop, Please Register And Earn 15 Free Tokens.Ico Launch n-1.jpg

Bittrace Has Started Its Airdrop, Please Register And Earn 15 Free Tokens.Ico Launch n-1.jpgLaunch1-1.jpg

Tokens of sorts exist on top of Ethereum,which is a decentralized platform !!!

If i invest my money on eth then i have get lost profit

I heard this a while back and agree 100%.

"The dumbest thing you can do is invest more in crypto than you can afford to lose. The second dumbest thing you can to is not have any at all."

This is a nice post, no one can rule out Ethereum because even Bitcoin cash that is second most expensive in the crypto market has little market value compare to ethereum. Going by its market value, it structure and ease of use/transaction, Ethereum might be a big shot in the crypto world in the future.

everyone will choose currency which are fast in transaction or easy to use , i think , ETH and XRP has better chance in this , i am sure we have our crypto currecny moving in the right direction , lets celebrate success after 2 years


you want speed, Litecoins your buddy

Hello Dears

Tell me Which 5 coin is Best for invest.. Those give back 10x++ profit in this year..

Now i think about ETF... How can manage my current cryptocurrency sell or HODL

@muratkbesiroglu yes i wish and think eth will rise and this will be second bitcoin in crypto world . this coin has very trusted community and this coin is also use in ico to buy coins . this is time to buy it

The universe of digital currency is brimming with coins to put resources into, and with such a large number of to look over, it can be difficult to settle on a choice.

I'll accept Ethereum is one of the coins you're most keen on tossing your cash in to. In any case, that accompanies justifiable reason — the second biggest digital money has turned out to be an astounding speculation throughout the years.

The possibility of Ethereum was first proposed in late 2013 by Vitalik Buterin, a software engineer who felt that Bitcoin required a path for designers to make their own applications on the blockchain. At the point when that thought was dismissed by the Bitcoin engineers, Buterin shaped the center Ethereum group with three other individuals: Mihai Alisie, Anthony Di Iorio, and Charles Hoskinson.

In mid 2014, they started creating Ethereum, and in July – August 2014, they supported and propelled it through an online open crowdsale. From that point forward, the Ethereum group has made numerous enhancements to the token.

To be honest, I don't have a lot of trust in any current cryptocurrencies.
They are more a Ponzi scheme than real coins.
Today it is all about Forex trading it so middle guy can take a cut.
That's why I think the next coin will destroy them both (I won't mention it's name right now)

thank you for good article, i follow you

good post! thanks