If you had an opportunity to talk to an investor about STEEM, would you?

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I've been thinking about this for weeks and weeks. Because in truth, it seems to me that right now would be the easiest time for me to talk to someone who can drop a considerable amount of investment into STEEM. Why? Because we seem to be at a ridiculous bargain if you ask me, and even though nothing is guaranteed, the chances that we would go up from here a lot higher than the opposite.

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Now, if I was to have this hypothetical conversation my focus would probably not be too much on the dollar valuations. Meaning, that I would not be talking to the potential investor about lambos and mooning, none of that ridiculous jargon. In truth, I think that fun yet infantile vocabulary is one of the reasons why serious investment stays away from blockchain technology. Who wants to put money where the kids play?

Ok, that was mean, maybe just a little bit, but I'm trying to make a point. Instead what I would focus on if given the opportunity is the technology and the opportunity for growth. Meaning, that the systems that could be built on this blockchain, the potential solutions to problems that they may have, could be built here.

I'm sure you know about @oracle-d and their mission to bring investment, real investment to the platform. What I'm thinking about, is more or less along the lines of their focus. We want of course speculators, we want people giving our ecosystem liquidity, but we also want people using the system to solve their problems.

In that sense, maybe, just maybe, the way we approach pitching STEEM to an investor is by first recognizing the opportunity, what they need resolved and then thinking creatively how the STEEM blockchain could offer a solution. Now, this of course means that blockchain might not always be the answer and that is completely fine. But, if we can find a way that we could effectively make an investor's life easier, then we might be successful at the pitch.

I keep on thinking that harvesting "brain power" from this blockchain might be the most amazing resource. After all, there are so many intelligent people participating of STEEM is quite humbling. It's not a far fetched idea to imagine a publication house using STEEM to create content, for example. It's not hard for me to outsource many online jobs using STEEM as the currency because let's face it, the ability to reach globally makes the right incentives easier to achieve.

So as the title of this short Sunday posts says. Do you feel confident pitching STEEM? Do you have doubts? - before you answer let's discard some notions here. I'm not talking about inviting apple to come blog here, that makes no sense. I'm talking about coming up with a solution to their shortcomings, because all entrepreneurs, all companies could possibly benefit from blockchain technology granted the right development was implemented.

By the way, I'm putting this out there because I'm about to give this a go. Wish me luck...

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I’ve been talking to major investors, including investment banks, for months now. It’s stunning how hard it is to get them to really understand crypto and see that it’s not just one big Ponzi scheme.

I usually sell the idea of steem in particular based on real world application, ability to delegate to earn higher returns than other options, and potential price appreciation. Plus there’s the social good of contributing to a system that pays content creators for their content.

I’ve gotten some smaller investors involved, but the big fish still consider it too complicated and risky.

What are you finding is the apprehension investors have specifically related to Steemit Inc.?

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My approach to this whole thing is going to be to put my reputation on the line. if I'm not willing to assume the risk, then I can't expect them to assume it either. That's going to be a key element of my message.

All the very best @meno! I have been a pro-creator [Yes, that's what they call us ;)] with @Oracle-D since the day one. What they are doing is pretty amazing. They are onboarding clients who want to create communities and reward people just for participating. Let's just say, if by any chance Infosys Ltd. (one of the biggest IT Companies from INDIA) decides to invest in Steem and ask their employees to engage on the STEEM. They reward them for their contributions, innovations and experiments on and off the blockhain. Wouldn't that be amazing? Supporting your employees for their great work even if it is not under the scope of their Job Description. Infosys can create a revenue stream for themselves, keep Employees happy at the same time just by Holding their money in the form of STEEM POWER. It has like over 200k employees so just imagine the size of the community they can create. There are "n" number of use cases for different sectors, so I think every person who has money in their pocket is a potential client.

The only hurdle I am facing right now is that Cryptocurrencies have been declared as illegal tender in India. I know that will change very soon! Until then, I am keeping my base strong and pitching STEEM to as many people as I can. Because you are absolutely right, it's on SALE right now.


I think the fact that the governments are fighting it is nothing but a validation of the threat they present... crypto is unstoppable, you just have to hold on until the dust settles.

Hi meno. Would like to hear how this goes. What obstacles if any are thrown back at you whilst pitching.There are huge benefits to a company using Steem and think more will hop on board along the way.


Hands down... I often think of what I would be developing if I had enough SP to foot the bill... I usually think of plenty of ideas that could do great (imo of course) but lack the financial resources to bring them to existence.

I would be all over this...


You are doing enough for the platform already. Just keep on doing what you are doing the rewards will come. The only concern for anything at the moment is the price of Steem. I personally don't think we have reached the bottom yet. I hope I am wrong but we still have 4 months to year end and everything seems to be dropping for the year end push. Bit like the calm before the storm.

Investor type people, Yes I would and I have recommended STEEM. But only if I know the investor has some sort of knowledge of blochchain or bitcoin.. I find it very difficult to explain blockchain, bitcoin and crypto to people. this is my biggest obstacle, trying to explain crypto in general


I know what you mean Paula... I've gotten a little better over the months explaining it, but its quite abstract for most people. However, im still gonna try.

I have been talking about steem to a number of serious, large investors for a while now. They usually look to invest in good people and teams more than the product.

Unfortunately all of the investors I have talked to pretty much said “no thanks” after doing some research into steemit inc.

I’ve pretty much given up on trying to bring in investment at this point. Instead I’m trying to focus on building awesome products built on the platform that bring in money on their own. Hopefully we can prove the investors wrong!


Hopefully we can prove the investors wrong!

That's my little mission there... I think we can, I really do... and we might be at the cusp of maximum opportunity right now...


after doing some research into steemit inc.

So basically a vote of no confidence for the core devs ?


It has nothing to do with the core devs.


so what is it they are not liking after the research ?


what has the feedback been regarding steemit Inc? I am located in Zug (crypto valley) and we have a weekly meetup that also covers steem sometimes. I have been trying to sell steem as a concept but to normal users, not to "real" investors yet

Best of luck @meno - at this stage someone with an interest in other cyptocurrency / blockchain interest - will be so much easier to convert to STEEM, and I'm totally with you - I'm not a big fan of the "steem to the moon"/"cryptonaut" angle either.


To me the "to the moon" banshees hurt the reputation of crypto projects... I've grown to abhor them.

Any investor better prepare themselves for nasty comments and flag wars.... that's how we show love here...

The first hurdle is to get an investor that understands blockchain and there's not many in that category. If the investor is looking for a buy-and-hold then that's a very different conversation to one looking to make their money work for them. There's opportunities on steem to earn (e.g, vote selling, delegation rental) but crypto is still way too risky relative to the returns you get for most investors. And, taking advantage of those opportunities requires a little bit or work/tech knowledge.
I'm more likely to discuss investing in teams building side-chain projects on Steem. In that sense, steem is the background fabric to the project. I think it's an easier conversation to have since side-chain projects are much easier to understand in terms of standard investing criteria. The technical bits of steem then become largely incidental.


Agreed 100% - that is going to be my approach. I'm not going to sit there an explain delegations, votes, and all that stuff. None of that is relevant. I want to pitch him an idea on how we could use this blockchain to develop a solution for his business.

Part of the problem with Steem is that all of the content is free. You don't even need an account to read it. At this point the value of Steem is in its ability to highlight posts by buying votes, or perhaps to earn the voter a bit more by upvoting others in hopes that they will upvote you more. There are, of course, philanthropic reasons to invest in Steem, but I don't those are going to invite big investors who drive up the price of Steem. I've been thinking that the best way to improve the value of Steem at this point is to enable actual advertising that would appear alongside posts. Of course, all of the UI's for the Steem blockchain would have to go along with that. We would also need a lot more active users.

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I see what you mean... depending on the investment size of course my focus would be probably on developing a solution for an investor, not so much making him or her a blogger.

Imagine having someone use the steem blockchain to run a small company, pay salaries with upvotes for work and what not. That sounds interesting to me.


Since Steem is all about rewarding content producers and curators, I think it would be helpful to continue to support high quality content after 7 days, including curators. Right now curation rewards drop off to near nothing after the first 10 upvotes. Why not use a kind of recency power law to reward big upvotes for older content? If Steem held content that continued to pay and a new curator could benefit by promoting that content, I could see investors buying into the platform. Paying for votes to get a post on trending is one mechanism encourage investment, as is delegating SP to bid bots. However, as long as Steem only rewards content for the first 7 days, it encourages low quality content and devalues all of the old content, since that content is all available for free. Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free?

I’m not so interested in the investors. I’m more interested in the content consumers who have money to blow. Something this platform is really lacking is content consumers. That guy who blows $500 a month on twitch streams tipping or puts down that kind of money on patron between all the people that entertain him. If he could find out there’s a platform like this he could either keep direct tipping in steem or simply power up and upvote the content that entrains that person with a possibility of cashing out one day at a profit. Well, then we might get somewhere.

I want that guy who reads some amazing article about whatever he’s into and just wants to drop a few grand on that content producer to keep them going and producing. I want people tipping so much towards a developers coffee it would kill the guy to consume that much caffeine in his lifetime. There some people and communities like that already here on the platform. They are just far and few in-between.

If you could tell a whale who blows 100k a year on tipping entertainers that he could just put that money over here and possibly turn a profit in the long run while still supporting stuff he enjoys. Then that guy just looking for entertainment just became an investor. Expect for him he’s just here for a good time. Any extra money he walks away with is icing on the cake.


idealistically i can agree with you, but in a world where everyone gets everything "for free" its not likely to happen.


This is also my type of vision. I believe we need to support the projects we love, and that means supporting the creators of that project. That was what I hoped I would find when I came to Steemit! You see it with some authors, but not enough to really make a difference yet.

people always need to be rewarded for their Job Well done. big companies and corporations doesnt care about their own backbone the soul people that make it happen. my bet is that for little companies who actually are loyal to their own workers are the best chance to succeed. why would anyone would want an investor who will end up treating you the same as their workers. cutting your share whenever possible.
blockchain is a very powerful tool. it has developed becouse of the soul purpose cos the big are getting bigger and starting to oppress the little one's efforts. in the end they want all of us working for someone. and not able to do anything for ourselves.... im looking at block chain to counter that. it would be better to force blockchain on small growing companies, develop them from scratch, help grow already established, and help them grow in the long run. and IGNORE THE BIG FISH WHENEVER POSSIBLE.

anyway thats my thought on this...

Meaning, that I would not be talking to the potential investor about lambos and mooning

Well, if you did that, then the investor will surely start running away from you ^^. The most important thing will always be the idea behind the platform and its potential.

Do you feel confident pitching STEEM? Do you have doubts?

I would feel very confident indeed, I think the idea to leverage blockchain tech to reward content creation is better than any other method out there, so in my opinion it is a matter of time for this idea to become mainstream, whether it is thanks to steem or any other blockchain working on a similar way.

By the way, I'm putting this out there because I'm about to give this a go

That's great mate, would love to hear more about this. Maybe you can do a post informing how this went :D


I confirmed the appointment for tomorrow... I'm going to give it a good go, let's see what happens.

Cant wait to see the outcome of your work @meno, we all rooting for you.

At this price, many investors would essentially be getting steem very cheap.

Pitching to investors is always very risky tho, one has to make a convincing argument that buying steem is worth it in the long run


Like a good friend always says... If I don't try I got one guarantee... the "no"

There is no doubt to invest on steem. well lets say we can't get profit for this year, who knows about next couples year?


To me this whole thing is a play for 3-5 years. Meaning that all the doubts by then would be completely erased for all of us early adopters.

Up until a few months ago I matched my earnings Steem to Euro. Then recently I pulled some back out but stopped short of taking out all my cash. I would love to have a reason to put it back in. The platform wants to be 2 things, a currency/investment and a social media platform. By matching earnings with investment I encourage both proportionately. There is no good reason for Steem to follow BTC down the hole or to the moon, they are 2 different things and this will only be corrected when I can go to my bank and buy Steem directly without fiddling about with BTC and Dollars. The same is true for powering down. I have to convert Steem to BTC to Dollars to Euros. Who is really getting paid here? Me?!?


The point being that we need a direct way into Steem from fiat rather than through 2 or 3 middlemen that all want a cut. An investor usually only pays commission to 1 entity; not 3; so the investor will look for an investment with less overhead. We really need to fix this stumbling block if we want to get serious.


I agree with that, I wish I knew of a way to make that happen legally... there seems to be a big legal hurdle there.


Seems to me that all we need is an exchange that trades direct in Steem. There is such an exchange for bitcoin; Bitonic. They verify your bank account for the first small trade and you are good to go for future trades. They actually stock around 400 BTC and can deliver right away. For larger transactions they make special arrangements. If I could only get them to do the same for Steem.

Actually I am already talking to investors :-)
I have been talking for a while now but with theserecent low prices, I might be able get my point across the table.

I once wrote a technical analysis post , guess you could say

You have posted a lot of good. The whole news was useful for us. I liked it very well and wrote it beautifully.

No, I wouldn't. Steemians are mostly politically correct fags that all censor themselves because they are afraid to lose some cash and for that reason they avoid saying the truth.

Besides that the developers and investors make cash from the content that we minnows create and we get none of what they get.

Look through all discord steem communities.

They are either dead, or positivie generalized chat which nobody gives a fuck about.

Steem is a great idea but it cannot deal with human greed. Maybe it was lowkey designed for investors to circlejerk cash into each others mouth by using content that others create.

Fuck this faggot platform.


I can understand your frustration, but don't bite the hand that is feeding you.

Without greedy investors, STEEM would still be worth cents and would have never reached nearly 10$.


Steem ain't feeding nobody except the guys that have invested, own the bidbots and developers and some poor people in Africa.

You motherfuckers got into this shit with no long-term sight, corruption fucking everywhere because you bitch ass niggers are too fucking greedy because you care too much about money and now you want to uphold this corruption because it gives you motherfuckers too much money.

You know damn well that Trending is fucking trash now and you are probably laughing your ass off about the people paying for that shit.

I damn sure do, most people are actively participating in Steems Downfall and you are participating a lot in that.


as i see it, everyone has an equal chance on steemit. im sure you can own your own bid bot aswell. so what was your point exactly?