Step By Step: Getting Your Bitcoin Cash out of a Bitcoin Paper Wallet

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I always recommend controlling your own private keys because if you don't own and control the private key, you don't own the cryptocurrency. Centralized exchanges create risk because you have to trust them to not only secure the cryptocurrency you give them but also to give it back when you ask for it.

My bitcoin was tucked safely away in my paper wallets during the Bitcoin Cash hard fork. That means I wasn't able to sell the BCC/BCH once trading opened because most exchanges weren't initially accepting deposits. I also had some trouble getting it out of my paper wallets.

Since my phone died, I couldn't access since 2FA (two-factor authentication) needs to be disabled on my account. That may take a couple weeks, unfortunately.

All attempts to install and run Electron Cash failed miserably. I'll spare you the details, but I spent over 5 hours one night (and three glasses of wine) but kept running into issues. It would crash on start up and suggestions to fix it only partially worked and later created corruption issues validating the blockchain headers.

It turns out, I just needed to upgrade the OS on my Mac to the latest version, so that's what I did.

Once I had that working, I had both Electron Cash and Electrum running (be careful, the first tries to be helpful by importing wallets from the second).

How I Got My Bitcoin Cash from my Paper Wallets

This post will give you step by step instructions on how I got my Bitcoin Cash (it's a detailed explanation of what I outlined in this post last week Safely Claiming Bitcoin Fork Coins Like Bitcoin Cash).

Please though, don't do anything until you've watched Episode 003 of Understanding Blockchain Freedom: Safety and Security. If you don't manage things correctly, you could lose all your cryptocurrency to hackers and thieves. You are responsible for your security. The video is less than 4 minutes long.

First, use Electrum and create a new wallet.

(Please note, all of the addresses and keys used in these images are throw-aways for demonstration and not to be used by anyone. I covered them over just to make sure people don't even bother trying.)

From the file menu:

Give it a name with meaning. If you have multiple paper wallets, I recommend doing each one separately, just to keep things clean.

This is where you need to put in your private key. If you have your keys stored in a password manager, this is a simple copy and paste. Otherwise you have to type it manually or use the QR reader approach (which may not be supported on all builds).

If you have private keys from other addresses, this process will work for them as well. If you have a wallet, as an example, you can view your addresses under settings and get the private key for each one here:

Encrypt your wallet with a strong password you generated from your password manager and saved their securely.

Verify the address and make sure the amount is what you expect:

If it's not, don't freak out! One of the private addresses I imported showed me a different public key than I expected and it had a zero balance! I turns out, there's a difference between a Private Key WIF and a Private Key WIF Compressed.

If the Private Key starts with a 5 and is 51 characters, it's in the WIF format. If it starts with a K or L and has 52 characters, it's in the WIF Compressed format. Googling around, I happened to find this Reddit comment which explains how you can use to get the other private key if the one you have doesn't give you the address you're looking for.

Once I imported the correct key to Electrum, I got the public address (and balance) I expected.

So, as I explained in my previous post, you'll want to move all the bitcoin off of these addresses completely. Send them to a new paper wallet if you want or to something fancy like the Ledger Nano S I recently got.

Once that's done, the private keys you have now are completely free of bitcoin and ready to be imported again into Electron Cash. You basically repeat the whole process again using Electron Cash instead of Electrum to access your Bitcoin Cash. Once you get it imported, you can send it directly to exchanges that now accept deposits like Bittrex and Bitfinex.

You can download Electron Cash here

There have been some concerns raised about how new the Electron Cash wallet is and how it hasn't gone through the normal vetting of cryptocurrency open source wallet software like many other projects do (and how the creator of the binary files is anonymous), so please use with caution. It's one of the reasons I suggest taking the approach I outlined to ensure your bitcoin is never at risk. So far, I haven't heard any reports of Electron Cash stealing any bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. It worked perfectly for me as well, once I had the latest operating system updates on my computer.

I should also mention another approach I took was to download the Bitcoin Classic full client for BCC. That... took forever. Days later I had only managed to download about 25 gigs of the blockchain with much more to go. This reminded me how difficult it's going to be for normal people to run full nodes in the bitcoin ecosystem. Neither Bitcoin nor Bitcoin Cash make this any easier. Will this lead to centralization and existential risk? We'll leave that to a future post.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this useful. Please be careful to keep your BTC addresses separate from your BCC/BCH addresses. I'm not sure what will happen on the exchanges when people start accidentally sending one to the deposit address of the other. It could get messy. Most likely, you'll just lose your funds.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Before you ask, I don't know what the future price of Bitcoin Cash will be. I sold mine as soon as I got it to an exchange which was around $200. It's since gone up quite a bit from there, so maybe I sold at the bottom. I don't know what this Twitter reply from John McAfee means, but I think he's long Bitcoin Cash:

My hunch is the price will go down as more people get access to their BCH/BCC and figure out how to sell it. There may also be an influx to the market early next year as Coinbase distributes it to their users starting January 1st.

Then again, this could be the all time low and it may only go up from here.

Happy trading and good luck.

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Just figured out how to do it for my case. I was holding BTC in Bitcoin Core.

I opened up Bitcoin Core -> Help -> Debug Window
In that window in the command line type: dumpprivkey YOURADDRESS
But swap the word YOURADDRESS with your bitcoin wallet address and then hit enter.
Next you will be presented with your private key. Save this some where very secure.

Next download and install
When you are installing it will give you the option to restore your wallet using a private key. You simply copy the private key we got in the previous step and paste it in the box.

You finish the install and your balance should show the correct number of BCH coins in Electron Cash Wallet and you should still have your bitcoins BTC in your Bitcoin Core Wallet.

Nicely done! Thanks for sharing.

What would be the best btc wallet for a newbie like me (like most of us.. xD).
I'm just starting up here in the crypto world, any tips or advice would be really appreciated. ^u^

Well, there are all kinds, but one of the easiest may be It's got a really clean interface and is easy to use.

Please watch my videos at if you're just getting started. I think they will help you a lot, before you get a wallet installed.

Oh thank you for the speedy reply!
I do really need to have a lot of information about crypto, blockchain and other tech stuff. We lack information here in the Philippines, i'm grateful for the information and will check out your videos. Thank you so much Sir @lukestokes... :)

Neato! Thanks for the tip.

But my BTC was in paper wallet, I tried claiming free BCC using exodus, i couldn't. It says only 0 BCC can be transferred. My BTC was not in exodus wallet before the fork, is it because of that I can't claim free BCC?
Thanks :) @lukestokes

Oh, cool. Last I heard, Exodus did not support BCC. It seems they've updated their code as described here. Have you tried that? If it didn't work, I suggest contacting Exodus support.

You have to make sure you download the new exodus update that deals with claiming your bitcoin cash, but much better to just follow the instructions here.

I used coinomi to sweep wallet and it worked perfectly.
thanks :)

I think Exodus is rather nice, but I'd be a LOT happier if it was a HD wallet that didn't reuse addresses. Most coins you only get 1 address to use over and over or in the case of Bitcoin, you get 5 addresses to reuse. I also seem to recall that it isn't open source, but they are working towards that as a goal within contraints of their biz plan.

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Hey Great Article!!
It was really useful and Informative!!
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Keep posting such great articles!!

Great post but Im holding and I will wait for Jaxx or another big wallet to integrate BCH.

yep,    is the best!

Um, your private keys aren't crossed out completely. By looking at the top and bottom of the characters you can tell what they are...

(Please note, all of the addresses and keys used in these images are throw-aways for demonstration and not to be used by anyone. I covered them over just to make sure people don't even bother trying.)

I knew someone would post a comment like this. Sigh.

I'm sorry. I read too fast and I didn't see the disclaimer above.

No worries, I'm just bustin' you a bit. ;-)

Wow finally someone has explained this in detail. Well i just completed getting all of my btc off of my paper wallets and on to another btc wallet and also was able to get my bitcoin cash off of those private addresses and transfer the bitcoin cash into a new bitcoin cash wallet. Wow what a process but you exlained it very well it just takes time, and i almost lost one of my passwords and files in the process but everything came out find whewwwww almost messed it up big time. Thank you so much for taking the time to make these instructions for getting our bitcoin cash off of bitcoin paper wallets. I have not seen one other article dealing with this.

I'm really glad to hear it helped you out. :)

If you almost lost a password, it sounds like it's time to get a solid password manager in place. You can find out more in my videos at @ubf.

Good topic. Wallets can be confusing and I remember a night of panicking. I have made a good amount of money because once I have money safely on a paper wallet I do not want to move it again. Kept me from selling where I thought there was a top (example: move from 600s to 1,000).

Nice. I did sell some at this recent all time high and it's only been going high, so I may regret that, but I didn't cash out, I just moved to "digital" USD and now I'm playing around with some other altcoins I've been thinking about getting for a while. It's a fun space to play. :)

A big Thank YOU for sharing this completely step by step guide how to safely get your Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash out of a paper wallet! I was just wondering: isn't it better to wait till segwit is active on the Bitcoin chain to do this? (To avoid a high fee to import your BTC?)... Great post!

You're welcome! If you're concerned about some small fees here or there while Bitcoin Cash is swinging hundreds of dollars, you may be penny wise and pound foolish. That said, waiting may make sense anyway, depending on which way the market swings.

That's true ;-) but the thing is I have multiple paperwallets, some of them are filled with only a small amount, and in that cases, the fees are just a to high % of the money on it... Besides that, it's just a personal issue I have with paying fees for this kind of "transactions". I've made some money with trading Bitcoin Cash the first day it came out (on Bittrex, bought 1 BCC +- 400 USD, sold it at around 1100USD) so the BCC I own because of the Bitcoin I owned at the moment of the fork is just for holding ;-)

Nice trade!

I think BCC will lead to saturation of the BITCOIN ij market place.


Nowadays, people were upset with hardfork and recently the hero behind the WannaCry, ransomware was detained. Their actual ransom went through their multiple crypto wallets and thus it negatively impacted upon other civilians to get a threat from their Govt. This may lead to sharing of hands 👐 between 2

Maybe. It will be interesting to watch and see for sure.

Great step by step instructions would help out a lot to people who want to get their BCH.

That was my goal here.

Awesome write up man!! I knew someone would eventually explain how to get out Bit Coin Cash off paper wallets.
Currently ALL my Bitcoin is stored on paper wallets (pre-fork). Think I might just keep it there... Till we really know what's happening with Bitcoin Cash anyways ;)

Thanks! Yeah, that might be a good plan. Who knows where it will go. I'm always happy to hear people using paper wallets and other secure methods of storing bitcoin. :)

Haha - I'm maybe a little "too" security conscious!! ;)
I have paper wallets with BIP48 encrypted private keys (you know, in case someone gets hold of the paper wallets).
They are then stored in multiple safes in various locations - you know, in case my house breaks down :O
And all these paper wallets were created in a clean, offline environment...

I think it will continue to go down, but who knows. There are so many options out there.

LOL, wrong! :) I am here because it skyrocketed recently! Was hoping a trusted web wallet would allow importing of bch private keys but no such luck :(

Always be careful with the keys.
Haha you got a reply from that guy using BTC as a marketing stunt for his own. Many would like to see him pay for what he has claimed.
Good detailed post by the way.

Thanks. "That guy" is a pretty intelligent person. He may also be completely crazy, but he's not stupid. At least, that's my current perception. $500k per BCH is quite a claim though. For it to happen, I'd imagine we'd have to see some serious collapse of value in the USD.

It worked! I want to make a donation!!! trying for weeks doing that!

Excellent! I'm glad it worked for you. I will happily receive your donations. :)

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Thanks for this post so much! That tip about WIFC private keys is pure gold!

I tried pulling my pre-fork private key out of Electrum into Electron, but both the WIF and WIFC private keys don't add the right address.. Any ideas? Thanks again!

Hmmm. Have you tried all the addresses in Electrum? It's possible your funds are on a change address and it the address you thought. Check each public address on the blockexplorers to see what's up.

Thanks for the tip! I checked every address it lists and there's only one with BCH and it has the exact amount on it.

Is there some other thing that could be wrong with my private key?

As long as you have the right private key for the right public address, you should be all set. The only other thing to check is if you Electrum is fully synced and on the correct chain, not a broken sidechain. I had some issues with the early version of Electrum.

I've done a bit more digging and found that the address is a P2SH 2FA multi-sig address. This would mean that no simple private key would pull in the balance. Instead, I think I need to figure out how to use multiple keys to sign a manual transaction? Does any of this ring any bells? Thanks for your continued help!

Hmm. Not sure how bitcoin splits work for a multisig address. I recommend connecting with that community to find out more. Not sure which platform they use, but you can probably get help you need there (IRC, Slack, Telegram, etc).

Wow thats a long process you had to go through sorry to hear that i have my btc on my trezor and still have not bothered to see about getting my B CASH im gonna just hold ....great post ty

Oops I sent my bitcoin to freewallet/bitcoincash. Guess they own my bitcoin now.

Thanks for the run down. I'm going to do this process myself on 8/8.

You did a great job breaking this down step by step!

Great information, keep up the good work...

Hi, I have made guide for the same, I would appreciate if you can check it out.

Good info. Thank you for sharing @lukestokes

Very useful info, thanks! I had no time to figure this out yet and now I don't have to. I am keeping my Bitcoin Cash for now but I can separate them now whenever I want.

Very helpful to many. Great work, Luke!

Nice guide, Luke! Very detailed. I'm sure a lot of people will fill find this of use. Oh, and a McAfee cameo! Haha! I did not expect that. I think you're right, and he's making a power play with that.

Interesting to see how BCC does now that noones worried about BC. Did u buy Bitcoin when your sold your BCC?

Yeah, I sold it for BTC as that's the most common trading pair. I'm now playing around with various altcoins and waiting for buying opportunities.

Thank you very much for giving very helpful information. For me this is very useful because I myself have experienced the misfortune of "my bittrex account was hacked

This helped me redeem my BCH, thanks! Why are there more confirmations needed? (Assuming it's the block sizes)

It's a number of reasons, but yes, that and it's still experimental so they aren't really sure there's enough mining power to have a secure chain yet. If you send a bunch of BCH to an exchange and then there's a fork, they might be out that money. 20 confirmations assures they have a nice long chain before they credit your account.

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very useful Luke -thanks i use and haven't transferred out yet

I think every country has their own bitcoin websites where they can withdraw their bitcoin money to their local bank. By the way good article.

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great step. thanks, :)

can any of this be done without using a cell phone ? I just have a computer for internet and communication that's why I ask and I've been seeing a request for phone numbers :/

Where are you seeing a request for phone numbers?

I checked out bittrex dot come and bitconnect dot com and each will not continues with sign up without a number :( now I know they are not part of steemit but still how does one learn to reinvest or after a while cash some out ? this is all new to me and I would hate to mess up.

Ah, I see. You're talking about exchanges where you want to sell your cryptocurrency for local currency. Unfortunately, this isn't easy to do because of government KYC (Know Your Customer) laws. See governments have a monopoly on currency creation within their region and they don't like giving up monopolies. They want to know what ever dollar is spent on to ensure they can squash any threats to their power (of course, they say it's about fighting terrorism and evil money laundering). So they don't allow money to transfer from one form to another unless they can track it. It's like a mafia group who wants to ensure they get their cut of the action (i.e. taxes). Pretty messed up, right?

You can try, but that's mostly just for bitcoin. I'm not sure of any exchanges which you can use which don't require some form of identity verification.

Good luck.

When you say paper wallet does that include, sorry its jargon for me.

A paper wallet is actually a piece of printed paper with a private key on it. If done right, it's never been on the internet at all so it's the most secure way to own your own private key. You can find out more here: is a web wallet which is a little different. It's a good site though and I've used it for years.

Now I am enlightened, thanks a bunch.

NIce post, upvoted and followed

Upvoted and RESTEEMED :]

Interesting one @lukestokes - glad I am on vacation, still no idea how to get bitcoin cash from my ledger nano, do you know that by chance?

Do you have the Ledger Nano S? Is that where the BTC was before the fork? If so, this may help.

Yes - i transferred them some days before August 1 - thanks for the link, checking!

thanks for info

hello, is there any way that is easier? i don't understand

i just took my btc out of my paper wallet. but i don't know how to take out bitcoin cash. instructions are too hard and i don't want to make a mistake

If you just completed the instructions, how is it too hard? You did it! You made it! It worked! Hurray! Now the only thing you need to do is repeat the process using Electron Cash instead of Electrum. Make sense? Don't let fear of the unfamiliar hold you back from learning and experiencing something new. :)

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Super helpful post! I'm clearly not understanding it completely however. I just sent my BTC from a paper wallet to Bittrex using Electrum. When I input the same paper wallet key into Electron Cash it doesn't seem to acknowledge the existence of BCC. What am I missing here? Should I have not sent my BTC to Bittrex? Is there a resolve here to not lose my BCC? Please advise

If you followed the steps correctly and the bitcoin cash was on that address at the time of the fork, it should be there. You can search for your address here and see what it says about it:

Is there any other wallet that supports BCH? Is it safe to start searching if there's another paper wallet for BCH I wonder.
I have all my BTC in paper wallet safely tucked. Is there supposed to be another Segwit fork for BTC later in the month? I heard about it somewhere from a Youtube link before (I cannot remember where I heard it).
Is it safe to only port after August?

A scholar and gentleman sir, I thank you

Extremely useful post. Most useful was your link to I was able to go there and check all my BCC balances are safe. I was pleased to see that also my Cassascius fully loaded coin is now loaded with 1 BCC on top of the 1 BTC. I guess I can't get the 1 BCC unless I destroy the numismatic value of the Cassascius coin.

I had no trouble checking my paper wallet balances. However I had a lot of trouble to check my BCC balance on my Bitcoin wallet located on It was really hard to find the public key. It seems that it is not the same one you show you when you click to receive funds. It's also not your wallet ID. In the end I had to click through the history and see what address the blockchain credited.

Luke! I missed this article when you posted it, but just now when I googled "get bitcoin cash off a paper wallet", this was the first result! I was like, "hey, I know that guy!"

Just thought you'd want to know that. ;-)

Great post sir.Thank you so much for providing the way to claim my BCH.I tried to check my BTC balance in the but it failed saying invalid address.Thank you for providing the link where i could check my BTC & BCH balance.
I have one more question,
How about claiming BCH from BCH supporting android wallet Coinomi and BTC from BTC supporting android wallet Copay/Mycelium?Is it safe for those who own android phones and do not have PC/laptop?
[email protected]

Sorry, I'm not familiar with those systems. You'll have to contact them directly and/or do some googling around to see what options you have. If you can get the private WIF key, you should be good to go.

I moved my BTC from the paper wallet I had at the time of the fork so BCH is all that is in it and I can see the balance using but when I downloaded the Electron Cash and follow your steps on the Addresses tab I do see my Public key but the amount is zero. By the way the paper wallet has a BIP38 passphase (encrypted)

It sounds like what is happening to you is the same thing I described that happened to me. Use and ensure you're not importing the wrong key. The public address you're looking at may correspond to the uncompressed private key but you might be importing a compressed private key. That's what happened to me. If you load up your private key on bitaddress, you'll be able to see both the compressed and uncompressed private keys. Did you notice the public address in Electron Cash? Is it different than what you see on blockchair? If so, that's what happened to me. Just make sure you have the right private key for the right public address using bitaddress.

The public address was the same in Electron Cash and Blockchair I also first tried the Encrypted Private Key which started with a 6 and Electron Cash wouldn't even allow me to enter that so I created 2 wallets one with the Private Key WIF Compressed that starts with an L and also one with the Private Key WIF that starts with a 5. Neither wallet has a balance

Are you sure you're using the latest version of Electron Cash? If it imported the same address and shows the same address as the block explorer than the problem must be on your local wallet. You may need to uninstall it completely and remove your local folders (on a mac, I mean .electron-cash) Please be careful though, as that's where your wallets are (always have multiple backups of your wallets and keys, etc).

If the import shows the exact same public address then you may not be on the correct chain. At that point, I'd suggest hitting up reddit or IRC. I had a bunch of issues with Electron Cash before updating my OS. After that, it worked just fine.

I downloaded today and it says I'm in Electron-Cash version 2.9.3 guess maybe I will have to wait for the wallet to support Bitcoin Cash

You're importing a wallet? If so, keep in mind you have many different addresses there. It can get confusing really quickly. Good luck.

No I was going to import into Electron Cash and then send to Bittrex but has announced that they will be supporting a BCH wallet in 8 weeks and I'm familiar with moving coins from paper wallets into Blockchain and then to exchanges.

Cool! Glad to hear they'll be providing that support.

Hi Lukestokes, great post, love your videos as well, very valuable information.

Hey whofford, I am also having issues getting my BCC from a paper wallet. I have used to get all the correct private keys and tried coinomi on android as well. I'm on a mac, not sure if that makes any difference, it's frustrating! I guess i'm in no hurry, and might as well hold them as who know what might happen! Hopefully more supported wallets will come soon and one of them will work.

Yeah I looked at Coinomi but that is only for an android and I have an iPhone. Good luck

Well I followed the steps again from Lukestokes and when I opened the Electron Cash wallet this time I saw a balance and I didn't do anything... I also found another helpful article

I'm about to go through this process to grab my BCC, very timely post. It's good to hear that you were able to get through it with Electron Cash, I was debating between that and the core wallet but was leaning the Electron Cash way, now I'll be going that route for sure.


Excellent! Glad to hear the timing worked out for you.

My bitcoin was on a paper wallet. Due to the password protection, some extra steps are needed to access your BCC.

Here is the 22 steps you need if your paper-wallet has password protection.

Good stuff! I'm sure many will stumble upon our posts in the years to come and be happy they did. :)

Hello Luke, we have 2 new hardforks coming up as far as i know, i have a small amount of bitcoin on coinjar australia exchange and am about to transfer to a paper wallet from ( . Do you think this is a good way for me to prepare for the hardforks? Thanks for your time- David

Thanks for the write up. I have followed the steps and electron cash shows "not connected status" and so is the reason my balance shows 0.can you suggest on next step on how to get that connected?

Hi @lukestokes, I've been looking for this exact tutorial, thank you for putting this together. I was swamped with work this summer and never got around to claiming BCH from some BTC I had on a paper wallet. This is awesome, really appreciate this breakdown.

I do have a couple of questions I hope you might be able to answer.

At the time of the Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash fork (aug. 1) I had my bitcoin of the paper wallet, however I recently moved my BTC to a Trezor from that same wallet.

What would be the best way to go about claiming the BCH? Using the Trezor or moving BTC back to the paper wallet where it was at the time of the fork?

Anyways, hope you see this cause I could use some advice. Thanks so much.

Hey Luke!

Have been trying this for over a day now, and keep getting "no inputs found" message each time I sweep a paper wallet. I have tried both the compressed and uncompressed private keys. Any ideas as to what I may be missing here?

No inputs found doesn't sound familiar to me. Have you googled around for that error? Was this with electron or electrum? I didn't do a sweep but did a direct import instead.

Thanks this is a great guide! I've had my BTC sitting on an off-line Electrum wallet (v2.7.17) and what I would like to do is send it to my Trezor and then follow the Trezor guide ( to extract the BCH (if that is even possible). Can I do that? Send it to Trezor first?

You're welcome. Once you transfer the BTC to a new address, it will separate it from the BCH. It had to be on the Trezor address at the time of the fork. That's why that guide says this:

from your TREZOR Wallet, assuming you had bitcoins (BTC) on your TREZOR before August 1st.

You can transfer your bitcoin to the Trezor just fine. Once that's done, get all the privacy keys involved in Electrum wallet (hopefully all the BTC was on one address to make it easy) and then import those to Electron to get your BCH.

Yeah that "assuming you had bitcoins (BTC) on your TREZOR before August 1st" statement kind of threw me when I first read it. Alas my BTC is on five different addresses but, and pardon me for being a little thick headed, what I think you are saying is it's ok for me to send all of my BTC to my Trezor right now (probably send everything to the same address). Since my BTC is on my offline Electrum wallet I have to do the 'create transaction' on my watching wallet and then go to the offline wallet to 'approve transaction' for all five addresses and send them to my Trezor. Sound right so far? Then I'm gonna kick back and rest my brain until tomorrow when I will switch gears and follow the Trezor guide (link in my original post).

I did download the Electron Cash Wallet, started it, it came to the window first window asking about selecting a server and, at that moment someone walked in and I got distracted and I can't remember if I killed the process but all said and done I went back to re-run it from my download dir and the file wasn't there any more so I kind of got a little panic attack! Any way it's slow and steady as it goes for me in doing this!

Following the Trezor guide won't help you since your funds were not on the BTC addresses controlled by the Trezor private keys before August 1st (right?). They are on the many addresses you mentioned.

  1. Send all your bitcoin to your Trezor but keep track of each address that had BTC prior to the August 1st fork.
  2. Next, import the private keys for those addresses into Electron and you'll see your Bitcoin Cash show up there.
  3. Send that Bitcoin Cash where ever you plan to store it securely (not sure how Trezor supports Bitcoin Cash, but my Ledger Nano S does).

Also keep in mind you may have Bitcoin Gold or Bitcoin Dimond (and who knows what else) on those addresses as well. Good luck. As long as you always have your private keys (and backups of your private keys) you can't mess up too badly since you can always start over again if you get stuck.

Nice compilation! Thank you

Hi Guys,

Its possible to recover my BCH from a coinbase multisig vault. They give BCH to the clientsthat have a standar wallet, but the rest of clients that have multisig vault we haven't got the bch...They've said that they are working on it....

This tutorial is a bit old but still quite helpful. Thanks @lukestokes.

Glad it's still useful. :)

Thanks for the information @lukestokes :)

I've managed to import my old private keys into Electron Cash, but can’t send it to another wallet. I had BTC in a Multibit wallet before the BCH split. After the split I first send my BTC to a new wallet (Electrum) so they are safe. Then I took the following steps:

  1. exported the private keys from the old Multibit wallet (without password protection)
  2. installed Electron Cash on another system and created a new wallet (with a new password)
  3. imported the old private keys in the new wallet

So far so good, BCH is visible in Electron Cash.

But now I want to send BCH to Binance. And when I try to send, I’m asked a password. I tried the password of the old wallet and the password of the new wallet, but both are incorrect it says. What password is Electron Cash asking for?

Hope someone can help me out here :)

That Shiism be your electron wallet password. It’s been a while, but I think When Electron installs, it uses the config from any existing Electrum install. Either way, when you set up a wallet, the first thing you want to do is encrypt it and secure the password via a password manager you trust or some other fully offline, trustworthy method.

Thanks @lukestokes. Yes I encrypted the new Electron Cash wallet with a password. I use that password to acces the wallet, so I know it's correct. But somehow when I try sending BCH to Binance it says ‘incorrect password’.

Perhaps I should try it again, is that possible? To create a second wallet in Electron Cash and import the old private key again?

Yep, you can try it again, but if that password works, you should be good to go. Very odd.

It worked. Created a second wallet, this time without password protection. Could send the BCH to exchange adress straight away. Thanks again :)

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