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KuCoin is a rapidly growing crypto currency exchange that shares 90% of its trading fees with its users!
        KuCoin offers trading with many cryptocurrencies earlier than competitors which allows users to take early profits while they’re still low market cap before they appear on the bigger exchanges.
        KuCoin offers an extremely sleek UI, actually one my favourites with all useful info easily visible from one window while trading. 40% of KuCoin’s trade fees are actually distributed to all users that hold KuCoin Shares (KCS) each day, based on how many KCS you hold. You receive these dividends in each currencies respective wallet based on how many transaction fees occurred that day. What’s great about this is it can give you a small trickle of small market cap coins that may end up going up in value rapidly if you hold them.
        Their referral marketing strategy is quite awesome and is guaranteed to bring them very rapid adoption in the crypto community. Excitingly rather than keeping all profits from trade fees for themselves, 50% of the revenue goes towards users that refer others and 40% goes to users that hold KuCoin Shares (KCS), KuCoins ERC20 token. At this time KuCoin only takes 10% of trade fees for themselves. So enrol while you still can at the link below!

Get an account TODAY with this link: Kucoin exchange - Use this Invitation code: 7dPeh1


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This is a great exchange! using it for a while now. very comfortable and some coins you can't find on other exchanges.


Hi Yair,
Excellent - yes I agree, it is a marvellous exchange - thank you for positive comment :D

I really should make an account on Kucoin as want to invest some money in DeepOnion.

I really that DeepOnion could blow up, and since Cryptopia wasn't accepting new registrations, I'll probably go for Kucoin.

Is it "noob-friendly"?

I am not an expert in this field, as I am new to this, so I really want it to be simple.


Hi John,
Sorry for my slow reply - just back from a surf!
Yes it is very noob friendly, really one of the better UI (user interface) of all the exchanges.
Hit my referral link and please ask if you need any help what ever, on any matter :D
Kucoin exchange is perfect for Deeponion and many other new alt coins... and the main contenders too.

Following you now also - happy trading!

KuCoin got an sweet exchange and i like the bonus system indeed!
Can´t stop buying kucoin :)


Hi clausewitz,
very glad you are on-board - it is brilliant :D


hey! yeah love it :)


Awesome - thank you for sharing your experience :D

Still hadn’t signed up yet so thanks for the reminder. Used your code. Cheers


Hi Stephan,
That is excellent! If you need any help at all please ask - I would be happy to assist with any technical or crypto matters.

Following you now also - Keep well :D


Returned the favor. Really appreciate the resteem!

please i will like to know more about this Kucoin.good post i have started following you


Hi gimba,
Sorry for my slow reply - just back from a surf!
Hit my referral link and please ask if you need any help at all, on any matter :D

Following you now also - happy trading!

i am on hitbtc but KuCoin looking interesting. Did you try KuCoin?


Hi Fethiye,
Kucoin is looking very interesting indeed - I just signed up yesterday - the fact that they give out alt coins and a percentage of all the fees is a BIG enticement... but the exchange user interface is actually the best i have seen - and i have accounts at all the big exchanges. I think this could be the new market leader!

Thank so for stopping by and commenting :D


thanks for information. i will follow you :D


Thank you Fethiye,
I am following you also for your extremely interesting content - I too am very interested in aquaponics. I am a great fan of Murray Hallam, a superb aquaponic farmer (have you seen his work on youtube?), but have yet to build a system that includes fish! Good luck and I will follow your progress.

keep well :D


KuCoin is a very good exchanger


thank you Dizum - I agree :D


Ich denke, Von KuCoin Wären wir noch lange was hören. Da sich viele Investoren bei den großen Exchangern nicht mehr anmelden können, werden eben diese alternativ exchanger gerne angenommen


Danke für Ihren Kommentar Dizum :D


A real pleasure Fouaz :D

I got like 800 Dot coin the other day for cryptopia lol any exchange now a days is like a sure shot

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Interesting information. Thanks.


Hi izge,
It sure is ... sign up with my referral link and I will give you technical support - if you need any :D

Get your account TODAY with Kucoin exchange - Use this Invitation code: 7dPeh1

Its good informative post. Good article. It is helpful for the steemit community. Nice post. Thanks for sharing the information.


Thank you Thedawn :D

Kucoin is a pretty decent exchange, my only complaint with them is it takes awhile for deposits or withdrawls to show up.


Hi lasthero,
That is true, but I read they are scaling up quickly to deal with their popularity! - Thanks for stopping by and sharing your positive experience.

Keep well :D

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Hola Rafael,
Do you have an account with Kucoin? Please use my referral link if you have yet to join - I will give you any assistance you require.

Get an account TODAY with Kucoin exchange - Use this Invitation code: 7dPeh1

Keep well :D

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Excellent idea's there, very pro user which is great imo.
Thanks for the info Ice.

Idea of this exchange sounds very good.

Kucoin is no longer accepting new referrals! If you are looking for exchanges similar to kucoin with referral system bonus.
I have collected list at my blog