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in #cryptocurrency5 years ago (edited)

Last month, a new deal seemingly came out of nowhere, into the crypto space - MONKEY CAPITAL - a new kind of innovative deal brought to you by a Mr Daniel Harrison with some of his Monkey Capital crew (which has had high turnover in the following weeks).

Daniel presented this Monkey Capital deal and its familia of coins (COE MNY ZUR ) to us with such confidence, big deals, promoting a Monkey Capital ICO with pre-invested millions and anticipation of much more. But in the weeks to follow, Monkey Capital and mostly Daniel produced only hype and lots of hot air using catchy phrases suckering buyers into a cultist like frenzy!

There was NO August 8 $MNY ICO, but a dumping of MNY coins into the market instead!

What the heck happened??

There are millions and billions of dollars of "easy money" being made in crypto space and it attracts some undesirable characters. I now believe that Daniel Harrison and his Monkey-team to be among them and their destiny is more likely to be one of a COiN artists who has taken millions from hundreds of people already, who knows how many more will fall for the dreams they sell, pumping stories that CONSTANTLY change with no transparency or success, and a history of connections that prove further that they are up to no good.

(MONKEY or $MNY started trading about a week before the August 8 ICO (which was cancelled) date.

1-BILLION MNY coins and they were sold into the market at desperate prices. The ONLY ones who had the MNY coins were its creator, DANIEL HARRISON and his monkey "team" who created $MNY from nothing! Like printing money!

So NO ICO, 600M and 200M MNY token transfers from Daniel's / Moneky Capital account wallet into another wallet, dumped on the market (they didnt want control of their MNY??) as you can see above, then the profits from the BTC's moved to another wallet. That wallet took the BTC's and transferred them out from what I can tell and info. provided.)

I have confronted Daniel publicly on social media (their site and his personal website offline for many days now w/ the countdown clock to ICO date going into negative territory -- 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable) and he will never address the real questions like:

-- Who dumped Monkey coins MNY - crashing its price in a selling frenzy? (no public or official updates from them since pre ICO mega pump up the volume on market then -- TOTAL SILENCE except to some private chat updates some other monkeys get to see)
--- and why does the public wallet data show that they moved from your account to another which sold the MNY and got BTCs, then moved those BTC's to another wallet which then moved them out of the Waves platform. know, some REAL questions after they went SILENT and suspiciously sites offline (or forwarded)

No updates just the only information coming from the MNY market activity which is pretty clear what that means.

But Mr. Daniel Harrison just turns nasty, DEFLECTS and no answer given. He goes on attacks on character, which is why I have reacted this intensely back towards him!

(He really wanted GoldSeek to work with him on building this revolution in crypto but once we discovered Daniel's lies come about, we withdrew support and started to ask real questions.

Daniel's first response was to suggest a $5,000 to $10,000 payment to market them on our websites. We refused and continued to be very public about what he was doing, why he was not buying $2 million of his own product that he said he would but selling it all onto others who were told by him to BUY!)

But why DANIEL HARRISON will not just answer the BASIC questions.. the MOST IMPORTANT ONE(s)!

-- Why did you / your team dump $MNY and cancel the ICO?

Because the truth is not to be TRANSPARENT!!

Well here is some transparency (if you spend more time you could extract a lot more useful MNY-> BTC data):

MNY goes out of this wallet:

600,000,000 MNY transferred on August 3 (August 8 was supposed to be MNY ICO date):

200,000,000 MNY moved to another wallet:

This wallet sells for $BTCs

moves them into another wallet -- here is 40 Bitcoins being moved as an example:

This account moves the BTC's out of Waves to where?? (no transparency so no idea)

If you look into his social media side, he has many people who support him. If you look at these accounts, they are new, no history and most likely Daniel or some of his COiN-ster buddies creating social media noise. It is very easy to find this out, but he banks on most people are too lazy to actually dig into deals, past the dreams.

Now this is where I get suspicious, after removing his EDITOR IN CHIEF title at Coin Speaker, he was not that and the Coin Speaker site said all he had as a log-in, he is now an "INDEPENDENT Contributor". He says he was a "self appointed editor in chief"

Why did he make up this title, who claims to be something that they are not? Trying to build CONfidence or just a lousy resume trying to find new people who would buy into your dreams? Certainly a red flag:

"Disclosure: Daniel M. Harrison is not Coinspeaker editor-in-chief. He has access to the site only as guest post author. Coinspeaker has never had common projects with Mr Harrison and never received any revenue from him." -- OUCH!

In the comments, Daniel JOKES about this and actually replies with no apology but instead a joke, that indeed he is NOT the EDITOR In Chief but he remarks:

   "In name only more recently, but that was a sort of self-appointed thing :)"

But he has been using it and other titles that appear on his LinkedIn account (along with other titles that misrepresent the truth of what he has been REALLY doing over the past years) to other deceitful lies about his successes? I believe he is OVER-representing himself to convince others.

I starting to follow the COE/MNY more as their aggressive hype that they are doing something new and big here, might be a great opportunity to invest in someone with big visions and touting his knowledge and history of deals and titles. But it took only a little time on google searching to find many yellow and some red flags!

Here are some public comments I made about Daniel, his replies -- he has now blocked me and still will not address the questions raised.

"So Monkey coins were dumped at 10's of millions, even 100M at a time on the market at the best bids. It was a fire sale of hundreds of millions. Big red flag. Daniel hires programmer associated to One Coin scam. Red flag. Hopefully horrible amateur mistake right. Daniel calls himself editor in chief at coinspeaker dot com but is only someone with a log-in to post, according to the site's owner. His linkedin still shows editor in chief. Just b/c you say it doesnt make it true Daniel. And that is where your integrity comes more into question. (on the article Daniel Harrison explains he is self appointed in name only by himself as editor in chief... what does that mean?). Today it says Independent Author. Okay. That is odd?

There is not a huge amount of history of yours or success we can find out there, specifically in building a "decentralized hedge fund". Your twitter has limited history too. Just a lot of quotes from some years ago. I found limited amount that gives me confidence, but I dont have time to or interest to prove something you need to!

Give us some facts, some real concrete evidence of deals, of progress and then we can start to build some real trust. Otherwise I think this is a joke. Prove otherwise Daniel. I wanted to believe for the few days I was sold some pipe dreams of yours -- excellent at marketing and hyping people up, but it didn't take long to lose my faith as things transpired with MNY. Right now, at best, this is amateur hour.


Then on his twitter account, which has no real history except years of (auto?) posted quotes with very few interactions despite a MASSIVE 38.4K following (oh shoot, did I mention that almost all of those are FAKE twitter accounts)

I replied back to another marketing promotional lie Daniel Harrison posted to lure more people into his scheme:

He will likely delete this tweet but I took a screenshot

You can go to the waves wallet tracker and see how they moved MNY around, dumped it on the market, pre-ico, moves the BTC's around then transfer them out of the platform. So the August 8 ICO never happened, instead they list the MNY coin early, dump hundreds of millions of coins of the 1B coins, AT THE BEST BID, raise no $$ from funds or whatever lies he was selling in the weeks before, and now the BTC's are in an account controlled or owned by Daniel Harrison and / or his monkey teammates!

The question now is, will these coin pump and dumps end or will Daniel change his ways and start being honest with what is happening, transparent and take these newly found millions for something good?

No. Daniel is now doing a new marketing SCHEME. he instead going bananas andis ready to GIVE AWAY MONEY to You!! Yes.. FREE BTC's!!

ONLY CAVEAT. You, the sucker COE holder, need to keep your COE until September 9th and you might get 0.01 btc or .015btcs. Amazing deal except how the heck do you pay out a few million when you NEVER raised the tens of millions for your bs "decentralized hedge fund"?! (** UPDATE: FREE BTC PROMO DEAL IS CANCELLED **)

Meanwhile, NEW Daniel Harrison coins and new promotions are underway! Always something new to distract and get excited about:

Now let's get back to Daniel's associations, but first there is this piece about his "background"

-- Meet Daniel Harrison, the man behind magic money machine Monkey Capital…

If you go to 2015, you can find Daniel interviewing the ONE COIN (scam: .. Marcelo Garcia Casil. He was also part of the monkey team until people noticed and then he "disappeared"

Harrison, who can talk for hours without saying anything useful -- "While intelligent people can often simplify the complex, a fool is more likely to complicate the simple" -- but still throwing out key market terms and things that make him seem so intelligent that you must give him your money, continues to convince people that despite being deceitful, he will make them millionaires. Space x supply contracts. Decentralized hedge fund, synthetic ....

Daniel is not stupid though. He is actually quite intelligent using his skills towards getting people to listen for a long time to his thoughts, ideas and all this excitement and key terms and HYPE!

So I have believe Daniel to be deceitful and intentionally lying about ICO deals, plans and have to believe that this could really turn out to be a coin scam.

But do not discount this likely from being the end of the pumping!

He will do more coins or more promotions on COEVAL and now his new ZUR coins and there was another hybrid synthetic.. and more people are likely to follow his hype around stuck in the fantasies he sells to them. The make millions dream!

His character is at best very poor considering how many people were on the receiving end of the coin dump, from what I have experienced in the past weeks and it is a shame I had to encounter the monkey crew, the crypto space having to be distracted from people looking to enrich themselves while not actually doing anything useful.

I really hope Daniel will get a moral conscious and start to behave in a respectable way, but for now, his history and associations are filled with yellow & red flags.

If you want to keep up-to-date, there is a good twitter account helping to counteract Harrison's hot air:

Also an update from Blockchain WTF:

THE MORAL OF THE STORY and one that I have learned since investing since a young teenager in the early 1990's until today, INVEST IN PEOPLE!!!

     **** IT COMES DOWN TO THE PEOPLE ****  !!!  

My advice is to STAY AWAY or you have a very high chance to never see your Monkey-money again!

**** UPDATE ****

I have edited this article a bit to make this less personal and focus on the MONKEY MONEY. I have not followed the ZUR coin pump and dump but others have provided this:


Thanks for the info

its amazing what can be found out when we dig for information

I wonder if this venomous article is a way to appease your audience who were told about the monkey capital project and subsequently invested? The interviewer expressed genuine awe at what was being proposed and his enthusiasm was hard to ignore.
Have you tried asking Harrison with an attitude of genuine curiosity, instead of coming at him on the attack?
I invested in MC at a high price and subsequently went through a roller coaster of emotions . It was my first ICO and the goldseek interview was a huge factor in my decision to invest.
Am I disappointed at the way it's panned out? Sure. I was a very vocal critic until I joined the MC slack group and saw that Harrison isn't running into the hills with bags of btc...
Take these facts into consideration:
A $500k domain investment.
The purchase of an existing and stable block chain platform to host all monkey capital assets. (ZUR)
Appointment of a media manager.
Daily updates to investors in the slack group.
White paper updates.
A coding project to create a platform to interface with the new MC blockchain. No expense was spared to find someone with proven results (pipdroid trading app) and they're working round the clock to get the platform up and running.
And there's more..
Why would a scammer do any of this?
Chris, I urge you to call a truce and spend some time getting to know the guy that you are insulting in this article. Maybe even another interview?
You might be surprised at what you find out re: the work going on behind the scenes.

"Venomous articles" are the perfect response to venomous ICO's like MC's. Totally appropriate response to an unfunny joke such as Monkey Capital.

Hello Daniel Harrison and/or Monkey Capital. Nice new account, welcome to Steemit! you are creating lots of accounts, sorry for all the extra work!

Nice new promo material for the next pump. Still not interested.

hahaha hows all these fake fucking accounts. all clearly monkey capital. so much effort involved

They are mostly DANIEL HARRISON. He is fuming upset because he does not want the attention as he is working on a NEW COIN!

Threatens the amount of new people he can scam.

Spread the word

i have been man. i hate this guy so much

Nope, real person and supporter of MC and so is Pilot and countless others. Here's my fb:

This shows the type of person you are, immediate bias while doing a google search to try to find all the FUD posts compiled into one.

Go bury yourself in the sand, you and your company are traitors to your own audience.

Not sure if theres a point talking to him, he did deleted some tweets already, badmouthing monkey capital.
I do not understand idiots who buy HIGH, and then cry when it drops.

not sure who you are speaking of, I did NOT delete ANY tweets. probably referring to DH? he is deleting a lot of stuff, changing his background and resume and blocking and hiding his sites and taking them offline and on and on and on

Keeping drinking the kool-aid! You make a great cult follower.

And Petey, when you have something useful to share, please come back and answer what happened with MNY ICO, why did it start a week before and why is there evidence of them dumping their hundreds of millions of coins onto the market?

I ask simple questions. I get attacked. That is the expose I am giving. I'd love to make a positive post but Harrison only gives out lies and new stories to his groupies.. he preys on the weak and hopeful. Not the ones who look beyond the hopium he sells to them.

I don't understand why people invest in unknown coins ☺

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Thank you for letting us know of that con artist. We work so hard for our money and don't need to lose it to some greedy pig :)

First, I want to say I am and have been a loyal listener of for as long as I can remember. I once gave $250 to the show to keep it on the air, and became a subscriber to the services a month ago mainly for the ICO etc. advice. Chris really backed Monkey Capital so I jumped in too. So I am surprised to come here and see this from you, and Chris backing off on Saturday's broadcast. I thought I did my due diligence by buying into the subscription of yours, believing you do the due diligence as why I pay for the sub.

Peter, I'm really impressed with all of the links, so I am doing my due diligence off of your article here. It's like the bad stuff that you found too late? I did what you said, google his name ("who is daniel mark harrison") and look at what comes up on first page. When I saw some stuff, I am just matching up representations, but here goes (so far only):

"There is no history of any verifiable successes of yours, your twitter has limited history too. Just a lot of quotes from some years ago. If you were an editor in chief, where is all your public info.. all your work? I found limited amount but I dont have time to or interest to prove something you need to. Share with us all you history.. not much out there wouldnt you say? What about Motley Fool.. and elsewhere, where is all of your public info? Your personal website is offline so not sure what is going on there and all I hear now is there is another coin."

I'm not going to stick my neck out too far yet, but so far I find that Mr. Harrison has written a book, maybe a trilogy, and I am not an avid book reader so I can't go any further, but it sounds interesting and is sold on Even has (mixed) reviews by readers, and professional reviews there. I also found his articles for in 2008, many many, I gave up after a few pages. He is listed on as a "Contributor" with a short bio. The "Wayback" internet archive link you have in the article above is empty, so I could not research that. It has his twitter and linked in and facebook, but so far, the only bad thing is a "ripoff report" I read a couple days ago and looked up some of the facts there, which in my opinion exonerated him, but maybe I missed some things. (I could not find a binding contract or proof of a bankruptcy, for example, and I have legal skills, I really debunked someone on this on Waves complaint independently because I was offended by the misreps as he did not care to read the content like I did.)

There was a website too,, but maybe it was not there when you looked. This is the first time for me seeing it.

I'm intimidated from saying anything hopeful or positive from my due diligence so far right now given your vitriolic responses I read above and name calling or accusations of others (ad hominem attacks, why do this instead of just dispassionately presenting actual facts or opinions supported by facts), but I will try to follow the crypto crumbs of the wallet movements you posted, and that is something I don't really fully understand. It will be a good learning experience. It will open my mind up a little, we all have biases.

I have 100 of your "cryptogoldseek" and "cryptosilverseek" (I paid $100 I think for its ICO) held in my Waves wallet I opened (and Chris sent me 9 waves to start), and according to Waves, your tokens are unverified just as the MNY and COE I bought (it sounds like not as high a price as you paid luckily).

So with little but growing rapidly knowledge so far on these things, but knowing how COE/MNY were created out of thin air at Waves and lost that authentic green "verified token" checkmark recently, I'm a little bit concerned that your tokens must have also been similarly created and not being verified authentic either. Now I have to ask, on behalf of your paid subscribers, whether we need to be concerned. Does it not trade or have any place to redeem, and for what value? I don't intend to trade it if it has future (gold and silver-backed) value anyway, just asking since your article here has really opened my eyes to what your broadcast got me into and, it seems, anyone can create a token like the Fed creates $USD and ICO-sell it on Waves (I used Paypal to buy yours so it was just cash). It's really remarkable. I'll try to complete my due diligence soon.

You need to ask this question to Chris of the radio show. I am sure that he has whatever you paid for as I have known him over a decade and to be an honest hard working individual unlike Daniel Harrison.

Personally, I have absolutely not involvement or goldseek has no official coins or involvement in this. Chris wanted to promote a great crypto idea with silver but we are not participating in developing it further at this time.

Please speak with Chris and he will certainly be able to answer these questions. If you do not get the responses you need, I will get them for you.

A normal argument in backing MC is this "They are doing so much work behind the scenes, and building the MC future."
How do you really know that is true?
Those are just words on a Slack Messenger screen. Dan and Josh could be playing everyone like a fiddle. All we have to go by is the facts that the ICO's crashed horribly. Dan tells you to buy MNY, it crashes. Dan tells you to buy COE, it crashes. Dan tells you to buy ZUR, it crashes. Do you see the pattern?
"transfer this." "Stay in waves." "Move COE to cryptopia." "We're moving to Bittrex."
"Dont use waves." "You can use Waves if you need to." "stop buying." "start buying."
The people 'behind the scenes' seem like this is their first attempt at being a business. Like little experience-less children that are trying to scramble to build a tree house only for the tree house to collapse on them later. Up to this point many things have just been talk with no real product.
There is talk on the cyber net of one of Dan's friends who is setting up a stock brokerage like 'call center' in Bangkok that will be based on getting investors to invest in Monkey Capital's ICO's. Really? Is that really happening? Or is that just "drunken Slack talk?"

Daniel M Harrison..... look i don't ever use the word "Hate" but i think i hate that dude so much. absolute weasel!
For someone to go out of their way to try and upset peoples lives is so fucked up.
I hope you read this you piece of shit! you are one the most hated people on the internet you low life dog. I hope that one day, whatever country your in someone kicks the shit out of you, actually... i hope the whole country kicks the shit out of you and then spits on you.

yep ive skipped it, first it looked interesteding but then i didnt feel it..

good for me

Thanks for the heads up buddy! So much te beware of in these times. Pirates/Hackers everywhere.

great read i was very close to buying and now i read this and im informed . much tanks

One Coin Scam and Monkey Capital Scam taking a friendly selfie photo together. The Law of Attraction works well with Daniel -- scammers stick together, work together, steal together:

Thank you for the detailed post. Indeed some serious red flags and lack of transparency. No official communication whatsoever, the Slack and some comments below seem like a cult (religion), a lot of arrogance and no answers (if you do question some things and show your concerns they just called you a troll and ban you, even if you are an investor).

Welcome. I was not pleased to use my Sunday to rage against someone, this is not my nature and never done this before but I never seen anything like this transpire so quickly... but I have seen similar characteristics of small cap junior mining companies that lie to people to pay themselves a nice $400k.year lifestyle... Daniel and his "friends" did a great job marketing lies they had no intention of doing it appears by the way they gave away their Monkeys $MNY to the market. Yes, the ICO date went by and no updates.. officially the site forwards to another, the personal website of Daniel is offline, the article on another site saying that he is not the Editor In Chief and the bs continues. Bizzare how the communications went dry, I was told you need to pay to get into their chat where you get to listen to head preacher monkey.. he hands out his crypto kool aid to his disciplined followers.

So much arrogance from him.. deceptions and yes, the more and more deceptions that built it just pushed me over. I really, really hope in some small way this could be a wake up call for him to do something good, he has the millions in BTC's so why not actually return the monkey money back! Doubt it. Cost of living in Singapore is VERY pricey. And going to Hong Kong and to Thailand for his "fun"

I would love to be wrong. I would write a sincere apology to Daniel. Since he is trolling and reading these comments,

HARRISON -- do what is right! You have taken a LOT of people's money and it better not be in your personal bank account for your lifestyle expenses. Start being truthful with what you are doing or NOT doing. Stop changing your stories, titles, coins and do the hard work that it takes to make a real success story.

The project stinks every way you look at it!

Agreed, and another one I wouldn't trust at all is Centra... I wouldn't invest in either one even if I had a gun to my head.

It is a true waste of time and resources to give it our attention and money! But I am writing this to warn others! VERY SHADY activity! I added a MNY chart that shows the times they dumped MNY. No August 8 ICO for MNY.. just started trading prior and the only one with the 1B coins started dumping them. Hmmmmm

"they dumped MNY." - You do not even know that it was for platform testing, which showed flaws in waves platform. You really do not know nothing...

Ok THANK YOU new account "ico hunter" .. or is it really DANIEL HARRISON or a Monkey groupie, or one of the monkey marketing members.. FOR CLARIFYING THAT you were just dumping MNY onto the markets for TESTING!

FINALLY an "explanation" of why they were selling hundreds of millions of coins. TO TEST THE MARKET! THAT IS FREAKING AMAZING RESPONSE.

Yes, I really know nothing except MNY now not in control of Daniel Harrison but the bagholders who were testing how the platform. Oh this is good!

Hi Daniel Harrison! Yes, you gave away promotional coins and I was on your receiving end to get my attention from these promotional coins. I also returned them back after realizing what was going on and any hope of my support fell apart after digging into your history.

Show me the transaction

Looks like i screwed up and sent back 5 instead of 4. Keep the change

Do want to also see the transaction where I paid 0.505 BTC for your scamcoin = COEVAL?

Yes, your account is SUPER SHADY:

Just defending yourself Daniel?

Attacking me somehow by showing how I was given something and returned it b/c I didnt want them from you? Oh yes, let's address your MNY dumping, your history, your deflections, your deceitful nature. Editor in Chief in name only! I love your level of audacity .. you really dont care about people, just whatever it takes.

Thanks for your serious contributions to this article.

I am getting a lot of emails and there is a lot of traffic going on this article. For those still in COE, I think you might see a nice spike in it as the monkey's may run it up a bit to calm down the angry bag holders. This article may prompt them to do a quick spike higher and recycle some of their claimed BTC profits from their "ICO" - market dumping... and this could result in a great opportunity to sell it to them.

But there are so many ICO's or crypto deals to select from which does not have these questions all around them. Why stay stuck in a lost deal.. opportunity cost if you are still sitting around waiting another month for the surprise bonus money market bs they are trying to get people to hodl and put more of their money into it.

Always another carrot by the monkeys!

dmhco Daniel M. Harrison tweeted @ 11 Aug 2017 - 12:32 UTC

You who have come at me will learn that the minute you put my back up against a wall, that was the minute I won thi……

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

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Daniel Mark Harrison has a lot of interesting history that is being discovered.

Here is another RIP OFF REPORT regarding Daniel Market Harrison a few years ago:

"Similar to the few cases previously reported on this website for The Mill and Orchard point property in Traffod, UK. I am a buyer of Olicana house in Bradford and just received a call from my agent Hong Kong Homes yesterday saying that the developer Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. Has gone bankrupt and demanding advance payment for the remaining 50% of the property price to another company that is taking over to complete this renovation project. To date, I have not received any news regarding the development of this case, but I have checked the UK bankruptcy and insolvency register and found that the company is dissolved. Having read the reports from other victims, I worry that this might turn into an opportunity for this new company to further rip me off on other items that I am not aware of (such as obtaining some government permits for occupation etc)."

Where we are talking millions and billions and zillions, it is sure to attract scammers. Buyer beware. Caveat emptor.

Thank you for the information, but I would not have spent a nickle to buy any of this crypto currency.

Wow love your investigative article its sad how this guys can get away with all of this. It is the very reason that i do t trust ico's until there is a decent track record a year or so later. Love the way you presented this post. I have a big favour to ask please. I'm currently raising some funds on the steemit community and would like you to check out my article dedicated to my friend who has stage 4 cancer you'll find it @rogerblu. All upvotes and money made from this post will go towards her medical treatment. Thanks and again loved your article you have me hooked budd...@goldseek

Although full of assumptions congratz on the work of putting all this up together

i hate that guy so much

Thank you friend

We should never invest without a dip search on people and project.

Hi Daniel Harrison! Yes, you gave away promotional coins and I was on your receiving end to get my attention from these promotional coins. I also returned them back after realizing what was going on and any hope of my support fell apart after digging into your history.

haha this has been the best post to read. i have laughed so much. Daniel Harrison is a joke. wtf are you doing Daniel Harrison you retard.
goldseek if there is a way to take this guy down, im in
the dude is absolute scum

Hi Chippa, we are dealing with a very sick person who preys off people who wanted to support, believe in him and give him money. Instead he steals, scams and now is writing a new reality book about how his overnight scam sensation was attacked by... well read this garbage the fantasy writer posted on his site for his new book. He is a deranged person messed up by either poor morals, values or the drug abuse he like to gloat about: "After launching two tokens which rose over 15,000%, making overnight millionaires out of working class families-of-four, compounding their efforts to enact a takeover of an entire public Blockchain as well as that of rival ICOs, the two quickly found their success terrorised by "troll attacks" across internet chat rooms. Harrison and Hawley were under attack, and it was Putin's army that was trying to suppress their Capitalist technological uprising. This thrilling tale is one of how Harrison and Hawley gathered the best minds at the top American multinational corporations to deflect the attempt to stop them." - The Blockchain Manifesto: How Monkey Is Installing Capitalism On The World's Virtual Economy"

Harrison could have played a fair and honest ICO that would have made a lot of people wealthy including his clients/himself and created a trusted brand in a new evolving (crypto) market. He got greedy and messed it up, took the fast and easy buck. Now he is trying to blame everyone but himself. I myself will make sure his name remains well remembered in the coin world so he has no chance of doing this again to innocent, trusting people. We are a very large group of Crypto investors and his name was mentioned today by a few of us and he is considered a joke. Harrison if you are reading this and I am sure you lost a lot of people money and you should stay well clear of the crypto sector. We hope you made enough money off Coeval/Monkey con to warrant never being taken seriously again in what will become one of the largest future investment sectors which you will now be excluded from!

Thank you for your reply and it is good to see that others will not let Harrison get away with investors money so easily. I agree, Harrison could have done something good for many investors but he decided to cheat and lie and mined investors for their money instead. He has tried to blame many others for his actions including me for questioning and revealing his actions.

Keep up the good work mate!

A minute ago, you were backing monkey group, then after the Waves fiasco, you decided not only to hedge your concerns, but also go on the attack to salvage your brand's reputation. Pretty despicable tbh. You know, sometimes in life, people make bad decisions, but true people accept their mistakes, make an apology, and move on. But, apparently, this is not the way you conduct business. Instead , you do a hatchet job in order to deflect any responsibility from your company. An apology and some humility would go further, if what you say is true. But, you know it's not true Peter, and that is why you choose steemit as a platform for your comments. Where is the official statement, published from your offices saying the same? Surely, if it's true, you would not be afraid to say these things in a public statement, although that would leave you open to defamation laws.

GoldSeek never officially supported or backed these monkeys. I have NEVER spoken with Daniel, only publicly to get answers but he does NOT give any. NONE! he did come on the podcast and the host of the show did give him initial support but he has since come out and made a sincere apology after realizing the nature & character of the snake oil salesman. I have only made public comments saying that I am very SKEPTICAL and that I find many yellow and red flags with this one. I took that to the host of the radio show and agreed that this was not what Daniel was presenting. So yes, there was support from the radio show host but goldseek was not backing them and I have only but made public comments that QUESTIONS what is going on (and no reply from the monkeys except insults!) and public statements sharing what I see and what the responses have been. So here is my public statement and article despite me never being supportive of it or goldseek officially. Again, listen to the latest show and at 1 minute you can hear an update from the weekly podcast on Monkey capital. I have gone beyond that to warn others with this article.

"Surely, if it's true, you would not be afraid to say these things in a public statement, although that would leave you open to defamation laws."

Ok -- i see. I look at your account and now that question. 99% sure that you are part of the monkey team or one of their cult followers who is hear to THREATEN.

BTW -- this article has and is being distributed through goldseek and its networks so there will be a lot of great exposure for those who also at first got excited by the ideas that Daniel was presenting.. and unfortunately on the show he got a platform to spew his bs. BS I say b/c most of what he has said has not transpired and only suspicious activity and questions addressed here.

Anyways, thank you for your comment Daniel Harrison (?) or his fellow Monkeys!

Interesting that I listened to not less than 3 interviews with Daniel Harrison from Monkey Capital on Gold Seek radio where Monkey Capital was enthusiastically and repeatedly endorsed as THE ICO to invest in. And now I can't seem to find those interviews on your website. Why did you remove them? Maybe you stop making side deals with Sasha from Waves and let people make their own investment decisions. This article screams of a desperate attempt to discredit Monkey Capital because it threatened the Waves platforms plans from siphoning off millions of dollars.

Nice NEW account btw. The monkey team is out on the attack trying to defend himself or themselves

Yes, you are correct. They are removed. They were NOT authorized interviews and went beyond the boundaries of goldseek. No companies can be officially endorsed by goldseek until it is vetted and as soon I saw this and did so, that is when things changed. And no, this will not happen again on the radio show.

I did not receive ANY compensation from them, GoldSeek did not get anything! Harrison came on and got exposure, used his promotional tricks to give away coevals... giving away to listeners. I received a few to get my attention, but I returned those back.

I do not know who Sasha is, I never have spoken with anyone from Waves Monkey Capital or Daniel.
The interviews were an un-authorized endorsement by the show's host and Daniel should have never been allowed to be on.
Chris has made a very sincere apology realizing that he was NOT presented truthful information by Daniel and that can be heard in the last week's radio show.

Man, you are really PARANOID. Everyone commenting, and pointing out that YOU MAY BE WRONG is Daniel Harrison.

Paranoid yet a private email to Daniel Harrison is being posted in these comments? Come on, Im paranoid for calling him out for posting this... trying to frame a belief that was negated with the return of his bs promo coins to me.

Ask Daniel why he needs to take an email from someone else that was sent to him and post it.

Does he like to post private emails? Maybe he can share some of his private ones with his team where it explains what their business strategies are?

Wow. This is another low for Daniel. Posting private emails.

Well as I have said, I have NEVER spoken with Daniel and all my stuff is public. Daniel is the one DEFLECTING here again. SEE IT YET? Jesus, let the blind see!

I ask basic questions and Daniel replies with insults and cannot give a basic freaking response. So if he is willing to be transparent and start being honest, he has a chance to do so. I Would be thrilled to make a public apology to him should he start being honest and have a legitimate response to some SERIOUS questions. Like why did MNY ICO not occur? but it was listed before. Then the creator of the coins DUMPED them on the market at the best bids, trying to be SNEAKY how they took the MNY coins and sold, got the BTC's and transferred out. So the ICO was a BS story, instead they hit the best bids and raised money, got it out. I asked Harrison on his live webinar and he deflected. I asked him on his twitter but someone with 2 masters degrees cannot give a basic reply.

He is dishonest, insulting 7th generation Harrison who has not accomplished anything except inherit a good name and monies. Now we are supposed to rally behind him and just listen to the newest STORY?

MILLIONS of dollars have been made selling coins on the market. WHY DID he dump on the market, no ICO, takes website off, tells others he is someone who he is not...

Pile of crapola lies is all I see and nasty character who is INCAPABLE of speaking clearly, responding to basic and important questions.

As you can see by his trolls (or him) in these replies, he is trying to attack me and NOT ADDRESS the issues.

So I rest my point.

Uh no, real person and real account here and I would be happy to provide that proof to you. Heres the thing, I never claimed that you received compensation. So why not do what most legitimate companies do. Issue a brief statement saying we do not endorse or support Monkey Capital and therefore will be removing the interviews from our site. That's it, that's all you have to do. But you went beyond the scope of your professionalism by attacking an individual. And even if it was a scam, who made you the protector of the worlds investors. If you're going to go down that path then start warning your subscribers of every other investment scam on the internet. Oh that's right because you have a personal beef with Daniel Harrison for whatever reason. Personally I don't care, but I am free to invest my money where I choose without having to listen to your frivolous dribble. Get a life for crying out loud.

The issue is that the people who were told certain things that did not transpire except market dumping practices on MNY and it looks like ZUR and COE the same, many people who are upset are contacting me so that is what the issue is... that many people who trust US are telling me that we have someone that is not to be trusted for many reasons given above.

Hi (AGAIN!) Daniel Harrison. Thank you for all the new fake accounts on Steemit. I hope you remember all your passwords ;)

My response is above. The promotional coins you were giving out, i returned them b/c I did not want ANYTHING from you.

Hello, thank you goldseek for engaging on this issue. I think Chris sincerely believed in the plan, in the White Paper and presented the idea. He couldn't have known that dishonest Daniel would deviate so desperately from the designed ico. Daniel destroyed Coeval by dumping MNY. He cancelled the ico because he wasn't able to raise any private money, and as you can clearly see from the chart, once the plummet started new money never came into the coin. I'd like to see goldseek continue to follow the story and issue warnings for any future "coins" he may attempt to foist on the unsuspecting. Thanks again for your excellent post and follow up!!

Thank you for that. Daniel indeed has been dishonest and the $35M or whatever numbers was thrown out there, with the credibility of his background.. which we now can see is partial lies or dishonest ones. The whole thing did not play out as it was despite him having so much going for him. He had so many good people supporting him... I will keep following certainly and will do an update on his next shenanigans.

Looks like those who trolled me are now suing Daniel Harrison

Here's my "backing" of Monkey Capital. First every comment on them and made it clear what my view of it is:

And the ever loving Daniel Harrison chimed in this twitter activity with his always kind remarks:

I bought UK properties (1 unit in Block A of Empress Mill in Manchester (“Mill A”)and 2 units in Olicana House in Bradford) where the real developer is Empirical Property Group Limited / its related company although Absolute Living Developments Ltd. (“ALD”), which in fact is an agent, presented itself as the developer. ALD is now in liquidation.

Buyers started to find problems around the end of July 2015 when in the case of Mill A they were demanded to pay ground rent and service charge which are not supposed to be paid by them given the net rental guarantee they have been promised when purchasing their Mill A units.

In December 2015, it was reported in the media that Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. (“DMH & Co.”), a Singapore based property development company founded by the scion of Europe’s oldest security printers Harrison & Sons has agreed to take over the business activities of ALD and DMH & Co. acquired the White House development in Runcorn from ALD in November 2015. The President and CEO of DMH & Co., namely Mr. Daniel Mark Harrison came to Hong Kong in December 2015 and met ALD project buyers purporting to offer rescue plans but in fact was for the purpose of marketing the White House project. Mr. Harrison became ALD’s director on 3 December 2015 and was the sole director and sole shareholder of ALD on the date of petition for the winding up of ALD.

After the issue of winding up order of ALD on 12 April 2016, in June 2015, Mr. Harrison again came to Hong Kong presenting rescue plans to buyers of ALD projects, which involve buying by a ALD project buyer a unit in the White House project at a discount with a promise to buy back the ALD project unit from that buyer given. I joined this scheme and paid £4,000 as reservation fee and Mr. Daniel Mark Harrison has promised to lend me the amount to be paid on exchange of contract. However, no sale and purchase contract in relation to the White House unit I have reserved has been signed or exchanged and in fact no draft of such contract has been sent to me. Yet I have been requested to make repayment to Mr. Harrison by instalments GBP500 x 11 months.

There are some ALD project buyers that have joined the scheme but it may be that the terms offered to the buyers are not uniform and vary from buyer to buyer as buyers have been told to keep the terms offered to them confidential. So far I have paid £9,500 because of joining the scheme (in the form of reservation fee and loan repayment).

In addition to investing in the White House project, buyers who have joined the buy back scheme have been asked to make other investments in schemes run by Mr. Harrison / his company. I am already relatively lucky as for these extra investments I have only participated in one - loan and share buyback note as attached where the Singaporean company called Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. Pte. Ltd. acted as the guarantor. The IPO mentioned in the loan and share buyback note has not taken place and neither is there any repayment of the amount lent or payment of interest promised. Nor has there been any share certificate given to me.

In May 2017, Mr. Harrison sent me a e-mail saying that in order for the buy back scheme to continue I have to invest £100,000. I do not have money and have been unable to meet his request. I have then repeatedly demanded the return of my payments (both for the investment in the White House project and the loan and share buyback note) but up till now I still have not received any money back even though sometimes he said he would arrange payment and has even sent me the image of a payment instruction purporting to make payment to me, the payment advise is fake.

Daniel Harrison has been playing around with ALD victim, made 2nd damage for people who already lost money. I look forward to see him in jail.

Thank you for your kind attention.

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