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RE: COIN SCAM ALERT -- Beware of Monkey Capital and Its Head Monkey Daniel Harrison!

I wonder if this venomous article is a way to appease your audience who were told about the monkey capital project and subsequently invested? The interviewer expressed genuine awe at what was being proposed and his enthusiasm was hard to ignore.
Have you tried asking Harrison with an attitude of genuine curiosity, instead of coming at him on the attack?
I invested in MC at a high price and subsequently went through a roller coaster of emotions . It was my first ICO and the goldseek interview was a huge factor in my decision to invest.
Am I disappointed at the way it's panned out? Sure. I was a very vocal critic until I joined the MC slack group and saw that Harrison isn't running into the hills with bags of btc...
Take these facts into consideration:
A $500k domain investment.
The purchase of an existing and stable block chain platform to host all monkey capital assets. (ZUR)
Appointment of a media manager.
Daily updates to investors in the slack group.
White paper updates.
A coding project to create a platform to interface with the new MC blockchain. No expense was spared to find someone with proven results (pipdroid trading app) and they're working round the clock to get the platform up and running.
And there's more..
Why would a scammer do any of this?
Chris, I urge you to call a truce and spend some time getting to know the guy that you are insulting in this article. Maybe even another interview?
You might be surprised at what you find out re: the work going on behind the scenes.


"Venomous articles" are the perfect response to venomous ICO's like MC's. Totally appropriate response to an unfunny joke such as Monkey Capital.

Hello Daniel Harrison and/or Monkey Capital. Nice new account, welcome to Steemit! you are creating lots of accounts, sorry for all the extra work!

Nice new promo material for the next pump. Still not interested.

hahaha hows all these fake fucking accounts. all clearly monkey capital. so much effort involved

They are mostly DANIEL HARRISON. He is fuming upset because he does not want the attention as he is working on a NEW COIN!

Threatens the amount of new people he can scam.

Spread the word

i have been man. i hate this guy so much

Nope, real person and supporter of MC and so is Pilot and countless others. Here's my fb:

This shows the type of person you are, immediate bias while doing a google search to try to find all the FUD posts compiled into one.

Go bury yourself in the sand, you and your company are traitors to your own audience.

Not sure if theres a point talking to him, he did deleted some tweets already, badmouthing monkey capital.
I do not understand idiots who buy HIGH, and then cry when it drops.

not sure who you are speaking of, I did NOT delete ANY tweets. probably referring to DH? he is deleting a lot of stuff, changing his background and resume and blocking and hiding his sites and taking them offline and on and on and on

Keeping drinking the kool-aid! You make a great cult follower.

And Petey, when you have something useful to share, please come back and answer what happened with MNY ICO, why did it start a week before and why is there evidence of them dumping their hundreds of millions of coins onto the market?

I ask simple questions. I get attacked. That is the expose I am giving. I'd love to make a positive post but Harrison only gives out lies and new stories to his groupies.. he preys on the weak and hopeful. Not the ones who look beyond the hopium he sells to them.

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