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OneCoin in a Nutshell

OneCoin is a international Ponzi scheme, that pays off old investors with fresh money from new victims.

Being accused of fraud in about every country in this world, it is next to impossible for the small victims to get their money out. Frozen bank accounts, leaders being arrested and an ongoing campaign to expose the fraud are showing their effects.

Yet they manage to attract "investors" with big buzzwords like "Bitcoin Competitor" "Blockchain" "Cryptocurrency", mainly amongst those who are uninvolved with all of that. Every half-savy crypto user will instantly spot, there is no Blockchain, this is not a cryptocurrency and it stinks from a mile away. There is plenty of publicly available info that all, evidently, leads to OneCoin being a scam.


OneCoin could not prove the existence of any blockchain whatsoever. Since they announced to make the blockchain go "public" soon ( whatever the fuck that means ), they realized they will need something to show for til that date.

Desperately they were looking for someone capable of creating a blockchain for them, with every sane person turning down that offer. After all, nobody wants his name associated with such a blatant scam.... except for MARCELO GARCIA-CASIL!

I do not say he actively scammed somebody. But he took money to develop a tool that allows scammers to keep on frauding.
He was confronted with it and did not show a sense of guilt or remorse in any way.

Being questioned by an actual Blockchain expert, Bjorn Bjercke, who was ALSO hit up by Onecoin to develop said Blockchain, GARCIA-CASIL answers looked really bleak :

Monkey Capital ICO

This ICO promises to deliver an ERC20 token that is paying dividends on their trading ventures. Could well be, not saying this is a scam.
Overall, the ANN thread lacks a lot of information and is not really trust evoking in my opinion.
But 1/3 of their executive team at least has no problem with making money by actively supporting and working for a known scam.

Please think twice before investing in this ICO and as always, do your own due dilligence.


I just recieved a lenghty answer from a guy who appears to be DANIEL M. HARRISON, explaining the situation


Alright, sounds partly plausible but he is the guy who could debunk a multi million dollar scam, yet he doesn´t.
By agreeing to "analyse" the current system, he should/must have known that an existant analysis validates OneCoins claims of having a blockchain.


It´s like hiring a guy to analyse and audit the value of all my estates in st. tropez and afterwards claiming the audit/analysis proofs their existence. He was willingly accepting that imo.

Now it´s up to you to judge ! Please express your thoughts in the comments below.


There are many clones coming up soon, so beware, like dascoin...

very sad, my dads friend invest 19,000$ in a onecoin "token package". scammers need to be locked up and burn in hell

absolutely, please help spread the word by resteeming this article.
Really sorry for your dad, getting scammed is humilating.

not my dad but my dads friend, but still sad

Daniel Harrison's project is a scam. Please beware. We lost many ETH to his defunct Coeval. His project keeps shifting ground like a nomad. Please don't invest in his useless monkey project.

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