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This morning - grey and all outside - I finally checked out this newly launched Social Media platform called ONG. With an excellent cup of coffee (I use a stove percolator to make my coffee and the beans I buy at a local coffee roaster) I explored ONG a bit, and re-posted one of my Steemit articles (this one here). Am looking forward to the effects! Always exciting to try out something new!

ONG seems to be a social media platform build around an advertisement model, with a free and payed subscription model to give the service creators/owners/developers a revenue stream. The good thing is: ONG shares - part of - the advertisement revenues with the users to give the users a revenue stream! Since launch they were US Dollar based, but now they are integrating their own crypto currency into the service Note: the coin broke out recently, around January 11th. I have no opinion yet on this service, when I have I'll let you know :) Feel free to check it out yourself @ ONG (don't worry, the link is not a referral link or something).

While navigating through ONG, I was very pleased what I was hearing. Based on a recommendation by @mammasitta I checked out DJ Koze and am now listening to a recording of some years ago. Koze is a German house producer/DJ I never heard of before, but sounds pretty good - and that is an understatement! :) The set is for sure not a standard house set; it has flavours of disco, is very dynamic, it has its deep and dark episodes, as well as it happy moments. I'm impressed! Reason for me to share this recording with you!

NJOY Your Saturday and DJ Koze

Artist: DJ Koze
Set: Resident Advisor Podcast 145
Year: 2009
Country: Germany







Resident Advisor



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BTW: my Steemit article shared/posted on ONG network you can find with this link: Should have included it in the post, but just a moment ago figured out how to get the URL to the post on ONG. They don't have a copy URL, and the URL of the post is also not shown in the browsers URL bar. I needed to pretend that I share with Facebook, or some other traditional social media service and take the URL from going through that process. A flaw in their system that Steemit is not added to their list of social media to share ONG articles with!

BTW: DJ Koze recording is now in REPEAT! Super cool set!

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I am here :) and also on repeat with Koze :)

Yep, met you already at ONG! :)

I am still playing this Koze set hahahaha !!!

hahaha cool :)

He kind of lost me though at The end of his set

Yeh, know what you mean, the opening was very strong, then a good part, and the end, yeh, guess he was tired :)

Listening to the DJ Koze set now. Always happy to receive new and exciting house and electronica. Thanks for the share.

Let me know what you think of what you hear! Through @qsounds you can find a LOT of electronic music!

I very much liked what I heard. Will try out some more of his sets also. Thanks for the introduction to @qsounds - I will head over there now and take a look. I am thinking I will like what I see (or hear more to the point).

Super! :)

Weeeh, I love DJ Koze!!!

@edje & @mammasitta, you guys should check out International Pony, I think you will enjoy!
Are you guys into Aphex Twin or Squarepusher ?

I love the whole album!

This is divine!!!

Weeeeh, I love all of his stuff & own most of it!

Will check it out! And when I like it, I may even post about it! :)
Aphex Twin: YES! To my liking! Today I actually posted about him? And done that previously as well, link also in todays post, his forst album that was.

Sweet, looking forward to find out if you liked it!! @edje & @mammasitta, I am a musician myself, am competing in contest & battles here on #steemit, if you are interested you can find my latest entries on my blog ;) <3 Would love to hear what you think!

Koze is awesome, I believe he runs a record label called Pampa, which is decent too.

Will have to check that one out!

I am so pleased that you are pleased 😀 and now I need a big cup of strong coffee because I was smoking too much Shisha last night
@fourfourfun A wonderful label!!!!

Now I need to check out the label FOR SURE! :) Enjoy your early afternoon coffee!

He also produced an awesome track with another one of My Favourites, Apparat! I think I wrote about this one. If not, I must do soon :)

Do It! :)

I curated today but soon I write again after Ice swimming tomorrow in the danube

Interesting, let me know your experience moving forward

So far earned 0.001 something $ and cant claim it because they freezed the wallet due to coin implementation :) With free subscription you get 10% of ad revenue, they say. Just open an account. I posted some of my Steemit articles there :) UI is nice.

Are there Turkish members on this platform?

There are!!!

Thanks for answering the question; I read it wrong apparently :)

Sama sama:)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Interesting question :) No, actually I'm born in Western Europe, but I feel like I'm a world citizen and see myself as being part of the universe community.

There are some very good songs in this mix ! 🔊


About the ONG platform i find it a little bit laggy and slow. But i gues they will fix that soon :)

Have the same experience, bit slow indeed. But UI I like, better than Steemit, with more features. I think only a very few users on the platform.