STEEM Ranked #5 Best Crypto by Weiss Ratings - Top Crypto Rated by Weiss Ratings

Weiss Ratings, an independent ratings agency, just released their first ever cryptocurrency ratings for many of the top cryptoassets. And guess who is in the Top 5 rated? Yup, it's STEEM! You might be surprised to see some of your favorite crypto with low rankings, and some you probably don't expect, with solid ratings. Let's talk about what this means and why you should take it with a grain of salt.

Here is the PDF of the ratings issued:

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Actually steem is not number 5, it is number 3,4, or 5. There are 2 cryptos which get the top ranking of “b” and 3 which get the next level down of “b-“.

Here is the ranking:

B Eos
B Etherum
B- Steem
B- Neo
B- Cardano

Bitcoin gets a rank of C+
Bitcoin cash is ranked at C-
Ripple gets a rank of C

No crypto is ranked A.

Several score “F” for fraud, or fail.

Steem has so much value. It will show in the price path:

STEEM & SBD - Update - Analysis (42% and 54% gains) — Steemit

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 23.25.58.png

thanks for the chart will take a good look later

Yeah Steem is more than undervalued, it is a pretty recent company, same for the coin. It's will reach the moon or even Jupiter by the end of the year !

Sell in May and go away. Maybe! LOL

Lol just saw your post, you knew it ;)

Funny thing is that they didn't listed IOTA on their list.

If pics are not clear Click Here



IOTA is exactly what I came here to see.
This is a trend I keep seeing.
Perhaps it's not quite seen as a traditional crypto?

Creating The Tangle is an extremely ambitious project as is the alternative RaiBlocks. My impression, based on their own poorly-managed news feeds, is that these projects are not particularly well managed. They compare very poorly with Cardano which is my 3rd Generation choice.

I'm sure it had no correlation with today's status BUT damn -- Steem is killing it on Coin Market Cap -- up 55% as of 10 tonight! Biggest mover in top 50 -- aside from IOS.

Thanks for that, couldn't get the PDF without signing up

Not to worry, PDF version is right here for you. Here it is

Always ready to help.

I couldn’t find binance coin on it


Here's my own expert ranking:

  1. EOS
  2. Stellar
  3. Steem
  4. Dogecoin
  5. Cardano

Generally I agree with the ratings and hodl Neo, Cardano & Ethereum. However I don't understand the attraction of EOS and prefer Litecoin, mainly for sentimental reasons (I first bought it when it was $8.67 back in 2014). I also have something in Ether tokens, mainly OMG.

What do you not see in EOS? You are using the platform of the creator @dan. The almighty Dan has created Steemit, Bitshares, and now EOS to put Ethereum to shame. I would highly recommend reading up on what EOS has to offer to the community because it is coming by storm when it launches. God Bless

Thanks, my first impressions were not as favourable as for Cardano but I'll look into it some more.

Thanks for information, upvoted.

I mentioned that I would take a further look at EOS and possibly buying some tokens. The issue I have is that the EOS blockchain is not yet funtioning so these are simply tokens that have been launched on the Ethereum blockchain by which is a company based in the Cayman Islands. The purchase agreement with that company states:

7.1 No Rights, Functionality or Features. EOS Tokens have no rights, uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities or features, express or implied. EOS Tokens do not entitle holders to participate on the EOS Platform, even if the EOS Platform is launched and the EOS.IO Software’s development is finished and the EOS.IO Software is adopted and implemented.
7.2. EOS Platform. Buyer should not purchase EOS Tokens in reliance on the EOS Platform because EOS Tokens are not usable on the EOS Platform and do not entitle Buyer to anything with respect to the EOS Platform.

So my question is, what exactly are you paying for? You aren't buying a share in the company so you are not a part owner, you are not buying into an ICO so you aren't purchasing a coin that can be traded on the EOS blockchain (so giving you a stake in the blockchain), you are simply buying an intagible 'asset' from a company based off-shore. Once the EOS blockchain has been launched, what rights will these tokens give you? How will they continue to derive value? This would be my primary concern about 'investing' at the present time in EOS.

Do sentimental reasons belong in business? ;)

Good question! I did say 'mainly for sentimental reasons' my other reasons being that Litecoin seems to work very smoothly compared to Bitcoin, transfers don't take long, mining is quicker and more profitable and I wanted to include a 1st Generation currency in my (small) portfolio.

LOVE Cardano! I think it is one of the best coins out there.

Cardano and Stelar have great potential and look very good for long term hold

I agree with you but in term of return on investment some money have way more potential. First exchanges as we saw with Binance and Kucoin but also the huge ICO like ton, WanChain.. You should have keep on eye on COSS and BIX. ADA et XRP to the moon !

I agree with you. For me

  1. EOS
  2. ADA
  3. XLM

I feel Cardano is under appreciated

But it's currently sitting in fifth place in terms of market capitalization ;-)

Watch out for Ripple, they have big plans, I'm sure Ripple will be the biggest Crypto one day

Completely depends on what you mean by crypto. XRP is very centralized and is aiming at banks transferring in and out to fiat quickly. It seems to me to be a new "wire transfer" (see western union deal). Completely different from the decentralized store of value and medium of exchange many cryptos are aiming at- let alone those that are/will be a dapp platform.

100% agree I have an acquaintance extolling the virtues of XRP as an appreciating asset all over their social media and has no idea of the core purpose of XRP and that a high value drives away their core customers. Aaaaaaand he lost his ass when it took a ride on the pain train last week :(

amazing post my steemit friends wish you good luk thank you

What happened to btc? It ought to be among the top ranking bs

I mistyped in the title, meant to say "Top 5", not #5, my apologies

@swissclive now i got to know how to make money of steemit.... JUst post about steem dollar or steemit and cyrptocurrency. India is launching soon jio coin JIO-COIN.jpg

At the end of the day what you post has to be useful and interesting. Why not read the Jiocoin white paper then do a blog about it?

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haha, thanks for sharing, i was interested but i guess we have to pay for this info ... i'm glad at least they didn't rate anyone an "A", that would stink of presumption

F for Tron and Ripple

cardano is a great project because it can change !

True and thanks for the clarification!

I don't agree with your Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple comments...
Here is my ranking:

A Ethereum
B+ Bitcoin
B+ Ripple
B Cardano
B Stellar
B- Steem
C Waves

These rankings by have created huge debate, and also huge hatred. If you look at Twitter, you can see the hatred and vitriol being poured out because someone’s coin was not chosen as number 1. Here are some examples from Twitter:




This guy is a genius <3

It's great seeing Steem start to become more prominent in the public eye!

Great for Steem but I dont agree with these rankings...Bitcoin C+? lol

great analysis

Nice. 😂

hahhahahahhahahha nice meme

i am a newcomer in steemit if any time come my bog thanks

how do you feel about bitcoin being banned in some countries?

tnx for upvote and resteem

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thats great! lol

IOTA will be rated soon. Conflicting sources tell us VERY different stories about it. It will be posted soon.

Any source for that? I hope they take all the real facts, that there are no and there were never any vulnerabilities as we know from today (twitter / reddit) and no FUD. So if they first check which story is right it's a smart move to wait with the grade for it before they spread more FUD.

Something new for me. I didn't​ know that. :D

Yep,,,,we be going down the Shitter soon.....

It’s funny I put up a similar post, amazing!

Awesome! I did not know about this website and happy to see steem at #5!!

I'm also happy that steem is getting this good press. Following @joeparys cuz I'm seeing him every where. lol

Lolz. I do have the same reason for following him.
Well, its good and motivating to see the STEEM at 5th rank. I think STEEMIT is the best platform for freelancers where anybody could take start with nil investment and can earn handsome rewards if he continue to work persistently.

This is wow. This is one of the best news i have heard this week. Wow am so happy! Steem no 5! @joeprays and @crytobobby.

yes thats great. the steemit is a very good platform with a large number of users.
Lets connect with each other. together we will grow fast and make steemit bigger than that.

Nice to see I have 3 out of the top 5 in my portfolio. So the question becomes....should I add one more and if so, which one.

What do folks here think, NEO or EOS?

@law251, read your words on EOS and cannot help but be interested in those questions. Still....wonder what others think and more importantly, why. I'm always going to delve into my own research, but having a direction or clue that points to pertinent info never hurts.

The PDF was taken down and put behind a paywall, but now it's circulating Twitter:

Thanks for linking to this tweet! I wanted to have a look at it, but I didn't think it was worth registering and paying for just to have a quick look.

I took pictures of it while it was up in my steemit

Steem has proven to be the fastest and cheapest with the most transactions

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Seems like the PDF link no longer works.

Dude you are the best. Upvoted :)

This is great news to see steem climb to number 5 on the chart, greater days ahead

Nice. Great update on the ratings.

See, I told you after your last video, that EOS and STEEM are the way to go ;)))

Top class research work.

This is great. It's nice to hear from someone else what we Steemians already know.

Sick! That's great confirmation that we're all on the right track! Thanks for the post!


For me Steem is number 3-5 after Bitcoin, Ether and (maybe) EOS and Litecoin

Nice post! I haven’t followed anyone new ina while!

Finally steem is starting to get the recognition and attention it deserves!

steem will be at first slot

Good video. I think steem has a bright future. I was happy with the rating. A B in the crypto world is like an A Good job @Ned

no doubt because I love spending time on steem :)

Regarding the site being down, I found this that might interest you:

"Weiss Ratings staff was up all night last night fending off denial of service attacks from Korea, as evidenced by numerous mentions on Korean social media of a concerted call to bring down the Weiss Ratings website. “Earlier commentary on social media expressed considerable fear we were about to release negative ratings on their preferred currencies,” said Weiss Ratings founder Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D. “So this may be an attempt to thwart our release today.”"
Article Here

Wow, this is sketchy! I wonder why they didn't want this to be published..

too many perhaps invested in Crypto currencies that are about to plummet would be my guess.

Ah, that makes sense. I would not be happy if I was holding lots of the coins who got very bad scores. Luckily most of my investments got a really good grade, so this report is only good news for me ;)

Interest in crypto-currency is really high in Korea. I suspect the Koreans got wind of this report and simply wanted a copy!

The S Koreand are sick and tired of their government FUD, they are also passionate about the crypto space and likely a bit on edge at this time.
In a way it is good to see that, because it shows that if their government does anything stupid in curtailing crypto action the people will take a strong stand.

good job rob

When will the masses finally stumble on Steem?

We have people buying Ethereum for over a thousand a coin. But nobody Seems that interested in Steem. Is it because steem is 'risky' because it isn't that popular?

Steem is one of the few cryptos with a proven use case, working product and hundreds of thousands(maybe millions) of users. Steem is without a doubt a top 10(maybe 5) crypto. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Steem WILL hit $100, I’m thinking before 2019!!!

Well said. You have point in this. Expecting it will rise.

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IMO based on the current market cap of the top 10 coins, Steem should probably be in the #9 position between NEO and NEM... well technically it should be #8 because bcash shouldn't even be in the top 10 to be honest.

Thanks for sharing the informative post.

I really hate Bitcoin's slow confirmation and over-the-top transaction fee. However putting Ethereum ahead of it makes my head spin.

Am so flabbergasted that steem is in the top 5..
It's unbelievable because the price is not really high...
But Wow..
The future of Steemit is bright

I started to write a reply at lunch today and just kept going so I turned it into a post! Thanks for the inspiration! Would love to know your thoughts.

Good news for Steemit users! :D


EOS HODLER are sitting back like.

Thanks for the insight saw an article yesterday that Steemit actually recorded a record amount of I think 1000000 new user. It shows that Steemit is on the right path Keep Moving Forward!!!!

Surely BITCONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECCCCCT. Should be on there somewhere in the review, at least to verify the coin integrity itself.

na da passe ich ja gut hir herIMG-20180111-WA0001.jpg

I will hit that subscribe button if you hit that record button! ;) :)

wow thats great news for all of us. @cryptobobby

Thank you for your timely news. Do you have the complete list?(the link above fails)

Good luck and good job. Thanks information @cryptobobby

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Crypto scams

Thanks for sharing... I use and Binance for my Cryptocurrency trading.

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I didn't get what are you trying to say in this picture. Can you please elaborate what do you mean by this?

Do you have any opinions on any ICO's?

Hello Steemians ! Kindly check my latest analysis on ETHOS cryptocurrency , also do comment if you have any question & upvote if you like it ! 😊

well that's reassuring!

Hello Steemians ! Kindly check my latest analysis on ETHOS cryptocurrency , also do comment if you have any question & upvote if you like it ! 😊

Watchout Facebook! We're coming for ya!!

Very help cheers dude..

It's really good new that gradually Steem is going upward and as per Weiss it's on fifth position. Hope it will move upward more.
Thanks for sharing @cryptobobby

Nice it

Excellent news. I have new people signing up everyday.

Steem at #5 is a brilliant achievement! Let’s try and move up even more! Great job guys and gals!

Wow - I recall hearing about the Weiss ratings a few weeks ago and was super excited to see the list. I wasn't surprised by EOS being near the top, but Steem was a very pleasant surprise. A few days ago I decided to join this site after hearing about it and I saw its true potential. I can't wait to participate and generate some money at the same time. :waves hi to everyone:

I really appreciate how fast you got this video out. Awesome

Does someone know how dogecoin would be rated? Thanks in advance for answers :)

yeah it's really fantastic news for steem and the ecosystem in general, gonna be a hellva year.

aha! That's why NEO had a rally today!

follow me on steemit :D


Very nice post. Thank you bro.

Outstanding, Beautiful......

excelente info

great video @cryptobobby. being more diverse in different coins has more potential for gains

Steem will on the top soon!!
Nice information Boss!

Great and excellent article.
I have tried alot by investing in these type of coins but i think its all about your luck.
I lost every time and now i am searching of all new coins and signup there for free and earn alot of credit. I think this is the best way to earn now for me and also i suggest ot for all other investors.

Some of the info is legit. But i disagree with quite a bit. The beauty of platform like this are we can see things from the views of others and create a good dialogue!

tnat/s great resteemand upvote

I also believe that steemit will hit $100 somewhere after 9 months

Steem is the future. Because time is money, and Steem allows you to get payed on how much of your precious time you put in.

Couldn't care less what this list says, BTC, ETH and LTC speak for themselves.

Love me some cryptoboby, love me some crytpo happy hour.

Good info, thanks for sharing