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Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings Emerged as a first financial rating agency. They create rating on the basis of thousands of data points on each coin’s trading patterns, technology, and usage.

Here is their official rating :-
(A = excellent, B = good, C = fair, D = weak, E = very weak)

  1. B
    B EOS
    B Ethereum

2. B-

B- Cardano
B- Steem
B- Neo

3. C+

C+ Ark
C+ Bitcoin
C+ BitShare
C+ Byteball Bytes
C+ Dash
C+ Decred
C+ I/O Coin
C+ Litecoin

D - _Most weak crypto_

D Expanse
D Matchpool
D Novacoin
D Potcoin
D Rise
D SaluS

Weiss-Cryptocurrency ratings-1.jpg

Fun part is that they not listed IOTA. Everybody knows that IOTA have potential which other crypto don't have in this list.

1. Ethereum definitely deserve this post of B because Ethereum brought up a revolution in blockchain tech in terms of what we know as Smart Contract.
2. Neo also know as Bitcoin of China or sometimes as Chinese Ethereum Has strong team behind it.
3. Cardano better know as ADA is "3rd Generation" crypto has been developed to compete directly with Bitcoin and Ethereum.
4. Bitcoin got C+ because of its slow transaction time & high transaction fee, although it is still better than other crypto because it is more widely Known & adopted crypto.
Correct me if I am wrong somewhere
If you want to know criteria of Weiss Rating you can refer to this link one of Weiss blogs

Not to worry, PDF version is right here for you. Here it is

Always ready to help.

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Funny thing is that, I have 250+ views & just 2 upvote in which one is mine.

If you find this use please comment at least.Thanks

Enjoy! And thank you for PDF! 👍

Anytime. :-)

Ive noticed lately that many post's from lower rep level users aren't getting much attention. Meanwhile some posts are getting enormous amounts for similar content.

It happens everywhere in this world. I think its just a phase. :-)

Proudly clicked the first upvote when there were 31 views. Thanks for sharing, dude.

Really appreciate. Thank you.

It is helpful, I was thinking to save this post for later viewing too. It's critical info for all crypto and you probably don't want the to start a flag war over this post.

Nice to know you found it useful. If you need PDF version Let me Know.

Which ones scored E or F?

Ranking in ascending order for some crypto:-

B Eos
B Etherum
B- Steem
B- Neo
B- Cardano

Bitcoin gets a rank of C+
Bitcoin cash is ranked at C-
Ripple gets a rank of C

No crypto is ranked A.

Several score “F” for fraud, or fail.

No currency ranked F.

Nice done, but I wonder why they didnt included strong and interesting projects like: CND, SUB, ZRX, ELF and many others... This is not a kind of something real financial rating, if you only take a some amount of top100 and compare them with some amount of shit coins, they even didnt included some high-hype projects like VeChain....So for me, this is kind of very limited rating....

Exactly. I know their rating criteria, but I don't know how they select coins for rating.

I was really looking for this data. Thank you.

Welcome @javybar. I am fan of your and your travel with me Blogs.

Thanks for sharing the complete ratings with us. I’m not sure if it’s completely valid to take a ratings system designed for the traditional finance world and apply it to crypto (kind of an apples vs. oranges thing). But at the very least it’s a good indicator of sentiment from more mainstream sources, and seems to judge coins based on their potential in addition to current technological maturity.

@cryptomancer It depends on person to person, some take their advice while some do their own research. Doing own research make you better. So Its good to take their advice with some research of your own.As you said, " They judge coins based on their potential in addition to current technological maturity" which is an important factor.

Thanks for posting. Glad to see STEEM on the list.

Yeah, Good to see steem on the list. But I don't know why they didn't listed IOTA

I'm a little surprised steem is above bitcoin although that is awesome.

This is because Steem gets you fast confirmation & other than that steem is the only crypto in which everyone is involved irrespective of age, gender through steemit community. To get involved in this ecosystem you need not to buy some cryptos.

The technology of bitcoin mush have dragged bitcoin down. otherwise I could not believe that bitcoin is only receiving C+

Yeah, During the creation of bitcoin nobody imagined that it will be a bomb in future.

Bitcoin is more like an asset than a currency nowadays and it seems that miners don't want to agree on lower fees. Hopefully we will see some progress this year, otherwise I think It'll be replaced in the years to come.

Totally agree with you @mup. what gold in metal, Bitcoin is to cryptocurrency world.

Thanks for posting this.

Thanks for sharing. These ratings are ridiculous. Totally biased towards coins that will not disrupt fiat banking. If you're interested, I just wrote a blog about this bias and other problems in the Weiss methodology.

Cool. Of course.

Thanks for posting. I agree with most of the ratings. Do you know why Monero only got a "c"?

@afrikn-priest Monero got a C maybe because for now, the crypto world is unstable, The government doesn't want anything illegal to happen because of cryptocurrency. As Monero is one the Private coin which sometimes creates problem for government to track a transaction which was used for payment of illegal service. Another factor is that who want to use private coins have a better alternative like Verge, PIVX etc.

I was looking for the actual report--thanks. I didn't see it elsewhere.

Anytime @sagewords. I will suggest you read BitDegree blog you will get to know something extra.

Thanks for posting. The top rankings make sense to me. Personally, I think any thought that Bitcoin should have received an A is born out of an emotional attachment to the significance of the technology and not the reality of what is actually happening with it today. Do we know how often Weiss is going to post these?

As far as I know, this was Weiss first crypto rating. I think this is yearly rating list.

Weiss said that the crypto market moves so quickly, they will update this list every week on Friday at 4:00 p.m. EST.

They don't exactly "post" it, either. They send it out to their paid subscribers, and then it gets leaked.

Thanks for mention it.

Interesting ratings but definitely good to have read. New to the steem community but look forward to further involvement. Thanks for posting

Remain involved in this. Nice to have you here.

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