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I would like to predict that the ICO for AIOS (All in One Social) Network is a scam.

Now I am a little new to the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) market, but I read an article once

about how to do a scam and so I thought I should take a look.

Here is the company’s website.

Here is a screenshot of the "people" involved.
Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 7.20.18 PM.png

Now to me it seemed like they were a little too perfect. Each photo was a great picture. The people are so handsome!

So lets starting picking on John Smith first.

First do you think we could come up with a name that is more generic or harder to research?


Then “John Smith has almost travelled the whole earth and have worked for many international companies as an advisor.”

First off… he “have” bad grammer. It should read he “has” worked for many… but I doubt he is real.

Those native speakers of English might notice other "imperfections" in the above sentence, but we don’t want to give them all away.

Next let’s pick on Martin Ortiz –Marketing Head.

He sure is a handsome fellow.

If I was a Muslim girl, I am sure he would give me the buzz. Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 6.12.49 AM.png

I am not saying there is anything wrong with Muslim dating sites, but if our head of marketing is on a Muslim dating site you might want to look for a new ICO! To me this is pretty obvious proof that he is stock photography.

He is likely taken from this picture.team30-1-2.jpg

In fact, you can find his photo all over the web on numerous unfinished websites.
Which you can see
or here
Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 7.37.30 PM.png

As I Googled each name I did not find the expected Linkedin profiles. There are red flags everywhere. Now I may be going out on a limb here, but suffice it to say. I call this ICO a scam!

To Help the search engines lets be clear!
Is AIOS a good investment?
AIOS (All in One Social) is a FRAUD!

People if I am wrong go ahead and post a few video clips of all of the above people, working together in the office. (A single photo is too easy to fake.) And start answering some questions… I would like a video clip of each of these people saying. “I am so and so and I work for this company. Give us a short description about yourself with a couple of verifiable facts, -where you live, where you go to church- and then tell us about your vision for the company going forward.” One or two of these people may in fact be real, but if they are all real. If this is a real company, it would take like five minutes to shoot some video and prove it to the world. I believe most or all are simple taken from stock photography.

Now this is a test of Steemit.
I expected to get crucified. People don’t like being exposed as a scam right before the ICO. And getting into a flagging war could be very bad on reputation. I cannot fight this alone. Adsactly -the poster- has a reputation of 65. I have a reputation of 47. I am going to get crucified in a flagging war, except I am counting on you to cover my back. So please, especially if you have the reputation power go and flag this post.

and comment about it being a scam. If you have the ability to spread the word do so. Let’s fill the internet with the companies name and SCAM. FRAUD. I started with proof. I have included documentation. I have pointed you all in the right direction. Now I need your help. Let’s go show the scammers that when they take on a social media community, that their fraud will be exposed.

Steemit Community, lets make an example out of AIOS and make Steemit the fear of every scamming ICO out there.


So it is also interesting. If you look at the various accounts that are promoting this ICO. They also promote another ICO for Magos. In situations like these "guilt by association" is actually a good tool to use. Birds of a feather flock together. Several of the "people" posting about AIOS, also post about "magos." so what is happening is someone has created a bunch of accounts, then after several generic posts (about stuff like food) they promote the ICO. It is then liked by other accounts (also ran by the the same people). Some of these accounts promote AIOS, MAGOS, AIOS, MAGOS. The "odds" that all these ICO just happen to be like by the same people is low. Each of these posts give multiple likes upvotes and comments to each other. Quite a smart scheme really; but with the Steemit tools one can see what the accounts are doing.

is funny how @tech-trends upvotes this and flags mine and @crypticks posts

new post by @cryptick > 6 Things I Learned Exposing the AIOS ICO FRAUD.

Unfortunately I am playing hooky from work atm, so cannot follow up on this presently.

Absent further information I am unable to judge what is actually the situation, so I am resteeming for more exposure to folks that might, but currently am unwilling to commit support to either faction, due to my ignorance.

I'd also suggest making @sherlockholmes aware of this issue, as I have no doubt that he would be willing to undertake investigation of the matter, and may be able to respond in a timely manner if this is a time sensitive issue.

if this is a time sensitive issue.

That's a valid question.

Right now I think I will just hold on to this valuable piece of evidence for a while. I happen to have an open investigation where this piece of information fits in quite snugly.

Thanks for resteeming this @valued-customer. This gives the rest of us a chance to decide for ourselves.

Their website sure does look fishy to me.
Especially the "Team."
It doesn't give any specifics of their resumes.
And the Hispanic fellow (Ortiz) having his face on a Muslim social website seems odd.

There are so many ICO scams out there.
Thank you VERY MUCH for trying to save people from throwing away their hard earned money.

great to see you support this little steemer in his investigations of this ICO
you are legend :)

You are welcome!
I took my time to investigate this before stepping into something that I didn't understand.
It seems to me that all that the original investigator/poster wants to do is save people from having their money stolen in a scam AND not allow Steemit to be used to promote this type of scam.

Thank you. You are right. I appreciate the support. Someone needs to step and stop these scams. I was very interested when I originally read the post. I did some research and realized what I was dealing with... So I wanted to ring the alarm bells!


upvoted and resteemed so others may decide on points you make

Thank You. I appreciate that. I believe in the Steemit community will judge wisely.

So the voting war has begun... Folks if you found this, now is your chance to vote for truth or vote for fraud. You can look at each person who has voted and see what they have posted and decide how you want to vote. Our community is bigger than the scammers!

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I did some googling of Eden Fernandez. First of all, Eden is more commonly a girl's given name. Secondly, Harvard's CS degrees are officially:

The descriptions for each team member are very vague. There's no specifics about their education, association with previous projects, or other pertinent information.

Ye Seul is the name of a popular South Korean idol, FWIW.

I suspect her photo and the others (aside from the one you found) are ripped from social media pages.

By the way, the AIOS website was built using a free app, Mobirise. The MAGOS site uses WordPress.

Thanks for that additional information. I had not thought of misnaming of the college degree as proof. I will have to look at that in the future.

If you can find a Harvard alumnus, they can search the online alumni directory for that name. Or you can email the alumni records office to ask if that guy ever attended Harvard.

good on for providing assitence with information on this

and no person by the name of Eden Fernandez has graduated from Harvard

harvard alumni.JPG


I feel like people who fall for stuff like this kind of deserve it hurts crypto in general so I am glad somebody is pointing it out. Some inventions seem like "scams" but get so involved that it is hard to tell. What do you think of "Bitclub"? Have you looked at it?

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Thank you for the information!!! This serves as a warning to everybody! Resteemed!

I'm with you. Maybe that's why they took action against birminghamgold.. You have no pictures on twitter.

Thanks for looking into this. Need to make sure the community are aware of these types of scams.

Wow! This is an eye opener. I was always suspicious about it.

It's good to follow one's gut.

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Thank you for raising the alarm. I am not taking sides on this at all because I don't know anything. If you're wrong and they are legit, then careful investigation will reveal it. If you are right, then you've done all of us a great service. Either way, it gives us a reason to do our due diligence before investing. Thank you for your courage. Good work.

It is sort of fun looking back at this post 5 months later. A little bit of light will brighten a whole room. This post and me posting links on about 45 plus other seemit posts, including the support I got from the steemit community, ended this Scam ICO. I am sure promoters went on to a new project, but this one failed. It was quite an adventure and probably my post of the year.

@cryptick fuck scammers. You don't even need to be polite to them.

haha too true,
in real life this would be the case,
but steemits high level of etiquette takes precedent.

Thank goodness for that.

yeah also defies logic to run a platform thats survival depends on outside investment, nobody will dedicate funds to something with so much scams associated with well people trying to push scams would.

@cryptick sharp eye bro nice work

We are not Downvoting this post because we disagree with the writer. We are actually downvoting this post because we don't like the attitude @cryptick displayed with us in private after asking him about this post and its truthfulness.

Update for above

@adsactly please provide screenshots of your claims


i meant adsactly's claims against you @cryptick i have since clarified

Update 2

i would like to point out since i noticed @tech-trends is upvoting also
he is a main part of adsactly and usually controls keys

Update 3

what is your user name on steemitchat or discord so can discuss in full @cryptick

Screenshots of my claim are in the original post. Whenever the post rating falls Steemit hides the images. if you click the show images button at the bottom of the screen, it will show all the screen shots and links to the pages. (Note: I expect they will be changing their webpage soon, given this post. )

Oh thanks for clarifying. I am not sure what more we need to discuss, but since there are already false allegations I was rude; I would really like to keep the discussion public.

just wanted to talk
they're false accusations are irrelevant without proof,
not the first questionable thing put out by them
you should remove flags from them anyways is pointless to waste what little voting power you have on them

I don't know why you always blame me for everything that happens

FYI : I dont operate the account of adsactly

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Do you really want us to Display the Very Rude and Derogatory Private Messages that Cryptick sent to use regarding Family and Friends?

You didn't ask me anything about this post. What did you ask? Ask here and now!

Do you refute the claim of @adsactly that they had a private conversation with you (and that in it you were rude)?

Yes. I refute the claim I was rude to @adsactly. I was never rude. I never talked to him. I have never had any private conversations or communications with him in any form. All my communications with him are in public comments on several different steemit posts which all the world can see. (Note: I stated this immediately, but the comment threads have now made this very confusing.)

see this is the problem with you not having a known discord username anyone can easily make a user with the same, i saw some comments they said you made but couldn't find your profile in any of the servers so i believe claims to be false and comments to fabricated badly.

first they make it look like it is a call to you with you in chat with you writing in text then it shows text to text chat and words that are said have no context whatsoever accept to do a promote of adsactlys shitcoin all it shows is a user with the same name as you saying something with sexual reference to his mother with no initial dialogue doesn't make sense

Bump on @iscoin, provide proof of your claims.

proof of which?
I believe onus was on @adsactly with their slanderous claims against @cryptick,
still haven't removed flags still haven't stated the promotion they put is scam ICO
but will gladly provide what i have if you can be a bit more specific,
there is a few different things and people involved with much material on each.

I agree with @Isacoin. I did misintrepret one of his posts (He was asking for screenshots from @adsactly for proof of my rude interaction. I thought he was asking for the screenshots of my proof which were hidden due to flagging.) @Isacoin clarified and edited his post. @Adsactly is sticking to his false claims I was rude in a private interaction. While @Adsactly in one place admitted AOIS is a scam, he has not updated his promotional posts to indicate this as he was clearly told to do.

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lol @isacoin, not your proof, but @adsactly 's proof of the conversation they claim to have had with @cryptick

So I did my research and posted this. I then went onto flag the original post. I commented on that post with a link to this post that has all the proof. They have been very active. I then went on to discover and flag about 25 other posts talking about this company. Suffice it to say they have been very active in writing and promoting. I flagged each of these posts. I commented and put a link to this post. Now I suspect that one person has been working for months writing posts, -some of which sounds great- and then started posting; they have numerous accounts. I am about to get blasted. That is fine. I am making a stand. Look. I know a fraud and a red flags when I see one. I am going to stake a stand and say; hey this is wrong. I have given the facts, now it is up to the community to rally around me, upvote this post. Or to let these pump and dump promoters create fake ICO that sound an awful lot like steam. Please support my efforts. Do a search for AOIS and flag the posts. I don't want to be 'in this fight' alone. I am willing to stand for the truth tough. And with about five hours of work I may have disrupted and multi-million dollar ICO fraud.

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