Crypto Spotlight - Pareto Network (PARETO)

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In the process of finding crypto investment news, information and data — timing is very important. The investors that receive information first, often have the advantage when it comes to using this information for their own benefit or for the interests of others. Pareto Network is an actionable information platform that allows content creators and content users to leverage information. We're pleased to introduce Pareto Network, the next hidden gem we're bringing to you with a potentially bright future.


The Pareto Network platform provides research and information on cryptocurrencies and their position in the market for anyone interested in digital assets. The platform is designed to encourage the exchange of information about cryptocurrency trading opportunities, investments, portfolio management and exclusive intel. Content users are incentivized to actively use the platform through a sophisticated reward- and ranking system.

Once adopted, the Pareto Network platform can be the information marketplace to get your valuable intel. The platform provides current and actionable intel. This intel could be anything, from data-driven calls for good investments to bugs in software, exchange listings and yet-to-be-announced information on project updates. This helps digital currency holders to improve their investment decisions.

Now you wonder, how are are these content creators incentivized? The people who provide the intel, are rewarded based on the information quality provided. A curation process will determine the value of the information. This information will be distributed based on the rank of the users, who are the ones that pay the content creators with the Pareto token. In order for users to receive the actionable intel, it is required to hold Pareto tokens, which will increase your ranking through something called the “Information Waterfall”, the result of an algorithm that determines the order in which Pareto token holders receive the information.

Recent developments

Jon Klein, former president of CNN/U.S., joined the advisory board of Pareto Network in May with the intent to help Pareto strategically establish itself in the institutional markets, as well as create exposure for Pareto in public media outlets and financial news. Additionally, Pareto recently became the first ERC20 token available for retail purchase with USD, CAD, AUD and EUR on Netcoins (CSE: $NETC) a Vancouver based company providing virtual cryptocurrency ATM software and OTC brokerage services. These developments show that Pareto Network is not only targeting the fast growing cryptocurrency market, but the traditional financial market as well. This broader vision might be key to mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Pareto Network is currently in the process of opening the content distribution platform to a limited amount of content creators and the deadline for private beta applications is July 25. They also recently published their Pareto Sentinel API, essentially allowing people or autonomous entities to build on the Pareto Network platform.

Pareto Network is actively developing their products and services and is continuously recruiting new content providers and institutional partners. They recently recruited a Product Manager, Chris Gardner, a UC Berkely Economics graduate to support Pareto with content contributor recruitment and content operations. On top of that, he will help the team with the development of a new cryptoasset valuation model.

Pareto Network is well on their way to becoming the thought leader in tokenomics/cryptonomics, crypto valuation theory and economic theory in relation to cryptocurrency investment portfolios. They aim to establish a gateway to the cryptocurrency market for traditional and institutional financial investors.

Basic Data on PARETO

You can track Pareto Network in your portfolio on

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I see that pareto has been doing great that's why I upvoted this article even though I still have doubts. You can't blame me since I lose some funds before and its hard for me to trust again. Its like the feeling of being stabbed, I don't know that the decision I've made would wreck me and now I would try again. It's hard and its super tiring in my part.


Doubts won't go away easily if you encounter a huge loss before, but you can find hope with some hidden projects out there that can really change how your portfolio looks right now. Also you just need to limit your investments even if you really like the project.


Cryptocurrencies are the fastest way to make (or lose!) money as a trader. Investing in cryptocurrency requires a deep and wide understanding and knowledge. The moment you invest in crypto means you are prepared for the outcome. Choose the project that stable, trusted, with immense potential and promise like Pareto. It will help you gain more money as quickly as possible.


Why would you even lie about Pareto? As what we can SEE, pareto does have promises about their progress and the benefits that it can give to its investors but did you see any progress about their promises? None, right? Dont make a person belived on something that shouldnt be trusted!


Currently they are doing good on KuCoin. Expect more from pareto.


when did they got listed? is kucoin really good? Im scared that i might get disappointed. I don't know maybe I should give up on everything.