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BUY or SELL???

I know cryptos for the most part are all trending downwards or in the best case scenarios they are just sitting sideways.
BTC in general is always under scrutiny. So amid a sea of FOMO, FUD, and panicky speculation I wanted to share some perspective. I happened to catch this screen shot on my phone at around 2:30 am and went to sleep laughing, wondering if all the people who said they wish they had invested when the price was lower are buying now?

I'm a firm believer in cryptocurrency as the future of all monies. I believe even the USD will eventually try to switch over to digital currency before they are erased like our dear old friends block buster. Because we want decentralization. Of course that is a conversation for another day.

No, I'm not an investment broker or adviser or anything important or degreed like that. No I didn't invest in BTC when it was still freshly mined but for now, like my fore investors before me, I'm gunna HODL onto my meager stash of cryptos and yell at myself even more for not having an emergency dip fund to throw money at my favorite coins while the prices are so low.

People say it all the time, but I truly feel this is one of the last huge ebbs of crypto. I feel yes, for some people this has been a nightmare for the past few months watching the price of BTC shrink to a quarter of what it once was. While for others who have been watching all the testimonies of peoples lives and wallets being enriched by investing in crypto that this is finally their chance to buy in. or maybe their laughing at their friends and family saying "I told you the bubble would pop." while on another hand all the day traders are loving this volatility.

So, are there any ALT coins you're interested in right now? I'm particularly fond of MANA. its been doing decent at resisting the plunges on the market. I feel that has to do with the fact that its primary hodlers are players in the VR game Decentraland, people who could care less what BTC is worth. For me personally crypto + gaming is right up my ally. Here's a chart from trading view of where its at as of the time of writing.

Screenshot (40).png

As always. I appreciate you for reading this. I encourage you to keep steemit alive and fresh by posting something everyday and supporting your fellow Steemians.


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