The Trybe saga continues

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I’ve often wonder where Trybe sits in the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies blogging. No doubt, information is valuable, and thus controlling the narrative has become a core drive for the mainstream mediums of communication. Knowing this, it makes sense that projects that stand in opposition to censorship are operating on fertile soil, but specialization is probably the key ingredient to success or lack thereof.

It’s really a spectrum

At least this is my current position on the subject. Because we tend to operate only on the extremes, comparing cryptocurrency projects to mainstream with very little room for hybrid implementation. For example, there are those who are set on the idea that projects like STEEM are meant to replace facebook, but fail to do so, but I however, see it as comparing apples to oranges, or even apples to shoes.

In my short time there I’ve come to understand organically that Trybe stands more towards a publishing project with a good yet limited dose of social interactions. The main driver however, content. I can’t say that other projects at least currently have managed to pull this off, as we can clearly see from the sometimes painful trending pages.

I can see now, almost clearly so, that trybe can take a big market share from the likes of Medium as it becomes apparent to me that a high quality can be maintained there, thus attracting not only good content creators but the sometimes missing element, content consumers.

Early Adopters and Gambles

As someone who has been writing first offline and then with a keyboard, the investment I’ve decided to put onto trybe is somewhat manageable. I more than OK with dealing with things, as they are polished into better working systems. As the old saying says, “Rome was not built in one day”.

However, one key distinction, or at least one key element we must not forget as the first explorers of these lands, is that early adopters are essential for the settling of a culture. Early adopters have a certain amount of control over the social behaviors they want to see and the ones they want to discourage.

EOS is not going anywhere

A website that everyone should be aware of tells the real story here, and many, including myself, believe this to be the true market cap. After all, what good is a token if nobody is truly using it, not that I mean to insult the HODling purists among us.

The markets are soon to recover and those who are still being active on the cryptospace, collecting tokens and experiences are sure to be the ones who get to enjoy a margarita or two.

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that trybe can take a big market share from the likes of Medium as it becomes apparent to me that a high quality can be maintained there


You first have to spread a whole lot of shitposts so that there is enough manure for quality posts to other words , the quality posts should evolve organically from the platform for a sustainable future.

Yeah, i heard a lot of criticism about Trybe not being on the blockchain and being too centralised. I agree, a hybrid approach is very interesting, and how they play it out, it really builds up something new and maybe big.

Stay put and grow. Smt's and a host of other things will happen and boom.


im just exploring brother, not going anywhere...

Estimado amigo, aún no tengo casi información de esto, pero espero ir aprendiendo.



es un poco lento el website, pero si te gusta escribir sobre cryptomonedas te ira bien.


i was responding to you, it got so long it became almost a post! ;p

When you talk about an investment, are you talking about your time or did you somehow making a monetary investment? Does holding EOS actually do anything for you?

As far as I can tell, that site is slower than any other site on the internet.

Even though I know you use the same name on there that you use on here, when I type it in search I got a bunch of Spanish posts.... not yours.

Additionally, I've pretty much stopped posting there because I haven't gotten any upvotes at all.... although I do login everyday to get the 10 free tokens.

The site at this point is just terribly slow and unwieldy, and I really think that any future EOS blogging site will be better than this one.


I hold some EOS, very little... but yeah... ive been posting daily there too... so a bit of both.

The site is very slow, that is not up for debate. A few people I invited gave up because of it.

I checked out Trybe after seeing a post about it last week and the person was worried about users migrating but I personally couldn’t see the appeal! To me it was what steemit was a while back where many of the posts were these long form publications and perhaps some artsy stuff

Since then steemit has slowly begun to see different forms of content published and seeing engagement and community as the key driver not just a content hosting site that will be used for syndication or mass messaging!

I don’t think we even know what steemit will evolve into in the next few years and I’m not going to question it I’m just going to enjoy the ride be it to the moon or bust I’ll have as much fun as I can

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"After all, what good is a token if nobody is truly using it"

Brother, that is the truth! That is why I know that Steem is something special, despite it's problems. :)


correcto my friend... 100%


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Do you think Trybe could have a better future compared to Steem?

Also, do you know where to find the value of the Trybe tokens?


they are not being traded at the moment, but soon.

Gracias amigo por compartir esta información pero no tengo conocimiento

I've signed up a couple of days ago, but I'm pretty much frustrated by fact that their page is just awfully slow. Even consuming content there is a pain (from usability point, not content-wise), I can barely think of actually "interacting" on that page...


oh yes, too slow atm, its so early in the game, i think they are using wordpress.. the real website is december (i think)

You got a 39.16% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @meno!

I checked EOS a bit. The activity of EOS users is so low and i mean its less the 10% of all holders. 10 wallets hold 50% of all tokens. Now i know trybe didnt yet launch its token or set a price but if the bc its based on has such tragic distribution i cant not wonder how that will affect trybe. 2 years of steem gave us not much on the side of distribution but still we are far from a distribution this bad.