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RE: Name YOUR decentralized social network?

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There are so many things I love about steem like tax/fee free movements is probably tops.

You mean the ledger system isn’t charging you, but I want to clarify for readers that many or most of the governments are still taxing these movements.

Actually that “feature” (which I think is a bug) rewards spam (don’t you see it all over Steemit?), we all are paying for it anyway with debasement of the money supply same as the way central bank’s steal from us, and when ever we give away for free that which is not free we create a power vacuum that centralizes control. Also because of that feature, Steem has no way to pay for the content serving nodes. Such a feature actually steals and is akin to Communism.

Really transaction fees in a properly designed system should be so minuscule that you never notice you’re paying them because your rewards are increasing much faster than your costs. So I entirely disagree with Dan’s Rube Goldberg machines and I agree with Vitalik’s astute criticism of Steem/DPoS/EOS.

I still enjoy the friendships & communities that have sprung up around it and will continue to use it for that reason.

Agreed, many of us will until something better comes along which gives us that capability and more.

Are you planing on dusting off the steem program with a restart or starting from scratch?

From scratch. I have criticized DPoS and other consortium blockchain designs. I have analyzed why (c.f. also and also) all existing ledger consensus algorithms are not decentralized.

I made a comment about democracy and overlords on the recent Hackernoon blog: Blockchains should not be democracies

Do you have a mailing list for people interested can stay up to date on beta release for testing etc.... I don't want to get busy with something else and miss the launch.

Not yet. If following me on Steem is too noisy, you could follow me on Twitter also as I typically only post to Twitter what I feel is very important.

Any program that comes along making mining useless will be a dream come true […] and huge accounts having no more power over the system any any other will be needed some day

I posit that I have solved that.

want to see others free from thier slavery to controlled currency just like Satoshi did. I wonder if he even dreamed of mining farms?

My linked discussions above make the technological argument that Satoshi actually designed Bitcoin to surreptiously take over the world and put under the control of the Zionists. Have you heard of ASICBOOST? In my past discussions on with @dinofelis and others, I was able to show that Satoshi designed Bitcoin to become controlled. This is a long complex discussion that I don’t want to rehash right now. We’ll get into it after the project is launched and there is a community that wants to discuss and analyze it together.

Exciting times ahead. Little by little we shall get there.
Thanks for your time and effort in moving us in the right direction. :-)

I’ve been working on this nearly every waking hour of every day for the past 5 years or more.

Although I was very ill which slowed down my production considerably. The links above provide some details.


Right on, I see your 100 steps ahead of me already. I dropped Bitcoin when I moved $23 and received $11.
I'll find a way to get email alerts when you post on either platform. Thanks so much for all you are doing :-)
Wish I had the skills to chime in, but will support your project in any way I can.

I think we’ve made a lot of progress on the naming ideas with my latest comment reply to @quillfiller.

Coincidentally the word ‘chime’ you used in your comment is one of the name ideas I have suggested. But I don’t remember getting the idea from your comment unless it was subliminal. I just noticed it now when I re-read your comment.