"Liquidity Network" Simple, Scalable, Private and Transparent Network built on the Ethereum Blockchain

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Guys you've found the right article so today we will talk about what easily equated to Network so check the south til via liquid internet were claims to be a trillion transaction launching payment network it is simple scalable secure blockchain payment network that can be implemented in Texas teen lock chains to provide significant improvements the goal of liquidity network is to reduce transaction costs across the blockchain industry thereby encouraging mainstream adoption of blockchain what problems does liquidity network seek to solve read coin any theorems block chains are two of the largest and best-known block chains on the market today despite their potential however these block chains can only process several thousand transactions per second in comparison mainstream payment platforms like Visa and MasterCard process thousands of transactions per second it's no secret that scalability is a major problem in the blockchain world one of the most frequently suggested solutions is to implement an off chain payment channel often payment channels help avoid a block chains processing restrictions typical chain payment channels however face several limitations users need to keep substantial deficits lockup and payment channel rebalancing is limited to on chain transactions all chain payment channels also require the construction of complex routing structures liquidity network aims to solve all of these problems by creating a matter of chain payment channel solutions so how does liquidity network work liquidity Network aims to be the first practical secure and scalable option payment hub system for decentralized block chains dedicated in network architecture comes from a connection between two platforms created by the team including the payment hub and revive through these two platforms liquidity network is scalable to millions of users worldwide and it does not require funds to be locked up days of chain payment required collateral to be locked up liquidity Network and loss any member of a payment have to be any other member of a payment help with allocated funds never survive platform solves this problem by a lonely payment refunds of change revive lets users rebalance payment channels all chain avoiding the degradation of payment channels without costly unchanged transaction routing complexity routing complexity is a big issue with today's off channel payment solutions liquidity network solves this problem with simple routing designs and what in the complexity is faced by lightning and Raiden ultimately the creating networks platform revolves around interconnected hubs similar to traditional payment channels to users of different payment hubs can perform off chain payments across different interconnected payment hops revive meanwhile allows an arbitrary set of users in a payment channel network to securely rebalance their channels based on the Preferences of channel owners how does the token work built on the etherium virtual machine but what it a network has a utility token named Al QD the fuel that powers the network anyone accessing the network needs to have the Al Queda token token primarily provides holders with access rights to do created in network infrastructure it's important to note that liquidity network software users are at liberty to use currencies of their choice once they have accessed the network for operators providing auxilary services on the network they get paid with the lqd tokens however miners do not play any part in the ecosystem as hubs process all transactions according to the white paper eliminated miners drives down transactions fees the network will issue a fixed supply of 100 million tokens of these 15% were issued during the public presale while 50% of the remaining tokens will be supplied during the public sale the remaining tokens will be blasted into company for two years going by the fact that there wasn't a product resale of Tolkien and the public presale had a wife list the team seems transparent enough as far as token distribution is concerned who's behind liquidity Network liquidity network was created by a team of founding members with five plus years of full-time blockchain experience that team has expertise in computer science security mathematics and formal methods they'll also work at a major companies like Intel and Facebook the team has been developing blockchain technology since 2013 they started with academic work on double spending the privacy of lightweight Bitcoin clients and a comparison of security differences between block chains the paper for liquidity network was published in the biggest academic IT security conference CCS 2017 it's built on peer-reviewed research and alpha version of the credit in network was launched in September 2017 the public announcement of the project in November the Liquidity Network is a proposed solution to the scaling problem faced by today's what chains off chain payment channels how long be proposed this cowan solution however today's octane payment channels suffer from problems like routing complexity liquidity never solves these problems with simple broadening design the solution with slot phones and other obtain payment channels problem okay guys that it's all for now thank you for your attention.

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