ABLE - Applying BLockchain to Extend finance

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ABLE is blockchain platform with the mind of helping one and all financially in saving, managing, loaning and any transactions that involves money.5955d4af-64f4-4efe-b2fb-91829e54283c able.jpg
ABLE will accept any other assets that can be used in exchanging for goods and services.
The joy that ABLE brings is that it's here to eliminate the middlemen involved in transactions, that causes extra charges in financial transaction.
ABLE wants to take the place of banks in lending and loaning of funds, even to the extent of saving with interest this time not like the commercial bank that charges you every month for saving your money with them which they themselves use to trade and make profit without paying this customers whose funds you are using instead they charge.
In term of lending of funds, ABLE is giving a cheaper interest that will be of benefit to the borrower unlike other financial institution that exploit the final consumer of their funds. As a borrower you would love to choose the ABLE blockchain platform to make more profit in your business.


Let's talk about the objective of ABLE, though in the above introduction have explianed the objective:

ABLE Project’s Goal is to establish a blockchain based platform
for crypto finance and wealth management.
ABLE Project will provide crypto finance solutions to meet
both the supply-side and the demand-side.




  • Investing
  • lending
  • salary
  • credit score


  • ICO smart contract
  • Fund smart contract


  • Credit / Debit Card
  • Mileage
  • 3rd Party Services


ABLE will be using a medium to carry out these activities, which include;


History and financial instruments are achieved
by Ethereum smart contracts.

  • ABLE Application
    User can retrieve and utilize financial instruments through the ABLE Application. ABLE Application runs on both web and mobile UI.

  • ABLE Structure
    Smart contracts including Investments, loans, mutual funds, and profit distributions can be designed on the ABLE Framework. Various smart contracts can be browsed and registered through the ABLE Application(Web/Mobile).

    ABLE system adopts the layered architecture, and permission levels will be determined according to each layer. Each layer and component can communicate via standard API’s. Pairs of API permission levels and users match Public - User, Protected - Administrator, Private - System Developer.

ABLE Ethereum Infrastructure

Initially, ABLE Project will run on Ethereum, utilizing a cryptocurrency gateway and blockchain systems. ABLE Main Net will be launched to reinforce banking/fund/payment systems.

More Information & Resources:

Author: uranium David


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Hi @uraniumdavid

I have to say that nowadays there is really a lot of projects which aim to became decentralized substitute of banks. Due to that, it may be really hard to stand out of the crowd for Able. However, this project seems quite interesting and I suppose that it will manage to get a lot of users.

Thank you for a great review :)

All the best

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