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A Vote is a formal expression of opinion or choice, either positive or negative, made by an individual or body of individuals. Voting is used in many things in our life from choosing snacks in store to choosing your president or prime minister in political elections. If we take political elections so, It charge a high spending of funds on voting equipments, security and voter registration etc.

The polling is now gone easier, cheaper, secure and faster because of Blockchain Technology which originally is a growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked using cryptography. Each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a time stamp, and transaction data. By design, a blockchain is resistant to modification of the data. The AwardCoin has merged the BlockChain and Polling together.

What is Award Coin ?


Awardcoin is a voting platform that aims to create a top-notch voting reward system for talented people in the world of business and other fields. AwardCoin is the fastest and most secure voting system in the world on the blockchain. Award coin will provide millions polls under every minute. Award system uses AWR payment system to support professional contests and competitions. Awardcoin rewards users who votes or win a competition with cryptocurrency coins.

Goals and Objectives


AwardCoin is designed to create a system which is efficient and easy for users to use and earn. The self-regulating AwardCoin network, in fact, allows users to vote easily and securely anywhere in the world rather than submitting a physical ballot or attend the voting center in person. A fully decentralized voting system will bring more voters, AwardCoin voting system is projected to increase online voting participation by 60%, prevent human errors that occurs in most physical elections in world which include ballot counting errors and double voting errors, the network is also secured from hackers on like majority of online voting system. Transparency is also a top priority in a good voting system, AwardCoin is build on a blockchain network in which entries cannot be reverse.

AwardCoin enables the creation of :

  • Polls can be created though the AwardCoin decentralized application in which users earn and have unbiased access to the results of the polls in real time.
  • Advanced security protocols ensures the highest level of data protection is achieved, our decentralized voting systems deliver the most sophisticated platfrom in today’s online voting related services. The multifuctional program allows users to vote anywhere in the world by using an end to end encryption technology known as the blockchain network.
  • Digital assets in form of products on the web and in online applications. We have three great products which are AwardCoin pool reward application which rewards participants in an online voting or poll with our cryptocurrency known as AwardCoins. We have a contest system in which our users can create contest and the result of the contest is decided by a team of an unbiased jury winners of the contest are rewarded with AwardCoins, Our poll website enables the creation of online polls in which users can check the results in real time.
  • AwardCoin Decentralized Application

    Award Coin Web (Gateway to unbiased voting system)

    Award Coin Web is Coming which will enable : -The creation of poll -Access to poll result -The reward of users in real time

    Award Coin App(Replacing traditional voting)

    Our Decentralized applications running evable users to create a voting system on the network in which users get assess to unbiased results.
    Coming Soon

    Opportunity For Investors

    This is a chart from MNO of MasterNood profit from AwardCoin AWR
    P 1.png

    Because of its Royal | Super MasterNood which give the 95% of the block reward. You can buy their Masternood at 2 BTC each. Which will give you a 300$ profit daily and in two month you can get your investment back. Remember Award Coin is already listed on many exchanges.

    Distribution of Tokens

    Coin Specifications



    R 1.PNG

    Award CoinTeam


    Official Links

    White Paper:




    WINDOWS 32:
    WINDOWS 64:




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