PixelProperty.io Launches The Evolving Blockchain Canvas

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The Evolving Blockchain Canvas

Imagine a community-run canvas of pixels, powered by people coming together to draw, create, advertise, and share. Always changing and evolving with the taste and style of the community pushing it forward. Anyone can share their art, advertise their websites, or simply own a section of the evolving canvas. This was our vision for PixelProperty, which we are excited to announce has launched as of May 1st.

PixelProperty’s goal is to become the world's first physical art canvas built using blockchain technology. The digital canvas is divided into ten thousand regions known as Properties, which allow users to showcase their displays and promote themselves. Artists and advertisers alike are rewarded in cryptocurrency for sharing and contributing to the canvas’ organic growth.

“PixelProperty intends to be the most exclusive digital Property available by integrating the evolving canvas with a physical billboard to reach millions of people.” - Jaegar Sarauer

PixelProperty users may draw pictures or upload images as contributions to the online canvas, hosted at pixelproperty.io, allowing users to share their art with the world. PixelProperty welcomes all visual expressions, from an individual's art to an organization’s visual display.

Owning Properties gives users more control over their area of the canvas. They can utilize their Properties to share their websites and messages, allowing them to be effectively used for personal expression or marketing. Owners are rewarded for sharing Properties publicly with artists, or can choose to keep their Properties private, giving them full control for more focused marketing. Properties are tradable on the built-in Property market, allowing ownership to easily change hands.

The evolving canvas rewards users in a new cryptocurrency, PXL. These rewards can be spent to access more features, purchase Properties and more effectively advertise users or their contributions.

“Our desire was to create a product which gamifies imagery with rewards, creating a fun mashup of digital art, community and advertising.” - Carson Roscoe

PixelProperty is the first of its kind, attempting to not only bring a visual representation to blockchain assets, but also take it one step further, showcasing a physical representation of these blockchain assets to the real world.


Try The DApp

If you would like to try the PixelProperty DApp, it is live at canvas.pixelproperty.io


PixelProperty.io WebsiteWhite Paper
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What is it built on?

PixelProperty is a DApp powered by Ethereum. Our users interact with PixelProperty via the MetaMask browser extension, allowing for our website to communicate with our smart contracts on our users behalf, in order to maximize our users security.

great. thanks for the info.

Are you expecting PXL to be tradable in the future?

PXL is already tradable, however there is no volume as it has not been added to the listing for exchanges just yet.

Users can send PXL between eachother through any Etheruem wallet, as it is an ERC20 Ethereum token. Because it is an ERC20 token, PXL follows a set of protocols, which lets other DApps that know of ERC20 to use PXL very easily. PXL can very easily be added to many exchanges which support the protocol.

We will make an announcement in the future when the first exchange officially supports PXL on their listings. Until then, more advanced users can use decentralized exchanges such as EtherDelta and ForkDelta, which allow users to import any ERC20 token by referring to it as its address.

For yourself or any users who are interested in going that route, the PXLProperty Smart Contract address is:


nice work on Blockchain Canvas, i hope to be able to carve out nice images

Thank you. During the testing phase, the canvas started to get very full, and many people managed to make some pretty awesome images. Being able select a region and upload an image makes this a lot easier, since some users prefer to use their image editor of choice. That being said, we do have internal tools for creating images that will only get better over time as we add new features

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