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Be An Early Adopter

With the PixelProperty release date of May 1st approaching fast, we wanted to inform users on why a user would want to be an early adopter of PixelProperty. Here are four reasons you should be an early adopter and join us on launch!


1) Bonus PXL

The first time a Property ever has their display updated, the user who updated the display is awarded and additional 25 PXL. This means 25,000 PXL is up for grabs by our early adopters to get the economy rolling!

2) Discount Properties

Properties, the cryptocollectable tokens of PixelProperty, are sold at a low price on launch. Over time, while more Properties are purchased, the going rate of Properties will go up. Enjoy them while they're cheap!

3) Free Contribution Boosts

Contributions to the evolving canvas created in the first three days receive an extra boost. Users can access extra functionality by burning PXL when adding a contribution! The boost earn a guaranteed reward back for every contribution, and increases the maximum amount of PXL a user can generate.

4) Exciting Property Giveaways

Ten Properties will be given away shortly after launch to our early bird users. Keep an eye on our Steemit, Twitter and Instagram on release to catch them before they're gone!


Release Date: May 1st

PixelProperty is going live on the main Ethereum network on May 1st!

Public Testing: Ends April 30th

The PixelProperty DApp is available for public testing, with exciting PXL giveaways to our testers! For more information, visit our Public Testing & Giveaway Post

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Never heard of this before, how can average people actually participate in this?

PixelProperty is a DApp powered by Ethereum, which users can interact with in a very similar way to how users play with CryptoKitties. Within the PixelProperty DApp are two Ethereum tokens, PXL and Property. PXL is the cryptocurrency of PixelProperty, while Property is the cryptocollectables. If you would like to know more about the DApp itself, the website has information on the product itself, as well as the #introduceyourself post has more information.

For an average person to participate, they would simply need to download the MetaMask browser extension (an Ethereum wallet), have some Ethereum in the wallet, and then head to The website will tell you if you missed any step along the way.

If you do not have Ethereum to fund into the MetaMask wallet, you can exchange for it on various exchanges, such as Blocktrades or Bittrex. This Ethereum is used to cover gas costs on the network or optionally buy Property.

On May 1st we will be launching our product to the "main network", which is the main Ethereum network. For now, if you visit the page you can still fully interact and play with the canvas. This is because we are currently on a test network known as the "Rinkeby test network", which lets us do public user testing. We're actually doing a PXL giveaway for testers that will be ending shortly, here is the Steemit post for more info if you are interested.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.

Thank you for more details on this:)
Yes, I found it and already explored a bit, sounds very good with a lot on potential:)

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