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PixelProperty has been undergoing public alpha testing on the Ethereum Rinkeby test network for the last few weeks. With alpha testing ending shortly, PixelProperty will be entering beta, releasing to the main network in the very near future. Here we're going to do an overview of the testing, how you can get involved, PXL giveaways and our May 1st release date.


Release Date: May 1st, 2018

The Early Bird Gets The Perks

Come join us on release day where users enjoy

Bonus PXL While PlayingEarn 25 bonus PXL for being the first person to ever update a Property' display
Exciting Property Giveaways10 Properties will be given away to early users in giveaways!
Free Boost to ContributionsFor the first three days, free user contributions receive increased visibility and higher PXL payouts


Public Testing

The PixelProperty DApp is available for public testing at The contracts have been deployed to the Ethereum Rinkeby test network, which is easily accessible through MetaMask.

Become A Tester

If you would like to join in the testing before it ends, you can be on your way testing in a few short steps. The below steps are also conveniently listed on the DApp web page,

1) Install the MetaMask browser extension.
2) Switch MetaMask from the Main Network to the Rinkeby Test Network.
3) Acquire ETH for Rinkeby Test Network from the Rinkeby faucet.
4) Visit & signup on the DApp web page,


PXL Giveaways

1) Comment, Follow & Resteem

25 PXL will be given away to every user who follows @pixelproperty, resteems this post and leaves a comment.

2) Test & Play

25 PXL will additionally be rewarded to users who contribute to testing the DApp and smart contract functionality.

Ensure your PixelProperty username matches your Steemit username upon signup

Once PixelProperty launches to the main Ethereum network, the two listed giveaways will be manually processed and awarded to the appropriate users. All accounts created during testing will rollover to the main network.

Footer.png WebsiteWhite Paper
#introduceyourselfWhitePaper Overview

We reserve the right to refuse service in the giveaway to accounts who we suspect are not legitimate in nature. Spam accounts and bots will not be eligible for rewards.


Looking forward to seeing the canvas grow! :)

Thank you for your support and help with testing so far. Your feedback has been very helpful

We're excited too! Hopefully we get to see some Outlaws of Justice characters floating around :)

Ooh, exciting! Glad to see this finally starting up, hope it all goes smoothly :P

Thank you for the support @corybralcortex

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