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MTL is a cryptocurrency for the Metal Payment processing platform which will speed up the cryptocoins mass adoption by providing a clean, friendly interface coupled with multiple membership incentives.

Members will be able to transfer money instantly with nothing more than a phone number and they will earn rewards every time they spend or make a purchase.

Through Metal's Proof-of-Processed-Payments system, they will be given a 5 % bonus of the value of their payment in MTL tokens when making Crypto-to-Crypto transactions.

For US customers, MetalPay will be FDIC insured much like a bank account and members will be able to buy Crypto with fiat money without any high fees. Some people believe that MetalPay will overcome Coinbase, for it would not be charging such hefty fees, and it will be giving cash back for buying Crypto.

  1. There are only 66.5 million MTL
  2. Current Price is 10.82 USD
  3. All time High Price was 15.05 USD
  4. The price target is** 0.0017 BTC** (after it passes the price resistance at 0.001 BTC)

Important Upcoming Events:

1. Q1 2018 New website
2. Q1 2018 Launch of Metal Pay

Metal Pay is managed by a very strong team: top entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, including top employees from payments industry, from VISA, American Express, Apple, and Stellar.

There are some very exciting developments coming in the first quarter of 2018, which are expected to push the price to new all-time highs. Do not be left behind, grab some MTL tokens and watch your profits.

Take some more time to read more from MTL site and MTL blog.

And purchase some MTL tokens on Binance,
one of the friendliest and fastest growing (except Kucoin ;-) exchange!


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Hello my Friend! I wanted to stop by! Thank you for sharing this valuable information! I hope all is well! Please stay in touch! Positive Energy! Blessed 2018! :)


I remember you :-) Thanks for your visit, but do not just read it, act on it, Metal WILL go up and a lot too.

Blessed 2018 to you and yours too, oh, and of course to Steemit and all Steemians!! And... to Metal :-)

Kindly notice, today when many of the coins went down, Metal kept on going up and it will keep on going higher and higher until at least the end of January. BTW, do not trust me, just observe for yourself. I am not any big specialist, I just got good inside info ;-)



So, guys, Metal go up today 12.63%, its price is now $6.90 USD, and according to my and @haejin predictions, is on its way up and up now :-)
You still have time to catch this train :-)


Our Metal went down today considerably, but you know, this is only temporarily! Again, it's a super time to get some!


The token slightly went down today, but this is only normal. A good strategy is to keep on adding during the dips more coins to your Metal portfolio.


Specjalnie z myślą o Tobie wrzuciłam tekst o pracy kolorowej wiedzmy. wybacz że tu to piszę ale jeszcze uczę się obsługi steemit'a


Nie, bardzo fajnie, juz lece czytac ;-)
Ja tez sie jeszcze probuje tu znalezc, tez jestem nowa.
Juz troszke wiem, wiec jak co, to chetnie tym co wiem sie podziele i pomoge.
Mysle, ze tu na Steemit, jeszcze bardziej niz w normalnym sieciowym marketingu, trzeba trzymac sie razem i popierac jeden drugiego :-)

WOW, I just learned something absolutely crazy,
Bittrex exchange is delisting Metal token,

I guess Metal must be already strong enough for Bittrex to be afraid of it ;-)
This is not nice, fair move, and I hope that Bittrex will pay for it by losing some of its previously loyal traders.

hmmmm....good work


@rajag234 Thank you! 😊
I got a good teacher ;-)

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Good blog
Thanks for the information


@manojm And a big thank you for reading it :-)

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i love Binance . thanks for the update


@bigcripin144, what about Kucoin?
If you love Binance, you will love Kucoin too.
Please look:
KucoinShares rock and many coins rock there too ;-)
Happy Trading :-)

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