The Sisterhood of the Traveling Steem Sweatshirt

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Hi Friends!

I was lucky enough to room with @nomadicsoul during Steemfest! To say we had fun would be an understatement. I pretty much couldn't stop laughing when she pulled this sweatshirt out of her suitcase. If the comical illustrations weren't enough - the Jar of boy's tears definitely won me over.

After wearing this sweatshirt to the 90's karaoke night... we decided that this sweatshirt was too funny to just go back in her suitcase. It deserved to have a little life of it's own here on Steemit.... thus the Sisterhood of the Traveling Steem Sweatshirt was born.


@nomadicsoul rocking it at 90's night!

We filmed this little video explaining it all live from Steemfest on closing night! So I hope you guys enjoy not only hearing about this fun little adventure, but seeing a glimpse of Steemfest as well.

Closeups of the Sweatshirt


Oh no... Add more spice


#mood. Whateva foreva


Not your doll. Sad songs


The one you've all been waiting for... Boys Tears.

Where To Next?

Now that @nomadicsoul has passed the sweatshirt on to me... I'm sure it will make a few appearances on my page, my sister @maryjaney's page... and of course the @steemsistershow!

Next time I travel to a Steem event... I'll bring it with me and pass it on to another Crypto Babe to enjoy. Too bad I don't live closer to @lifesacircus! I know you'd be rocking this in your videos!

Xo, Lea



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Yay!!!! I miss this sweatshirt but at the same time, I'm super happy you have it!

It's the worst and best sweatshirt ever all at once.

Seems like the cactus and the boys tears are planning something...


Most definitely... boys are always trouble - even when it's just their tears.

There's a whole crew of Steemians up near you on Vancouver Island... and then GeekGirl in Seattle and CrimonClad in Vancouver BC... I reckon that Cactus growing from boy's tears can find it's way around the Steemiverse...


amazing! I could put the sweatshirt on my big toe 😂

make sure we get it in before February or after March or we'll be foiled by my hardfork-no-life again~
or maybe I could do a hardfork explained video wearing the sweater with about two thirds of one arm in it?


Hahaha, that's the con of buying tops from Asia... but the pros are the best... my mate has a Nirvana t-shirt he got from Bali ... except the photo is the group Hanson... so many double-takes of hilarity.

You're creative though, I'm sure you'll rock the Sisterhood in new and exciting ways.


omg I freaking love shirts like this lol. Asian clothes are hilarious!!!


Oooh who all is on the island besides @d00k13? I loooove Vancouver Island and actually have a grandma over there. Maybe @maryjaney and I will go visit her and then drive down to Victoria for a few days and hang with Steemians.

Crimmy and I chatted about that at Steemfest! It would be fun to get a little Vancouver meetup together sometime. Mary and I could drive up for the night.


@caitycat and @mstafford are the main ones I was thinking of... with pretty much all the people they've demanded play with us on Steem... I think there's a few amazingly entertaining and artistic people in that crew.

If you get granny on Steem... she can rock the top too! She'll love it!


Yup what @aussieninja said! I'm (and @mstafford and @somebuttstuff and probably @flaversham too) totally down for a VanIsle &/or Vancouver &/or PNW Steemy meetup! How fun!!!


aww fun!! Ok, let's stay in touch and see if something comes together! :)

  ·  7 months ago (edited)

I actually don’t know of any Steemians near me 😅

Would be awesome to meet someone though 👍

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You 2 are hilarious! 😄✌

"A jar of boys tears."


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Glad you got a kick out of it Frank! 😂


So glad we weren't the only ones laughing at how ridiculous this shirt is

So we have two "saint" Steem artefacts now. A sweatshirt and a scarf @nomadicsoul

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I saw that scarf floating around in posts during Steemfest! Haha


Bet you @nomadicsoul made IT trending

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haha totally! 7 entire people used the tag 😂#TrendingHardcore

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