Cryptails #1: Techno-horror (Contest results!)

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Hey guys! Welcome to the Winning Stories Announcement for Cryptails #1, our techno-horror digital narrative contest. We had a good number of great entries and, as we promised, we’ve given feedback to all contestants. These pointers and ideas have been posted as a comment in each one of the entries, but please feel free to share any opinions within this thread!

Without further ado, the winners are.

Your SBD rewards will be sent shortly after the publishing of this post. Your Cryptails can be received and moved around in an Ether wallet from Feel free to share your address with us in whichever way makes you feel comfortable, here are some options: Steem Chat, send @aguayojoshua a memo with your address, or just leave your address below.

The winners were selected because of their skillful use of language, the originality of their ideas, their adherence to the contest’s theme, and the overall ‘impact’ of their stories. This has been further expanded by either @jean.racines or me in each individual post.

We hope you all enjoyed this contest, and we are really looking forward to seeing you in the next one! Please don’t forget to follow us if you’d like to keep up with Cryptails!

Thank you and We’ll see you next time.

Previous Cryptails #1 posts: Opening Announcement, Closing Announcement.


YEAH! Thanks for the winnings and I look forward to the next contest!

Thank you, improv! It was truly a pleasure to have you as a contestant = )

Um. I don't know how etherwallet works. I hope this does it.
{"address":"0x93b0c525272EA4C3920d58708C0eA661Ac44faC8","msg":"This is @improv. This message proves that this is my wallet. I guess. I've never done this before. 0x93b0c525272EA4C3920d58708C0eA661Ac44faC8 07/03/2017","sig":"0x37ada460eef37a42f4c69a34c0ec420d395c53f59e332d2dde947ef68b00a2760f11ac6ef750c781aa45d01d6bdc4d370f73cf6607dfeb1d702889183b30222b1b"}

Don't worry about it! Token transferals can be a bit overwhelming at first = ). I'm pretty sure your address is "0x93b0c525272EA4C3920d58708C0eA661Ac44faC8"; however, @aguayojoshua will be handling and providing assistance with anything regarding the token transferals pretty soon!

It's okay. ^^ I think this is your address:


If you can just make sure this is the case, we can go from there.

I...think so? Here, is that what this means? etheraddress.JPG

Yep, that's it! I'll send the coins in just a little bit.

Thanks! I'm excited to have digital tokens that I don't know what to do with!!! :)

So... Where will I see them, ultimately? The list of tokens doesn't have any called Cryptails...
Also, will there be another contest soon?

Wooooo!!!! Thank you both! This is the first story I've ever put out there so I'm utterly thrilled!!!
Also thanks again for the feedback and generally for helping to make the steemit community for writing. Both are very valuable to me.
I look forward to the next Cryptails!

And thank you for your amazing story, @miniature-tiger! Really looking forward to your submissions in the future = )

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