MPST token distribution Pilot phase 00001

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The Miners Post Rewards Token (MPST)
Issued by @Darkflame using Waves.

“Onboarding is an essential key to the success of Blockchain related technologies.
A simple business for the Blockchain could be a decentralized Kiosk.”


I have Steem posted for THE MINE over 96 times, raising over $300 USD in SBD and vested STEEM towards this great endeavour!

I need to build a new computer for The Miners Post!

I am going to create something unlike anything else in my city.

"How can I help?"


Buy an MPST token!

Even a small amount will help.

Step 1 - Install Waves in Chrome

Step 2 - Launch & Create your wallet!

Generate a new Seed-- write it down.

Follow these instructions -- > HERE
Write down & backup your wallet information.

Step 3 - Deposit Bitcoin into Waves

Step 5 - Buy Wave tokens for the transaction fee

Alternatively you can use to shift
Bitcoin into Waves and send it to your Waves wallet address,

found in the Waves client above the other icons.

Step 6 - Buy MPST using Waves

You need to have Waves before you can buy MPST using BTC, because there is a 0.003 Wave transaction fee. I have a sell order for up to 250 MPST in Waves. Conversion is Waves 5.69 : 1.0 MinersPost ** (=0.006BTC)

Step 7 - Load MPST / BTC in the Decentralized Exchange

Click on SELL ORDERS and enter how many MPST you want to buy!

There are only 1000 989.9 MPST left

during the Pilot phase between now and Dec 31/17

20 Investors could buy 49.495 each and thats it!

MinersPost 2017 Fund = 6 BTC

What I am building first

  1. I need a new server computer.
  2. The first run of 100 Darkflame USB tokens
  3. MinersPost token distribution launch site
  4. White paper for MinersPost Rewards Tokens
  5. The Mine & Miners Post kiosks business plan

These Steem posts are permanent and serve as a record of development.

PHASE 1 : January 1st 2018

2000 MPST will be sold for 0.012 BTC = 24 BTC

If Crowdfunding is successful then the first

Miners Post kiosk should open by the end of 2018.


App developers! Contact

2019 & 2020 Tokens

will fund multiple kiosks and THE MINE CRYPTO LOUNGE & LIVE SHOP!

Chat with MinersPost on Discord!

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good luck @darkflame. I got very little steempower too weak still but I still upvote sometimes I give a few Best of luck in your endeavor my friend!! You are my favorite person on steemit . Awesome person/Friend!!


Thanks Steve I appreciate the great comment! My computer blew up in my face and burnt my eyelashes pretty bad, so its nice to hear good things about my work!! I hope you can set up the Waves app in your browser @steveblack and at least login so you can see the asset I have created.


copy that. I will do so right after I come back from my volunteer job, I help to manage a Free meal service with the salvation Army for 1.5 hrs 5 days a week. I am just out the door. So when I get back, then I will let you know.
Take care


Done I setup a wallet seed with a bitcoin key. I dont have any bitcoin lol....but you made this?? that is pretty awesome, I can barely understand it. steemit is my first run in with crytpto. dark you are a jedi. :)) Now maybe you can teach old Luke here how to put some crypto into that wallet. lol


I did not make waves but I created the MPST asset. Please join the Discord chat and send me a private message with your waves wallet address. I will send you waves to buy your first MPST! You will need waves for the exchange fee, even if you buy BITCOIN/MPST .

This is awesome and in my area, definitely getting involved, good job man. Lets go for a coffee.