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A quick status update after 369 days since the initial announcement of the Crowdfunded Whale Bot Project on Steemit. Things are continuing to build up step by step with more users joining and the voting power continuing to grow. Make sure that you read on the whole post as there are some changes and minimums introduced in how new users are accepted! There are already 192 people that support the project for the moment with no new users joining in the last day, the full list can be found below:

Users Supporting the Project So Far:

@cryptos, @maarnio, @bleujay, @justusagenstum, @beowulfoflegend, @ottodv, @steevc, @shadowspub, @sroka87, @kooshikoo, @bola, @inphiknit, @ausbitbank, @burnin, @ervin-lemark, @cryptomancer, @robotev, @beers, @elyaque, @richman, @benjojo,, @gregory-f, @dennygalindo, @dodders007, @ace108, @majes, @freebornangel, @anotherjoe, @kiwideb, @sonyanka, @ballinconscious, @cynetyc, @lennstar, @shiri, @lemouth, @shortcut, @boddhisattva, @bmwrider,, @darthnava, @englishtchrivy, @phoenixmaid, @virtualgrowth, @graviton, @dragosroua, @cavemanrob, @rigaronib, @remlaps, @cmp2020, @stranger27, @steemitrecipes, @meesterboom, @alitas, @d3nv3r, @sextant, @oliverstoney, @commenthunter, @screenname, @xardas, @bidnat, @lloyddavis, @merej99, @collabornation, @traducciones, @happiness, @digitalbrain, @baerdric, @steemjustice, @libertad, @pozitivityspace, @hopehuggs, @oleg326756, @shla-rafia, @wadepaterson, @exploretraveler, @pilgrimtraveler, @landofcrypto, @jdbry, @fiona777, @chessminator, @ats-david, @breezin, @matias-walkoski, @libertarismo, @juvyjabian, @dylanhobalart, @eroche, @moondancer762, @siniceku, @taskmanager, @pickoum, @lajulius, @smysullivan, @applecrisp, @contentjunkie, @ontofractal, @inertia, @bitcoinparadise, @carrinm, @thegame, @steemtg, @lightsplasher, @steemitguide, @kooshikoo, @countryinspired, @baracuda, @juanmiguelsalas, @orionvk, @nelyp, @steem42, @allmonitors, @unhorsepower777, @seisges, @mammasitta, @kennyskitchen, @writingamigo, @lpfaust, @royalmacro, @okkiedot, @steemychess, @knittybynature, @stephen-somers, @edb, @cardboard, @senseiteekay, @gringalicious, @jeff-kubitz, @sazbird, @nonameslefttouse, @timbo, @goldmatters, @vegascomic, @mmc1800, @twinner, @lydon.sipe, @justtryme90, @rmach, @fathermayhem, @steemawards, @steemitawards, @steemint, @steembriefing, @proglobyte, @kurtbeil, @yefet, @tingaling, @proglobyte-m1, @zentat, @letc, @eric-boucher, @beeskee, @platonicsironic, @germansailor, @triddin, @riskdebonair, @benjiparler, @ourlifestory, @dahaz159, @bkkshadow, @joshbreslauer, @okean123, @leongkhan, @smurrah, @lscottphotos, @awispa, @Wiser, @jaybird, @mikkolyytinen, @nepd, @wilbur, @caweyant, @getrichordie, @sandstorm, @yuriks2000, @allprowi, @coinhawk, @dracosalieri, @beachgirl, @aggroed, @fronttowardenemy, @melkay, @tomber, @drpuffnstuff, @kiaraantonoviche, @waphilip, @alphacore, @manosteel211, @steem-buzz, @streemmusic, @xpilar

List of New Users in the Last Day:

No new users

The Steem Power of the @crowdfundedwhale is currently at over 12862 SP, so it is already at a pretty good level, but far from the goal of the project. Hopefully it will continue to grow steadily over time and now it is the perfect time to join and support the project with the low price of Steem. There are already some people that have donated more than once to the project and this is also helping a lot. Remember that you are the ones powering up the @crowdfundedwhale and the more power it has, the more it will give back to you as votes for your posts.

Delayed voting has been implemented to the bot code, so @crowdfundedwhale will now vote after about 30 minutes since the post has been published instead of about a minute delay like it was initially. This change has been made in order for the bot to be able to also get some curation rewards from the posts it votes on and use them to further grow its voting power.

How to Participate in the Project

You can get included in the list of authors the bot votes on if you:

Transfer the minimum amount of STEEM, or Steem Power or Steem Dollars to crowdfundedwhale

Send an amount of Bitcoin (BTC) that meets the minimums to the address: 1LCFwZTpTzHNfHSdsSfjptHUNee2JBFLcy

The BTC address above is from Blocktrades and will automatically convert anything received to it into Steem Power to the @crowdfundedwhale account, if you do sent Bitcoins this way make sure you drop a comment with the transaction ID, so that it is known who you are and you can be added in the list of authors.

Below you can see the current minimum amounts of STEEM and Steem Dollars required from new users to join, you are still welcome to send less than the minimum, but then it will just be considered a donation and it will not get you included in the list of users the bot votes back for!

Minimum STEEM to send to join @crowdfundedwhale: 100


Minimum Steem Dollars to send to join @crowdfundedwhale: 140

The future growth and development of the project also requires some additional rules to be set, some of these will happen along the way as a part of the project evolving and adjusting to the situation. The first such rule to be set is regarding the number of posts user makes, users that post more than 4 Blog posts per day may not be accepted in the project and some that are already included may also get excluded if posting too much per day. Since the voting bot has limited voting power available and it needs to be distributed among many users already, some limitations need to be enforced so that everything is fair.

I'm a bot on Steemit and I was created and am operated by @cryptos


This account is still actively receiving curation rewards although it is no longer providing the upvotes it was designed to do for all those who supported it...what an absolute shit show...there should be a way to shut down abusive accounts like this!

It is comments like this one that make me want to go on! Or was it exactly the opposite... I wonder... If you want the account shut, then I'll make it easy for you and stop the project maybe when it makes it to two years of existence which is actually pretty soon.

I wouldn't accuse you of anything, but some information would be nice. I hope you are doing well.

Well, I still appreciate it. I've been here since the early days and still get a vote on most of my trivial little posts.... Thanks. I think it was/is a great idea.

But I do wish the update bot was still making posts. I like seeing how smart I was to join!

Hey @cryptos, hope you are doing well. How come we're no longer getting votes now for 7 days already?

The bot should start voting again shortly, sorry for the downtime.

Thanks for all the support and I wish you a fruitfull journey!

thank you for fixing it ^_^

Good to know, hope you are doing well.

@cryptos @crowdfundedwhale, why have you stopped voting and why is this account powering down?

I hope you're just powering down and waiting for the right amount to return what we each sent to you
and then finally announce that you are shutting the bot down.

I hope that's your plan.

I've seen what you look like on @ottodv's post way back after Steemfest
that's why I sent the bot a second batch of more funds
you don't look like someone who would do other people wrong
so please find the courage to explain this to all of us

I've heard that you were annoyed by some others
it's understandable that you get angry or hurt
but please don't reel everyone in
specially those who only supported you

this is not the kind of a person that you are
you know that deep inside

I hope you're just waiting for the right time to post an announcement
to shut this bot down and return our funds
specially to those who last sent huge support

Hi. is this still active or accepting for new users?

Hi @cryptos @crowdfundedwhale i cannot recieved upvote since last month :( hope you can online again. Thank you!

He powered up just 23 hours ago. Hopefully the bot will be up and running soon.

Been away for a while with limited to no internet connectivity, seems that there is something wrong with the steem nodes in the last day or so, need to do some catching up.

hmm that explains it
I was wondering what happened to this no post at all
I hope all's well

Thank you for the reply :)

Hope you add me. I registered already last month :) im not on the list

Hi @cryptos @crowdfundedwhale thank you so much for upvote! :)

So...what seems to be the issue here...has @cryptos discontinued the @crowdfundedwhale campaign...or has there been a break in activity?

There's been sporadic voting from the bot and no activity for the past 24hrs. He mentioned a few days ago that he don't have internet connection, though the bot is supposed to be programmed already.

Hmmm...yeah, not having internet connection shouldn't affect the voting bot, unless the bot is being hosted on a personal server instead of being run through a third party app.

steemitdev changes some endpoint for nodes recently so if our crowdfundedwhale was relying on that it is broken from the change (among many other things, I made a post ranting about this because I find it exceptionally annoying for developers to pull the rug out from under people expecting them to be around for an update)

the dev post can be found here: steemd-steemit-com-endpoint-will-be-retired-on-january-6

it is unfortunate @cryptos has limited internet right now, such a waste to have the bot sitting at 100% voting power for so long :c

Thanks for the update!

Thanks for the update!

Hello anyone home. Updates stopped and the votes too???

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