Creator-Guilds Contest | Drawing Challenge 01 | Make sure you have a pencil on your hand!

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Hey Whats up my fellow steemians, artist and illustrator, it's been a while that i didn't post any kind of digital art since my previous graphic tablet are getting wrecked. But, today i want to start my new journey of steemit digital artist and also I bringing you to a weekly art contest!! that hosting by me, yeay!.

Why i hosting an art contest ?

One of my reason of creating an art contest are to selebrate that i got my new graphic tablet and i bought it with my earnings from posting my artworks on steemit, with happy i would love to host an art contest for the media to sharing your inspiration and creativity with me, the other artists and steemians around the steemit community.
as i named it a contest, ofcourse it's mean there is a prize waiting for your best and quality content ( in this case, artworks ) ^^.

Anyway, lets talk about the contest itself

Hey, here is the Rules


okay guy’s, just like the other contest this one also have a rules so, read ir carefully ;)
  • just draw and post only your original artworks
  • post it on your own blog with the process descriptions for the proff of your original content
  • use the creatorguilds as one of your tags. it don't have to be at the first tag
  • resteem this post so it can reach the others ;), an upvotes would make it better.
  • don't post the same character that you've been posted on steemit before
  • there is no limited on how to draw it, it can be a digital art, paper drawing, water color, etc. except using the character generator
  • add a small watermark on your artworks with your steemit username
  • paste the link to your post below on the coment sections
  • The deadlines is january 21th and the winners will be announced at January 23th

What is the creator-guilds?

it is a small community that engaged in helping each creators and artist on steemit to promote their artworks and informative content like a drawing turorials, digital art, watercolor paint, caricatures, doodles, etc

and The theme for this week is…??

cat-girl (Nekomimi)

  • Basically you can just draw a normal cutes girl then add the cat ear on it's head XD
Here is the example of my new OC (Oneko-chan XD)


Why catgirl

I personally love them, they are cutes Lol. And i already drawing a lot of my original character catgirls since 2015. So, this is the time to share my happiness Lol.

How about the prize??


The Prize is….

3 SBD for the 1st winner
2 SBD for the 2nd winner
1 SBD x 2 for the 3rd winner
if you have any questions or maybe a suggestions for improving this contest, you can contac me direcly via discord (you can find me in the Creator-Guilds discord server)

Aaaand everyone are invited to join in our discord server here ^^.

So, let’s Join the creator-guilds family on the discord for more informations about the contest and for the easier conversation with another artist on the steemit blockchains

Simply click the image below to join us

My name is aranda, and this is how I colored my days

“Chemical, Art, Memes”

I’m looking for a supporters/sponsors and judge

supporters/sponsors and the judge will get their names mentioned on the post update and the contest winners announcement.

Want to be a judge ?

Yes!! You Could be the judge of the weekly contest!, to work with me on judging and making a decision for the contest winners

have a great works, see you guys XD

Don't forget to having fun !

By : @aranda

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Hi @aranda! here's my entry :)


Hello all :)
Here is my entry post
and a sneak preview:


Thanks for being the first who participating to the contest!! ~ (˘▾˘~)
And what the awesome catgirl!!, you got my heart dude @stahlberg XD

Hey there ^^

Put the link to your entry Here! ;)

Wow its amazing loli :D


Sure, you are welcome and thanks for entering the contest ^^
Would you like to resteem this post?
So it can reach the others ;)


My Entry for the contest :))


Np, i will add it and edit the closed submissions post ;)
It's still safe for upload it in the last second XD


Thank you so much!! I really appreciated it :)

Seems fun! I haven't drawn any nekomimis since I was a teen so I think I'll try and participate xD


oh that's sounds great for me ;)
i think i just found another nekomimi lover here XD
don't forget to having fun!

Sounds awesome! I will try my best haha~


haha, i'm very excited to see your artworks ;)
a share would make it great. so it can reach the others XD


Of course! Also, I love your Oneko chan~ :D


ahaha yeah, love her as deep you want ;)
but she is mine @serarious Lol XD

Oh a good contest to gather around other artists on steemit! Would really love to join but im terrible at arts (like literally terrible hahah). So, nahh, cant join. Have fun with your drawing contest!


Lol.. i will but, it would be better if you get a bit fun too from the contest ;)

Great Ndaa @aranda.. 😊😊


Thanks bro @samymubarraq 😆

Mantap x wak, tpi ragu bisa ikut apa gak.


haha, jangan ragu-ragu @huslein.slash XD
tumpahkan saja imajinasimu seperti biasanya ;)


Hahaha jarang pakek imajinasi karna aku berpikir secara realis.

Hi! I'm new here. Really need help. Please vote My articles. I vote for yours. They are very good. Thank You!


No thanks @sinilga!!, if you need a help do it in the steemit way By creating a quality content!!
And i'll come to votes it :D

You got a 0.97% upvote from @upme requested by: @aranda.
Send at least 2.5 SBD to @upme with a post link in the memo field to receive upvote next round.
To support our activity, please vote for my master @suggeelson, as a STEEM Witness

if I joined this contest,maybe i will the winner LOL


ahaha, Its depend on how the artwork seems like 😍😜


I will try to make the best(FAKE) LOL


Lol, that's what i want ;)

What a cute contest!! It's awesome!!


Lol, what a cute comment , thank youu...XD

i will try my best XD


uh nice to hear that, i will wait for your best XD

Question~ Can the character be a pre-existing character ( original character that is) or do I have to create something new?


sure @nanawawa as long as that is your original character
but,it's better to redraw it
because one of the rules said :

post it on your own blog with the process descriptions
for the proff of your original content

and don't forget to having fun :p

Psss hey this is my entry for the contest hope you like it XD, in case youre wondering, JL is my name that i used for my artwork you can check on my older post :D.

Boi in real laif.jpg

Sounds like fun!


fun is my mid name. Lol XD
do you join in? ;)


I hope so. It all depends on how much time I will get left to draw at night after kids goo to sleep :)

Kyaknya enggak terkejar


Ahaha, jangan di kejar
Take eazy and let all the ideas come ;)