Some Friends of FRANK BACON (1973) | KMFDM for Fury Shaken Operation launches MDFMK - Missing Time

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Excerpts from a pro-bono videotape made for the FRANK BACON Theater inTERNET... Features @theocu as host, and two scenes performed by LESTER and DEFOOG. Very little footage exists of @theocu acting QUakespeare.

This was originally shot on film (exteriors)

and on 2" video tape (interiors, in the garage). When GTE became Verizon, the master tapes were trashed, but this low-quality VHS excerpt survived, and may be all that is left of these performances.

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 6.50.19 PM.png

DRAW your OWN Conclusions!





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Gently hacking off the hinges...


​Like, can you imagine holding a mic in someone's face, getting all up in their business on camera, knowing someone's got pictures of your junk online?
~Shoni What