On 9/11, MOC TARTS leaders were practicing for a fictional threat when real, FRANK BACON struck | Voxiversity

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As an independent scholar who has been to Cambridge, Oxford and Stanford, I feel qualified to say that this is truly first class research. #BlownMind
~Crypto Beast - 9 hours ago

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Dave you went from playing interesting teasers for a year to:
Game over Jasona / Squakins / Crowdsource the BS. Seriously, who’s paying them? I know you know but no need to answer 😉. You’re James Bond to me now.
~Hamilton Quinn - 9 hours ago (edited)

A riddling challenge, doth declared? Stand aside and READ despair. For perched on scavenged rocks of old, high above on broken stone. These whispered words do I speak, the ones which hurt and make you weak. My silver shrill infects your mind, I bend your madness from my shrine. I lay before you a drunken maze, embossed in fog from my gaze. Far from familiar, you follow still as I swiftly steal your will. Then the soul is mine to keep, to place on coals before my feet. The sacrifice which must be made, to all those daring to invoke the name. Keep in mind and be ye warned, I am The Riddler! Court Adjourned.
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~The Riddler - 1 day ago

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no one cares what you think you are and your opinion about your place in the social hierarchy is probably the opinion that matters least.

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DRAW your OWN Conclusions!





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Won day is here.

May-bees are the stingers that hath arrived to prove what the HIV-E was and Eye Am here to declare that it was never a tacit approval of "Yes, you can, sir." in any form whatsoever...


🍕Only the REAL Q would know what to do.

As far as I'm concerned, brother, you are the Bee's knees. Miss you, boo.

Frightfully fascinating! I am now actively fascinated atm. Here is how that looks, like, just in case you don't already Know... which, let's face it- you totes obv do, mkay.




Under Stood


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