Creative Coin Contest! Week 3. 'Tree Reflections.'

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'Tree Reflections'

This is my entry into the Creative Coin Contest! (Week 3) organized by @isaria

I am also using the tag #treetuesday as this post coincides with the weekly challenge organized by @old-guy-photos

The trees in this post have been created by applying digital effects to my original photos. They were either captured by the sea or in lagoons so the water reflections were ideal to enhance them even more.

I'd love to know what your favourite is.

This image was captured at Bribie Island in Queensland, Australia.


This bare-limbed tree was also captured at Bribie North in Queensland, Australia.


This mangrove tree drenched in rain drops lives at Clontarf on the Redcliffe Peninsula in Q'ld, Australia.


A group of trees thrive on a mini island surrounded by lagoon waters which is the home for a variety of birds.



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Thanks so much @pixresteemer 💐

These are all gorgeous, but I really love the mini island seen through the water drops!

Thank so much Melinda. I really appreciate the feedback. 🌼 💕 🌼

Very good post, beautiful view I like to see

Thank you kindly @muntaharaceh I really appreciate your visit and support. 💐

you are welcome

The digital effects you added are great. I can't decide whether the mangrove tree or the last group of trees is my favorite.

Thanks so much for your visit and sharing your thoughts @atalaya Greatly appreciated. 💐


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I love the 1st and last one the best. All are beautiful.
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Thanks very much @helpiecake and @akiroq Greatly Appreciated. 💐

This is far so awesome @trudeehunter! I have no words for your creativity. 😍😍 Beautiful, just beautiful!

I deeply believe this is a sure win! Congratulations in advance! 💕💕

You're very kind @gingbabida Thanks so much for your vote of confidence. KIt is very encouraging. 🌼 💝 🌼

You're very much welcome. Your talent amazes me beyond words @trudeehunter! 👏👏👏

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Many thanks @esteemapp 💐

well done.. you have some lovely effects there.

Thank you kindly @shadowspub Glad you enjoyed them. 💐

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Thanks very much indeed @shadeserver I wasn't aware Shade tokens even existed until now. Very Cool! 😎

Oh, these are amazing pieces of art, Trudee! @trudeehunter

I love the vibrant colors, and the movement really adds another whole dimension to the mix! Oddly enough, it is the pink one that really captures my eye and I never thought I was a real pinky person. But the mix of colors really pops for me!

Thank you and thank you for alerting me to the contest!


Well, there you go Denise. The pink loving side of you has emerged. It's going to be interesting to see what you are going to do with this discovery. There's always something new happening in steemit. Have a fabulous weekend my friend and thank you for your wonderful support. 💐

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Many thanks @tipu 💐

Very pretty. Interesting effect, too. How did you create the animation?

Thanks very much @fotosdenada I use an editing site called lunapic. It's so easy to use. give it a try. Its a lot of fun. 😊

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Thank you @ocdb 💐

Hi trudeehunter, your moving photos are gorgeous.

Thanks very much Angie They are very effective aren't they?