Evolve Timelapse video

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Evolve Timelapse video

Well I tried to put it on Dtube but I get errors and I can remember I tried in the past (and moved to Dlive) so I'm not going to waste more time on it. So I made a Youtube channel to post the timelapse videos so I can share it here :)

The original post about the artwork is here:

The artwork was made in Procreate.


Hope you like seeing the timelapse video? Maybe I will post more videos if I have them ;)

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So cool to see this artwork evolve (Gosh what a cool pun)

Do you work with some sort of 'pen' or is everything done with your fingers or...? Looks amazing, I feel like it's one of those giant trees that carry tons of stories with them.

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Haha I had that pun in mind too :)

Yeah I have the apple pen 2nd generation and it works really good and worth it. :) It was a big investment but now I'm able to draw more and not being stuck at my desk to draw digital.


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Wow, so cool to see you creating it:) You really building it, layer after layer, amazing:)

Thank you @georgeboya! Yes sometimes when I get stuck I start doing color and switch back and forth between color and lines until it feels right :)

"Life is too short to get worried about things." I am trying to figure out the movement of this complicated creation.

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Ha I hope you can figure it out @maxwellmarcusart XD

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Really neat to see the arting process of this piece, Sander :D

And yeah, YouTube is pretty handy and reliable, I'm glad you have created your own channel and now I will have to look for my YT password and hook up with you there, also :D

I'm happy to show it and see it myself too :D

I hope you can find it and be my first follower XD Planning to do more timelapse videos on there and share it here :)